Sunday, October 28, 2012

What is "Trans?"

Recently Miz Know It All stumbled across a You Tube on Mercedes Allen's site called "The Mask of Gender." In this video, a Registered Psychologist by the name of Jane Oxenbury is speaking as an clear authority on what is this thing called "trans(gender)."

Transgendered is actually more scientific term, it's an umbrella term under which, there would be transsexual people, people who feel they are not in the right gender, and people who are trans/and/er/ah transvestites, people who crossdress. So trans--gendered is an umbrella term for those two, but again it's a very scientific term!
I mean I have had, I've had a lot of people who've had some really good luck where you know and younger people who have gone to into work places and explained to people that they are in the process of transitioning or that this is who they are now or whatever and they have had some really good luck people are really accepting not all the time though not all the time."

It's clear, even to Miz Know It All that this person is not the least bit comfortable being filmed, so please! Do not fire off hundreds of comments about how this proves that Miz Know It All is just a big Ol' Meannie for included the stammering pauses and the fact that this barely makes any sense.

Cause there is a whole other reason she has done her very very best in putting this down exactly as spoken. That being,  because she has no way to add into the narrative how every-single-time Ms Oxenbury ventured past the term transsexual. Her gaze shifts hard upwards and to the right. Something which in human physiology indicates she is reaching deep into herself to access the creative side of her brain for terms! This despite the fact that she is supposedly describing something which according to her is VERY scientific and, is her stock in trade! Hummmm... I dare say Ms Oxenbury would have no such problem staring us straight in the eye while speaking if she was describing how the earth circled the sun or why the sky was blue, or how babies get made, yet even though this is supposedly her specialty, a thing which she has trained for and which she does day in and day out, she still cannot come close to giving even a remotely clear explanation of what it is she is taking about!

In her very own words, "There are transsexuals and...?"

Ok now to the reason I'm posting this---and it is not as all of you think, to poke fun at Ms Oxenbury or to poke fun anyone for that matter! The one and the ONLY reason I am posting this is because these terms are bandied about like we are all talking about the exact same thing. When the reality, as far as Miz Know It All can see, is that when the words Trans, Transgendered are employed in a conversation. That while they do have whatever meaning speaker thinks them to be. There is no sort of conception, if, on the listeners side they mean even remotely the same things!

So, for now, I am yielding the floor to one and all... Please!This is your turn! So feel completely free to elucidate on the subject to your hearts content! I will delete absolutely no comments unless they veer from the one and the only ground rule here!

No snarkyness about others definitions of the terms trans or transgender!

Really! No matter how far they may be from your definition, please keep it to yourself. Seriously! If we ever are going to have any sort hope ofa dialog then it behooves us to at least hear what others think they are saying when they say...

Trans or Transgender(ed)


Sunday, October 21, 2012


It's often said of Miz Know It All that she hates, (insert gender-issue-group name here) Hate is a pretty strong word and in this case, it's wrong! Oh for sure, Miz Know It All actually does hate a few things in this world! Heading her list would be Braised Sea Cucumber in Fish Sauce! If you've never had it, count yourself very very fortunate! Besides, Miz Know It All really should have known, when the first, the waiter, the Maitre d', then the Owner of the restaurant all in quick succession came to her and said she would not like it, that they may have had her best interests at heart after all!.

Anyway, after Sea Cucumber, I think the only thing that she actually "Hates" in this world is the loss that comes with death! Something about how the beauty, intelligence and love that was once embodied in a living being is forever lost sets Miz Know It All's teeth on edge like nothing else... I hope you notice a trend here campers! This so far is a very short list and these things are sorta the same... they are both indigestible!

While Miz Know It All also finds (insert gender-issue-group name here) to not exactly be at all palatable, they don't quite reach the level of what she would consider to be indigestible and so, they are not hated by Moi! Really! I do not hate (insert gender-issue-group name here)! That said, it's pretty likely that also I do not understand you and there is much about what you do that pisses me off, but for all that, I do not, repeate, do not hate you for it!

Let me explain! No matter if you've read Benjamin, or Vitalie, or Blanchard, or for that matter anyone who has studied (insert gender-issue-group name here) at length, the one thing that always comes clear in the wash is there are three different groups, Two of which are pretty similar, and one which is only sorta the same, kinda like how in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams describes a tempid brown drink "which is almost but not entirely unlike tea."

