Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pulling the Plug

Yesterday Miz Know It All temporarily pulled the plug to this blog. Why? Two very good reasons...

She has a very full and rich life, none of which has the least thing to do with trans, at least it has nothing to do with trans once she turns off the bloody damned computer!.

Because some low life actually had the chutzpah to use this platform to out another! Even if I do not care in the least for the one who was being outted, and even if pretty much everything about them can be found in less than two clicks of the mouse. Keeping confidences is still something which I honor and which I will not allow it to be broken on my blog. That is why I have turned on the moderation for all comments, and why, after the next post... I am seriously considering retiring from this hapless pursuit for good!


  1. Pulling the plug would be another sad loss of yet another excellent, if satirical, blog on the perils of trans-land.

    As was noted on another blog of note, trannies and the more unhappy of the rad-phlems will stop at nothing to achieve the supremacy of their agenda.

    Foul language, distortion of reality and especially outing are the favored techniques of shouting down and silencing those who disagree with their 'anything goes' agenda.

    I hope you will be able to continue with moderation enabled.


  2. And 'Three, my post was a total fail, none of my friends supported me on it, people were making fun of me because of it, so rather than delete a comment I got rid of the whole embarrassing mess'.
    No doubt your rich and full life made this last reason easily slip your mind for a moment, but luckily there are so many of us only too happy to give you some small reminders.

  3. That would be a shame.


  4. Again the ultimate terror weapon is employed by the TeeGee to silence women.