Monday, July 30, 2012


Forty years ago today, the movie "Deliverance" was released here in the USA becoming an overnight blockbuster. This despite the fact that all in all, it was in fact a rather mediocre film. Oh sure, the music was incredible and it was a unique first for a film and many of the visuals were above par for the time, and of course there was Burt Reynolds... That lovely lovely Burt Reynolds! Oh My God I could lick every inch of that man's body and ask for more!

Anyway, Ahemmmm....ANYWAY... for the most part if we are honest, the movie was not really "all that and a bag of chips so to speak." So why is it that forty years later I'm at a party and hearing references being made to this movie and more so to the rape scene that was key to the plot? Why? Why would should I be casually hearing folks talking about some second rate movie that is forty years out of the can...  Was it is just because it showed a rape scene? Really? Are we that offended by the concept of rape as a society these days that films about it stick in the mass's mind, or, might it be that this particular rape, in this particular movie stands out so because it happened, not to a woman, but to a man! Must be, cause here we are, forty years later and even the idea of man on man rape is still so incredibly disturbing that this shitty little movie has not and I fear will not ever join the rest of the seventies schlock in obscurity! Inagine that! All because of porky little man being raped in a scene? So, I have to ask... During that same forty years time span how many women do you suppose were shown being raped as one of the basic elements of a movie plot? One? Ten? A hundred? A thousand? Sadly? I would wager it goes easily in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands. Particularly if you add in the one eyed god that squats in most living rooms! Heck! it tain't nothing at all to see some woman being raped on the little screen any night of the week! It's such a common plot device that they've made whole series round this easy idea! "Ma! Pa! Gather up the kids and get your parts in here, cause its time for Law and Order, Special Victims to come on! Gee, Pa, I wonder what sorta  skanky ho is gonna get what's coming to her tonight?"

A man is raped on the big screen screen and it sticks in the public consciousness like glue for four decades with no sign of abating, but if a woman gets raped it doesn't stick in folks heads past the commercial!

Why? Why would there be such a disparity between a man being raped and a woman? Why?

It's because there is a very real divide in this world between those who are male and those who are female and that extends way past their being physically different from each other. The divide I'm speaking of is that yawning chasm in our social structure were women are, women have been, and for anytime in the foreseeable future, women will be considered at best, second class humans. Creatures who for all their looking sorta human are far below the value of any man! Like it or not, women are still chattel! Women are still valued possessions! Property to be claimed by theman who has the balls to stick his dick into her first.  All he as gotta do is just get her to spread her legs willingly or other wise cause once he has done his business inside her, he has marked her for the world from that moment as his property! A concept. as much as we might not want to admit it is deeply ingrained into our social fabric that it takes not one, not two, but many many MANY long hard looks at ourselves to actually see this for what it is!

Take for example the standard wedding's end. You know! Where at the end of the wedding ceremony the official says to the gathered witnesses "I now pronounce you, Man and Wife! You may kiss the bride!" "Pronounce you?" "Man and his what?" the Bride?" "You may kiss... her?" Tell me, have you EVER heard it said in reverse? Even in jest? "I now pronounce YOU, Woman and Husband! You, (referring to the woman here as dominate) may kiss the groom!" Try just for a second to imagine how far into the floor jaws would drop among the gathered witnesses to this ritual of the deflowering if it were to ever said in such a manner! Why they would up and tar and feather that benighted official before ridding him out of town on a rail! How dare he insult men in such a horrible horrible way!