The first group, when born it would seem, knows beyond all certainty that a terrible mistake was made and they insist that said mistake must be set to rights like now,
The second is more of the "uhhh...waiter? this isn't at all what I ordered!" variety, who, for a time, given that the very surly waiters (read parents, teachers and everyone else in their lives) sorta intimidate the snot out of em. Will try their very best to eat the gross canned tomato soup with stale crackers they were given when they know beyond all that is good and bad, they ordered fresh gazpacho! But it matters not if they manage to only eat one or two spoon fulls of the palp, or even a few dozen, they will also eventually say "enough,"  drop their forced manners and call the surly waiter to the table where they too will insist, and quite forcefully, that this be set to rights like now!
The third, near as she can tell is more about the acting out of some aspect of gender than their being in anyway the wrong sex. Because for them, it would seem, it is more their role in life as it was handed them just doesn't fit who they are! It might be something as innocent as they like to play dress up, a very harmless past time, but one which adult men are not allowed to do! It might be that they can only get their rocks off if they are thinking about women's panties or if they are thinking about themselves as sorta abstractly being women, it might be that they have always envied something  else of the other sex, the hair, the ease in certain things, the bodies... it matters not in the end, because it still comes down to there is something that they see in the other sex that they do not have and they want it! Again, despite popular opinion to the contrary, Miz Know It All actually has like zero problem with folks making their world and their "gender" fit them better! Really! She doesn't! As long as their doing it does not require her to have to change her own world all that much to accommodate them, then whatever they want to do is just peachy with her...

Ahh but that's the rub isn't it? The nasty little devil that is always in the details! The third group it seems is insistant, not only upon redefining the very nature of what is female, but they also insist that the few who make up the first two groups simply must come and play with them no matter what! That somehow, because the first two groups were born with the same "things" as they, that we all must be the same! In fact, they will go out of their way to insure that not only do the first two know this, but that the whole world knows this as well! "We are all the same! We are all the same!" This is their to arms rallying cry! Or, in a rather perverse twist on "ignore the man behind the curtain," they will actually reverse that cry and make out that the first two groups actually need a good deal of sympathy because they are some sort of uber defective that needs to be pitied for having to go to extremes like surgery that they didn't! So.... poor things, they simply must be included as a minor part of this big happy family "for their own good!"

Sorry, but being forced to be part of something that you don't want to be and aren't, just isn't playing very nicely is it? In fact, their doing so much produces something rather much like the discomfort that the third group seems to feel because the rest of the world imposes that same thing on them... but somehow, it's ok when they do it to others... hummmmm...

Why is that do you suppose? I know, and so do you! Julie Serano, being singularly honest as one of "our activists," actually had the decency to spell it out once, but only once... as she put it (paraphrased) if the third group doesn't have the first two, (read that as the groups who are normal in every aspect of their lives other than being able to reproduce) to be their "front man" to the world, then things are certainly gonna be way harder for them to face that same world! So like it or not... "we don't want things harder, so tough noogies one and two, we ain't a-gonna let ya go!" Still, while this is so supremely annoying like you cannot believe, it still does not quite raise Miz Know It All's ire to the level of hate... What does, and what makes her so damned angry she could spit, is that in the doing of this, two very very bad things happen to the first two groups. Two things which if the latter group is even aware, they certainly pay no heed to!

The first, is that they will make damned sure that their message,  you can't have your dreams is heard by every-last-one in the first two groups whether they already heard it or not! That even having those sort of dreams makes you unfair, elitist, even privileged and definitely a hater if you will, all just for wanting those dreams! Listen! No matter what you think you know, or that you have heard! Being part of the first two groups is not some sort of privilege! It's more akin to having been given a horrible deforming cancer which you have only a narrow window of time to correct before it kills you. This is not hyperbole on my part!If this issue of being the wrong sex is not fixed, death is a certainty!

But what does "fixed" mean? For the first two it simply means that every aspect that was wrong is excised from their lives! EVERY ASPECT! ... shall I say it again? EVERY ASPECT! Again, just like a cancer, not a single cell of that wrongness can be left behind! Sure there will be scars from the procedure, there always are, but they are minimal, and once the healing is done, they will fade from sight and memory, and a perfectly normal life can and will be had... The members of the first two groups can, if they undeterred from the very hard work that lays before them, actually come to have that husband, the 2.4 kids (adopted) and the white picket fence they always dreamed of. These are all very realistic goal for the members of the first two groups, well I should say they are as realistic as they are for anyone! But they are not at all realistic and never will be, if during that horrible and painful beyond all you can imagine time of trying to set things to right, the message of "you can't" from the third group is heard just one too many times. It is far from easy to fix this thing... particularly for the second group, cause they by not insisting then and there, have all these added issues that came about, because unlike the first group, they stupidly didn't refuse the wrongness right out of the gate! Rather they wasted time trying to play nice and accept the icky disgusting thing set before them knowing that the surly waiters are going to do their best to not have to take it back, and they, the surly waiters, are very very good at what they do! They know that these "waiters" will use every trick in the book to insure that a member of either of the first two groups served by them is not going to leave there without paying for a meal they did not not want or did not order, and so, the ONLY thing that there is that will get you out of there with all the wrong set to rights is the unwavering belief that you can do it!  Take that away from them? All you have done is to postpone the inevitable death simply because the cancer was not excised!So ya know? Robbing folks of their hopes and dreams and inviting them to a life of misery and eventual death is so not a very nice thing and so, that too joins the short list of things which Miz Know It All hates!

The second part of this is, that by (insert gender-issue-group name here) constantly and quite wrongly asserting to the entire world that we are all the same. Something which is always done for reasons which do not and cannot in anyway benefit anyone but members of the third group! They have set up this very ugly situation where even if and when the message of  "you can't" is ducked... The members of the first two groups are sure to be left in an increasingly precarious situation where even if they do manage to everything right... Even if they pay the blood price and do the back breaking work, their hard won dreams can still be taken from them by a world, which like them, has also heard that "all the same" message just a few too many times! So even if a young girl fights her way past all the horrible things that lay between her and success, including all those out there telling her she can't! Emerging seemingly unscathed on the other side of a hell you cannot possibly begin to imagine, and ready to take up a perfectly normal life... The knowledge of her past which is tainted by the third group, becomes an ever increasing monster lurking there in the shadows, and it does this because of this reinforced tie to her not being female but to of her being something "other!" ie? male! This means that despite her best efforts, everything she ever wanted or worked so hard for can all be yanked from her in the blink of an eye!

She may have that wonderful husband, who tried! He really really tried, but  he is mortal and he also has heard one time too many that we are all the same, meaning, we're all queer! We're all LGBT! See? Lesbian, GAY and Transgender... All the same! So he finds himself torn, even though he loves her with all his heart. He just cannot look at her, his wife, ever again as being female knowing that the whole world thinks him a flaming homo for being with her! Her kids? The reason she gets up in the morning, the thing which she adores and lover more than anything in the world can even be taken away from her by courts which are not at all sympathetic to her being a female, because they too have heard this message of "impossible," one too many times. Or her kids might not even be able to be adopted by her because of it! Jobs can and will be lost, Careers derailed, friends which held her trust for for decades come to shun her! The casual gawkers by the score will come out of the wood work and suddenly, she will find she's become the topic of the week round the water coolers all over town... "Did you know that ______ was really a dude? Yeah, way! He's like a dude! I kno! Me too! Like I would have so boned him before I knew he was like a dude! Gross! So who knew his husband was like all homo and queer that way?" Having this happen to one of the first two groups is as perverse as having a cured cancer reinserted into your body! It's sick! It's twisted! And it is cruel beyond all possible measure! So, for insisting solely for your own benefit that we are not female, and never will be or can be anything than an other, is so incredibly mean, that this too lands on the short list of Miz Know It All's hates!

So there you have it! While Miz Know It All really is an accepting and very tolerant person who would be more than happy to do all she could to support the members of the third group in their quest for expanding their lives! But for the fact that their quest seems to involve the complete denial of any and all support for both her needs, and more, for the young ones coming behind her! She finds herself in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between the lesser of two evils, and so she, like all humans, chooses her own tribe! Sorry if that feels like hate to you, but as long as those two things are on the table and not even open to negotiation, then sadly, she must continue to fight against them and the (insert gender-issue-group name here) folks doing it!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Want My Pig and Your's too!