Transgender is at it's very core the embodiment of that same misogyny! The "Trans-Woman" is not really a female! Oh No! God Forbid! "She" is by the very nature of "Transgender" a man who wants to act in, shudder, feminine ways.... Ways which by their submissive and decidedly lesser nature run contrary to the socially expected norm for all men! Any man who wants this for himself is tasked with the impossible! He must find a way to "express" something which is seen as feminine and lesser as his male desires. While at the same time, not loosing any of his right and status of being male! This is why if you stop to think about it, why all "trans-fiction" starts with the man who is about to be changed in the story, being forced, charmed, bewitched, enchanted, coerced, drugged, dominated, intimidated etc etc etc against his will! Because if this man was forced to become feminine, (are you listening Zoe Brain? How about you there Chloe Prince? Sophie? The rest of you?) then, by default, this man like the prisoner in the POW camp who is tortured past his breaking point, he still retains his male privilege and rank while he is also getting to act out in these "lesser ways" contrary to all other laws of male status! After all he was FORCED to do this! Really! He had simply No choice! None! I mean who would have thought it! One little bee sting and you have to start wearing panties... It's all quite sad really! Poor fella's!  Just like the poor guy who went in for a liver test and came out a raging sissy!

Sadly for these men, the real world the rest of us live in does not have super hives of sex change bees, or hosts of evil private clinics staffed by demented lesbian Nazi female dominatrix doctors just itching to transform those strong suffering men into thin waif-ish women who, oh my, must surrender to this terrible fate or they will most certainly die! Not only doe it makes for bad fiction but out here in the real world! A man seen wearing the garb of a woman who looks the least like a man, not only looks the fool,  he is freely derided as actually one for his choosing to lessen himself to the rank of... Shudder female!

My oh my! What to do? What to do when there are no bees handy! No medical tests or hair loss drug bad reactions!

The answer to this dilemma of men's desire for lesser and their want for the same vs a world that says no to a man lowering himself came in the form of one such man... Dr Arnold Loman, Phd. Savior to the Forlorn transvestite A man who is otherwise known as "Charles Virginia Prince..."

Dr Loman had this same socially unacceptable twist to his bein. He as horrible as it sounds, liked getting his jollies by playing dress up!  Something so revolting to the rest of the world that it was a crime but which was so completely rewarding to him (but not his first or second spouse) that he wanted to do it morning noon and night! Dear Arnold it seems, even once thought he wanted to be a "real girl" like an inverse Pinocchio, but he was smart enough, well he was smart enough AFTER he was turned down by Dr Bejamine as not being transsexual to know that he wanted to be a woman but only "a woman" in the tits and ass parts and pieces ways that mattered to him as a functioning male. Ways which if done right would allow him to still play dress up and maybe even have some boobies like a "pretty girl" and he could do it all 24/7 while getting to keep "the precious!" After all how, as he said to me,  could he put it to the little woman on their Saturday night tussle after a week of his playing dress up if he had no dick!

Arnold's history is well known and while he is a sick fuck, is not the subject of this essay. Rather it is the fact that what Arnold created as his answer came from a combination of the very real misogyny that is the weft of our social fabric piled high upon a stolen female narrative! Thus, from this imperfect cloth, the idea of the "Transgenderist" was born! Arnold had created a real world version of the transvestite being "forced" to play dress up the rest of his life... I mean it worked for him didn't it? He HAD to dress this way! Arnold HAD to because he was "trans-gender" Damn it all! Arnie would stop in a heart beat if he but could! Honest! He would! Besides, wasn't it his right as a man to say what is what in his world, and why should only were those damned transsexuals, the living embodiment of all of his fantasy of a man becoming a woman, get to be socially accepted as women and more so, "having had to do this" when he didn't! So from a small man with a little propaganda and a lot of hubris... He took that core concept of transsexual unto himself just so he too "must, in his long suffering, do this!"

And so it goes... the more things change the more they stay the same and so now, just as it was forty years ago. This is still a mans world. A world where the men are men, and the women, whether of a transsexual history or otherwise. Well if they know whats good for em... They will keep to their place and let the menfolk decided what is right or not! After all... He is a man, he has to!

Saturday, July 14, 2012



Strange what a mealy mouthed and useless word identity has become in the hands of the "trans-machine!" Long gone is any semblance of "identify and identity" being descriptive of any sort of reality in whatever makes an entity definable and recognizable... No, these days "Identity" has become it's inverse! Identity has taken on a whole new meaning. Something which is both malleable and fungible. Something which is so unique, to both the person and time so that what is true in an identity one minute can be entirely different the next. Long lost is any sort of commonality to the very idea of an "identity" That one has an identity which is something that can be conveyed to another from a shared experience... Such as, that is hot! it burns! That is cold! It makes my fingers numb! She is a female... She will take a man into her body, give birth in the same fashion and then suckle her young! He is a male. He will impregnate women and if he is a good man he will care for her and help to raise the issue of his loins. If he is a scalliwag then he will abandon her and the children to their fates.  For humans, as all mammals do, we come in one flavor or the other.... Given that it is pretty easy to "identify" what is a male from what is a female... For they both have function to their form... There is a set reality to what is a man and a woman that we all share and so is easy to convey... He, She, His, Her's, Boy, Girl, Man, Woman. Something so basic to our being that the very first comment upon birth is not, is it alive? The cries say that loud and clearly... No, the question is, is it a Boy? or Girl?

But Nature is messy... She created male and female and the act of sexual congress for one reason and one reason alone... To introduce genetic mutation to the species! In every birth there are at least seven major mutations which make the new being different than the parents... Some of them serve to allow the species to change and adapt to the environment so the species as a whole might flourish in different circumstances. Others are just weird and serve no discernible function!  And some lead to evolutionary blind alleys and so are not passed on... One of those latter being transsexual! In this mutation, the being has an innate sense of being one sex, while perversly possessing the genitalia of the other... It is one of those mutations which serves no seeming purpose other than to confound the owner till they reach a point where they will leave this mortal coil quite voluntarily. Making way as for those who are better suited to continue the species. Is this harsh? Cold? Nope... Nature simply is. And this is but one roll of her evolutionary dice that came up snake eyes this time! No biggie she is going to roll those same dice again and again and again, as evidenced by the remains of those now long gone beavers the size of Volkswagens!

Yes.. Transsexual is a mutation and a blind alley at that! Transsexual is nothing more than a random pox upon your house if you will... The ones who are so "blessed"being rather unlikely to pass on their genes, and rightly so as they are pretty much guaranteed by this to have a short and rather miserable life... So back to topic. Can one have the identity of transsexual? Can one "Identify who is a transsexual? Sure to both! Transsexual is in fact an accurate descriptive of a rather unpleasant and totally unwanted mutation. You can point to one so cursed and say... that being is transsexual and that one is not! You can actually "Identify" Transsexual.  Oh, for sure, it may take some time to do so, but with careful observation it ALWAYS shows itself! Transsexual is distinct into itself!

Times though they do change... humans learned how to pass on things other than their genes... Things like knowledge for example.  Knowledge of things like farming and medicine arose and made life as we know it possible. We learned how to hold certain parts of nature at bay and how to grow as a species. For example, here in the twentieth and twenty first centuries we learned how to give the transsexual a way to survive to a ripe old age... Sterile once treated and still an evolutionary blind alley, they can, through palliative surgery and drugs reach a truce between body and self and so go on to contribute, if not to the genetic fabric, to the social one!  Transsexuality, once treated is hard to distinguish, ie "Identify" who is from who is not and that is a good thing... providing that the one who is, is honest with any partner in that they cannot have children, but other than that? With treatment, they are no different than the rest of Humanity... All of us milling around trying to figure out which way is up before our time is! Still the identity "transsexual" is clear distinct and "identifiable!" Or should I say... was!

Enter a man... His name, Arnold Lowman. He, like many many many, ok most, men, got a bit of a kink into his sexual targeting... You know, that thing which unwittingly causes men to want to pass on DNA? That thing which makes men with their ability to father thousands of children want to stick their dicks into just as many women who will stand still as possible. Or heck, for any old thing with a hole when push comes to shove? 