 Whilst wandering the back halls of Blog-O-Stan recently Miz Know It All came upon this rant. Now while Miz Know It All is certainly no fan of the TSA as it seems, like most of the "War On Terror" in the USA to be mostly window dressing meant to keep the citizens fearful and there for willing to sacrifice their liberties. She, none the less is going to comply as it's just not the fight she wants to pick when getting from hither to yon! One wrong tick on a computer and you and you're luggage is going to get up close and personal at every terminal you enter or leave. Like I said... not the fight I am ready to take on!

So what has the TSA to do with the nonsense one finds in the aether of Blog-O-Stan? Simple... For the TSA to function in as much as it sorta functions, they have the Herculean task of trying to figure out in seconds flat if the person standing in front of them, with thousands more waiting impatiently, are in fact the person they say they are!. Obviously this would mean those who's ID is quite different than their appearance are going to automatically get shuffled off to the double check line.This means that those who are obviously not the sex that is identified on their papers, or whom have altered their appearance to not match their papers, do not get to pass go, they do not collect 200.00 or £124.95 for those readers who are sticklers for such things! They are going off to the quiet room area where their person can be checked MUCH closer... Anyway! The point being, that if one is going to either not have their paperwork up to snuff or they choose to be labile in their gender expression then they should expect if they are flying to get patted down! Miz Know It All, having had a joint rebuilt with metal parts has had it done to her, and she is hear to say it is pretty painless! A quick check that all is as it should be, and then whoosh, you're on your way! Quickly forgetten by the bored TSA as they go on to check the next 900 they will pat down that day!

Ahh but there is a fly in this ointment... We are a sexually dimorphic species! This means that the TSA has to pat down both males and females! Miz Know It All is the first to say that while she will tolerate for the sake of not falling from the sky in what was once, before the bomb an airplane, being physically checked by other females. She has no desire to have strange men laying their hands upon her without her first having invited it! Miz Know It All is not alone in this as most human females feel pretty much the same! This means that if we are going to have pat downs, they need to be handled by a member of the same sex as the passenger getting patted down.

Simply no? Well not in Blog-O-Stan it ain't! Nope in Blog-O-Stan, feeling like what the person doing the feeling like thinks is a woman or a man is all that counts! Which means that anyone and every one else they encounter on this great big ball of mud is suppose to ignore their several hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary imprinting, and without daring to actually ask as that would be hateful! Ascertain if this person actually feels like what they think a man feels like, or if they feel like what they think a woman feels like!

Confused? Good! You are suppose to be confused! It's not called Gender Queer by those who practice it cause it's easy to figure out now is it! The average person, that meaning the other 7 some odd billion of us are meant to be put off by this behavior, yet at the same time have the social decorum required of us to not throw rocks and sticks at these very strange looking humans standing before them... Fortunately for them, and for us, we all have busy busy lives with little time to take up in our throwing rocks and sticks at strange and funny looking people... So we fall back to our evolutionary memory and we figure out in a split second if this strange looking person appear to be male or female and then that done, if they pose any actual threat to us. If not? We give em a big ol' eh... and then go merrily on with thef ar more important things in our lives. Like getting from hither to yon, or in the case of the TSA, trying to insure that the plane going from hither to yon actually gets there in one piece!

Which brings me back to the rant by They Erin McElroy. Yes, "They" which in the English Language usually denotes more than one person and not a single individual but this person has made it their life choice to be a whole bunch of people all wrapped up in one! So I guess "They" may be correct. Anyway. "They", are quite torqued about having been asked by the TSA what was between "They's" legs as "They" have gone to great lengths to make it anything but obvious! Now had this been just a stupid random question asked by a bored asshole wanting to show off for the other guys. Well I think that "They" would have had a very good reason to be upset... but the TSA explained why "They's" sex needed to be known. Cause "They" had self selected to get patted down and as we discussed earlier... NO woman wants to be groped by man unknown to her!

So which is it to be "They" Erin McElroy? Do we set aside the comfort of half of the human race so you do not have to be asked about your actual sex or do you need to grow up and deal with the fact that you have set yourself theyself? outside the norms the rest of us live in? My answer... grow up and leave my pig alone!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Form Follows Function

Every now and again, Miz Know It All has to sit quietly for a time as she trys to make heads or tails out of the nonsense she encounters in the lands of Blog-O-Stan. For sure, it's more than expected that she'll find the written ejaculations of those fevered soul basement dwellers who's only life is a stream of electrons being overly represented. But it was still shocking to her when she finds their nonsensical rantings have found their way into the minds of folk she assumed have at least some tenuous grasp of the real... Alas tis not the case is it?