Arnold's kink was that he got a sexual rise out of mimicking the social actions of the female... specifically her garb... The garb, which by the way in that same unwittingly way of passing on DNA is designed to make her more appealing to the male of the species in breeding.

At the time Arnold Lowman was born it was considered a moral crime for any male to abrogate any of his male privilege! So to find himself wanting to act out sexually as a female might in dress or manner? Horrors upon horrors! Why doing that will certainly cause the horses to bolt and the women to miscarry! If a man puts on a dress in other than jest at the silly female of the species, the milk will curdle and plagues will arise across the land! Not really likely I think, but still, so it was thought at the time, and so, Mr Loman who got a thrill from sharing this oddity with other men who had the same compunction was eventually arrested... tried, and being quite guilty of it, convicted and sentenced to five years in the penitentiary! Fortunate for him Arnold came from a background of great privilege and wealth. So money changed hands under the table... legal options were opened. eyes looked the other way, and he was loosed upon the land with the sentence to "confess his crime" to men's groups across the lands... The hope being that his doing something so embarssing would warn other men with this compunction away and keep them to the straight and narrow. Alas it was like letting the fox loose in the hen house so he might warn other foxes which hens were the biggest and fattest!

Arnold went hither and yon, continuing long after his sentence was carried out, giving his speeches and recruiting other men like himself who also liked to get their jollies playing dress up! And what a perfect time for this as the sixties came into full swing and socially it was out with the old and in with the new... Likewise... about this time, that thing which was transsexual got it's name, an identity if you will, and once so identified... The sufferers of this terrible condition were compassionately granted this brand new therapy that would allow them to rejoin society as whole as science could make them... This greatly angered Mr Loman for he was, as many men are, small in character and terribly selfish! His fetish was still something of shame! Something which would end marriages and cause the practioners like himself to be cast out of society no matter how liberal the times! He looked at the small bit of social acceptance granted to the transsexual with envy as something which should have been given to him! Not them! It was His! His! His! His!  He should have the right to do as he damn well pleased and have the world accept him as he felt it should whether it agreed or not!

So being the small man he was. He did what many small men did in such a place. He took what he wanted with nary even a kiss or a fare thee well! He stole "transsexual" and created a new social construct... "the transgenderist," later shortened to "transgender" and later still to "trans." Transgenderist, unlike transsexual was not something readily identifiable! It did not have a specific meaning, being that it was a word meant to obfuscate rather than to clarify! A code word if you will for something which still is viewed, even now with great suspect... A man wanting to get his jollies by playing dress up? Shudder! So of course, the trans identity by it's very nature must be fungible. It must be malleable, it must be changeable by situation and person to mean whatever they want it to mean lest reality enter the picture and ruin the mood by saying... uhh yeahhh.... there is an elephant in the room!

So now, thanks to the hubris and jealousy of one small man, we have what is sadly, among many young lesbian women and foolish old men with a kink a primrose path leading them to destroy their lives so they might express their "gender" in a way that is still not socially acceptable with the misogny that underlies the roots of our social structure... Young women who feel that as they cannot fit into the pink frame they must become men rather than to fight back, and old men, who have lusted so long for the pink of girl they will trade their lives for it, both of them appropriating a narrative that is not theirs as their "Identity" rather than have to stand up and face a society that says "I don't like that!
The saddest part is that by not standing up and saying I want no part of the gender straight jacket. I am a good person and this is who I am as a man or a woman there will inevitably be a back lash from society as it realizes the latitude it had given "trans." Thinking that "trans" was but a renaming of something identifiable as transsexual. That as this new meme is not Transsexual but something which it still considers subversive and wrong! When that happens, that latitude will be withdrawn leaving the ones for whom it was designed as well as all who took that primrose path right back where they started... with no recourse other than to voluntarily end a short and miserable life. 

So if you do find me cold and not being supportive of your "trans-identity," and even adamantly apposed... Understand it is because what you are doing is not benign! Rather is it inherently evil and because of it, many many many innocent will suffer unnecessarily!