So for your consideration, let me take you back to a concept first expounded on by the American Architect Louis Sullivan,

 Of all things physical and metaphysical,
Of all things human and all things super-human,
Of all true manifestations of the head,
Of the heart, of the soul,
That the life is recognizable in its expression,
That form ever follows function. This is the law.

Indeed life does, as Mr Sullivan noted demand that form follows the function, and the human animal is no exception to the iron rule of biology. We are a sexually dimorphic species as elequently put in Genesis 1:27 "In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Though I prefer Mao's "women hold up half the sky" the point remains the same. The human animal is comprised of both male and female. Each with specific biological functions, and so both have specific forms to carry out those functions.

So lets take a look at those forms and their functions for a moment shall we? I guess one could say that the males of the species serve but one function biologically. They ejaculate their semen within the female. For this function they come equipped with a penis with which to deliver the semen and a pair of testicles with which to create it. But saying that might be just a wee tad simplistic because the human animal when born is one of the creatures the least capable of survival without years upon years of nurturing and development! So the male of the species has also has a form which is adapted to his role in that nurturing and development. His role in this is to provide for and protect both the young and the female(s) he has paired with. The male that does this to insures that his progeny will reach breeding age and so pass on his DNA. So in addition to the form of having specialized sexual parts of the male, there are also other forms particular to his half of the species. As a rule the male is larger and far stronger that the female, with broad shoulders and a small pelvis. He has proportionally shorter but more powerful legs, and straight arms designed for throwing and fighting. His rib cage is broader to accommodate a larger heart and lungs his muscles are designed for quick bursts of energy and are more pronounced than in the female. His head is bigger and the jaw much deeper. He even has brow ridges so he can hunt without the rain getting in his eyes...

Likewise the female of the species also is highly specialized, and like the male she could simplistically be said to be defined by form as being just the receptor for the males ejaculate as well as the vessel from which the developing young created by that union will be born. But remember the human animal arrives on the planet in a condition so immaturely developed that death will occur with certainty in minutes if not taken care of completely! Just as the male of the species has developed forms towards protecting and providing for the care of the young so his DNA will pass. So to has the female of the species developed her own form and devices towards the production of and the years of care required by her progeny of they are to survive. She has larger breasts than the male with larger more developed nipples. Which serve after the child's birth to provide the only food that will can sustain the human infant for the first year or so, She is fatter than the male so that she has the nutritional reserves to sustain both her and to provide for the production of milk. She has arms which are bent inwards so she can cradle the child to her breast. She is smaller as she has no need to be the hunter/protector. That is the males purpose, and her body is far more compact with a much larger central circulatory system than the males again to provide for the well being of the foetus developing within her Her pelvis is much larger proportionally than the males to allow for a fully developed foetus to be passed from within her body. Her lower body is also proportionally much larger than the males so she can carry the additional weight of herself and an a developing foetus. Her hands and feet are smaller her face is far more rounded, her eyes larger, her nose smaller, her bite is lesser, all of which serve a function in aiding in the reproduction of the species

For not only must the male and female work together with their specialized functions to create and then sustain the child(ren) they produce if they are to carry on their DNA. The choice of mate selection is also highly critical in assuring success. A sickly poorly developed mate is unlikely to either provide what is needed as their cellular contribution and is unlikely to have the physical strength be able to carry the burden of this child to adulthood... meaning that if picked, this line of DNA is likely to die out.

So we find when it comes to mate selection, in the other half of the species visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory clues to which we call beauty in both the males and which females. Forms or characteristics if you will because if present, they likely mean that person is a better candidate for breeding The ideal mate is of course symmetrical, a strong clue to better DNA and of their over all health, They are young, meaning better able to carry on for the years required to raise a child, they have clear healthy skin. bright eyes, clean teeth and they have all of them. They smell right and not sickly, their pheromones are clearly communicated, and their voice when performing the mating dance is clear and strong! They exhibit a fluidity of movement and a strength proportional to their half of the species. In short they demonstrate good health and the forms which indicate a better than even chance of success in producing children.

Therefor, as a rule the female will find a male who is larger and stronger and fitter then her to be the most pleasing to her eye and more likely to be one she will offer her body to, just as a male will find a female who's body shows the characteristics which would indicate she is the most fertile and without children by other men to be the most pleasing and most desirous to him. The ideal female will have a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 which indicates she is a female most likely to become preggers and to be able to deliver live children. Her face if found pleasing will likely be more "immature" looking than the males. Because if she had and has adequate and timely estrogen release it caps the bone growth causing her face to remain immature unlike the males.

The clues we give to both which sex we are and how desirable we are as mates are numinous and far too long to list here. But the point being, that we humans have, over thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years developed the ability to not only tell in a fraction of a second which sex a person is but also how they rank on the scale of their being good mates or not!

Take the things said of a female child. They are straight from that play book!. Oh she is so pretty! Of the male? He is so strong and smart! Both are meant to indicate characteristics which will become the most important factors about this person in the grand scheme of things from a biological stand point or... put another way, their form following their function. Namely, if they are going to be the ones to pass on DNA or not! So far this is human bio 101 meets human sexuality 101 and really should not be news to any of us...

But dear campers it would seem that to a small but rather vocal section of Blog-O-Stan, this is not only utterly unknown, it is a news so far removed from their take on reality as to be purest of heresies! I am speaking here of course about the Land of the Misfit Toys, other wise known as The Trans-World! For it seems that in this strange and frighting land, not only are all the primary characteristics of what we read in a split second as male and female discounted as meaningless, all the rest of the secondary characteristics are likewise discounted as meaningless! You see in this world, not only do we have characteristics which we read clearly as male means nothing... We are suppose to input from a smattering of not the first tier, nor of the second tier, but of what are pretty much random third tier characteristics that this person is indeed a female and not a male! So that means that even though this person has both a functional penis and testicles it is meaningless! That this person is very large, with huge hands and feet, a narrow pelvis, broad shoulders and brow ridges, means nothing! That they have a deep voice, they smell of male musk and their movements and actions are all characteristics of those of a male, again it means nothing. No in the "trans-verse" this person must be a female because they seem to have small breasts and more so, because they have done things to their faces with make up to imitate the look of female, that they are indeed female!

Now how it is we are suppose to arrive at this conclusion that they are female seems must be by some sort of mental telepathy. Given that the only thing we have to go on here is indeed their word that they "feel like a woman" because all visual clues other than a random smattering are off the table for consideration! Yes in this strange land on the other side of the looking glass. To have any of the physical forms which we would call male means nothing. Just as having the ones which indicate female are likewise meaningless! In the Tran-reality, a man is only a man if and when he says he is, or we happen to sense it from the great beyond, and the same for a woman. She is only a woman if she says she is or we sense it too from the aethher of nothingness! A woman in the trans-space can have a penis and a man can have periods! A woman in the trans-continuum can mount another woman and a man can lordose and become preggers... and in all of this. We the others are suppose to ascertain without any of those clues we apply to the rest of the human race, if this be a "real" man or woman, and not some deluded and likely rather dangerous person strictly because they say so!

Why I can see the conversation now... "Excuse me... but are you a dangerous and deluded lunatic who appears to be a man dressed as a woman or are you a trans-woman? Why? Oh I mean nothing personal by it at all sir? I mean Ma'am? Sir? Oh whichever! I just had to ask because I couldn't ascertain what your "identity" was by the way you appear!

Well there you go! That's it! Why I think that even dense Ol' Miz Know It All has finally got it! This is exactly what the mother of one of the girls on the swim team should have said to poor Coleen Francis rather than her clearly transphobic reaction of calling the police about what she "perceived to a be a man" by the presence of a penis and testicles in the woman's locker room. She should have calmly and collectedly ascertained by direct questioning of Coleen if Coleen was a dangerous and deluded lunatic who posed a danger to her and the girls on the team, or if Collen was a trans-woman! Therefor, if by having ascertained by the necessary direct questioning, that this was a real-trans-woman and not some a dangerous and deluded lunatic getting his jolly's by watching young girls be naked in the showers, then she could have informed the girls of this fact so they too could have known, that despite their ancestral biological conditioning to the contrary, this particular penis and set of testicles was own by a real live trans-female and not a male!

So I guess campers, the lesson to take away here is; when one is in Washington State, the rules that have governed us as a species for a hundred thousand years no longer apply! Because dear dear campers it would seem that when one is in Washington State, form indeed no longer follows function! Which come to think of it might explain why the plans for their new state house show it to be in the shape of a pyramid built with the pointy side down! Don't you just love progress!

Tah for now!