Sunday, December 9, 2012

But I Can't!!!

 Well it's a perfectly lovely Sunday! So what better time to dance a little Ol' jig of defiance on the Transjactivists third rail of Jendar!

That being of course the "I would if I could, but I can't!"

By this Miz Know It All is of course referring to the 101 reasons touted over and over and over again why all those poor sufferers in Jenderville must get their rights as women right now, cause they simply cannot ever get surgery!!

Oh but where angels fear to tread, Miz Know It All will stout heartedly go! So if you are ready campers. Lets debunk the whole "I can't myth" shall we?

Starting with, "It's too expensive!"

Really? If you had cancer and were going to die from it, you simply could not find the funds no matter what? Wow! Really sucks to be you doesn't it! Oh! I see! That is an entirely different situation! Umm hummm... and how might it be different may I ask? I mean the prevailing reason given for everyone out there doing this is that you simply must transition! Because if you do not transition then you will most certainly die by your hand. Worse, you will die oh so soon! Well now! Dead is dead in my book! Doesn't really matter if you are hit by a train, hit by lighting, eaten by wolverines or you eat yourself! Dead is still dead isn't it?

So then if you simply MUST transition to being a woman or most certainly die, then surgery is also a must do! N'est-ce pas? Yep, it most certainly has to be, because while I do so hate to be the bearer of bad news, females simply do not have peckers! Nope! Really! They don't! Those cross dressing guys are welcome to play The Emperor's New Clothes all they like and jolly good for them, but if there's still a pecker in them thar panties, that means the bearer of said pecker is still a male! So if it must be woman or die... Then surgery it is!

Anyway. Miz Know It All is a wise woman and she knows her readers are smart as tacks too! So we will simply go with the assumption everyone here understands this most basic of concepts and move on to the how the heck do you get the money? Which after all is a far more mysterious concept!

So what is the first thing you are going to get this seemingly mind numbing sum of money? You do what your Grand Parents or Great Grand Parents did back in the depression. You cut your expenses! If something is not directly related to your basic survival then out it goes! Cable TV? Poof! Gone! High Speed Internet! Bye Bye! Coffee at Starbucks? Gone! Pre-prepared foods of any sort? Way gone! Eating out? You gotta be kidding! That is soooo Gone! MKIA says! "Get thee a cook book!" Best part is when you are done transition you will also be a pretty darn good and VERY creative cook!

Alcohol of any form? Too bad, it's Gone! Drugs? Really? That is sooo Gone! Cell service other than the most basic you have to survive? It is also Gone! Car payment? Really? Car payments? If you can afford that nice a car, then you are certainly not trying too hard to get this done are you? Sell that mill stone round your neck like yesterday, and if you simply must have a car to get to work then, get thee a klunker! Cars can be had for a grand or less and when these cheap but dying dinosaurs pass on. You simply pull the tags and get another! Bada Boom, Baba Bing!

House payment? If you got one of these, then get your lazy ass the hell right outta here! You're wasting my time and your's kevetching about not having any money! You are sitting in your surgery, so STFU!! Apartment? Well now! That's more like it! About that one, you are going start looking here and now to totally re-think things housing wise, which may mean looking even on the worst side of town till you can find what has to be the cheapest apartment or even a house possible with as many rooms as possible, then you are going to get yourself some roomers! Shazam! You just turned what was a monthly expense into monthly income! So is it going to be lots and lots O' fun to not have your own space? Heck no! It will bite ass big time, but it doesn't matter does it because this is to save your life remember and that is one heck of a BIG chunk of money!

Doing all the above in two years time will return a breathtakingly amazing sum of money but it is not going to be enough by itself to get you to where you want to be! That is unless you have it in you to save for say five years,  but the clock is ticking here and you are going to take your own life so soon remember? This means you have to have more income and like now!

This means extra work doesn't it? Go out young woman, and get thee a night job at 7-11... or Walmart, or any grocery store, big box store, etc etc etc, ETC!  There will be plenty of time to sleep later when your life is not in eminent jeopardy! As long as you can find the time for six to eight hours sleep, even if it is broken up into smaller chunks, it still leaves you 16 hours a day, seven days a week to make money! But these jobs don't pay squat. right? Not worth the time it takes to do em?

OK, Lets look at the 7-11 night clerk job shall we?

Say you work 20 hrs a week, (leaves you time for a third job doesn't it) paying no more than minimum wage. That's a whole $7.25 an hour x 20 = $145.00 a week. Certainly nothing to write home about, but this is your second job right? So times that by all 52 weeks  What you want a vacation? No way in hell Missy! This is your life at risk remember! That means you will have $7, 540 minimum at the end of the year before taxes! So lets assume that will take $1,000, it's not going to but lets be generous here! That still leaves you with a net of $6,000! Minimum!This by the way is half the cost of the best SRS surgery in Thailand, or if you are willing to take a bit more of a risk.. nearly the entire sum needed at one of the lesser known docs there!

Wait a second! You are saying that inside of a year you can have the money for SRS just by working a second job? Yep! And if you add in the savings you got from cutting expenses to the bone, you should have the airfare and miscellaneous expenses too! If you want to extend this second job to two years, then you have over $12,000 cash in hand and the savings from cutting expenses to the bone should equal at least half that again! So we are talking a minimum, repeat MINIMUM of $16,000... You can get a lot of SRS pretty much anywhere for that much money!

But! You say you gotta have an FFS too, and what of a BA? Everyone knows that any woman worth her salt has those amazingly huge ta-tas, and besides! You just cannot seem to get any work where you are, much less a freaking second job!

No worries! Just leave it to Miz Know It All to have "The Answers!"

Campers! What you need to do is consider The Exciting World of Long Haul Trucking!Yep! You are going to embark on what is going to be one l-o-n-g and VERY profitable road trip! First you sell everything you own other than some clothes! You then start calling round, and inside of two weeks, I guarantee that no matter how badly you pass as female, barring any DUI's, felony arrest records, or rampant drug usage, you are going to be at a trucking school which will be paid for in advance by your new employer!

Once you have finished your two or three weeks of schooling, it is time for your on the road training, which is going to be another three weeks to a month WITH PAY, after which you will be given your own truck! Which by the way, and this is the really great part of this for making money for surgery! This truck is also going to be your Brand New Home! That's right! You will have a roof over your head for as long as you want it FREE OF CHARGE! That first year alone will find you bringing in close to $40.000... That's right, and with almost no expenses! Forty Thousand Dollars! Even deducting for the cost of your school and your VERY meager living expenses... again expenses are the most bare bones possible which means you WILL be eating ALL your meals from a hot pot or toaster oven in the truck. You can expect to have in your hot little hand at the end of the year, at least $20,000.00 to $30,000.00! Twenty to Thirty Thousand dollars in your first year alone! Times that by two years and assuming no raises, which is not going to be the case at all! You're at at least $40,000.00 to $60,000.00 richer! Times three years... wow that is now at least $60,000.00 at the minimum! SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! That M'Dear is nothing to sneeze at in my book! If you were to go to one of the best doctors in the world, say Suporn for example, that would give you the full works, SRS BA FFS, along with airfare and living expenses for at least three months... and still leave you close to $12,000 to start a new life!

We are talking three years of hard work and mean living in exchange for the rest of your life! That sounds like one hell of a bargain to me!

Oh but the money isn't the only reason, "you can't!" You can't because of all these dire medical problems you have that are all absolute contraindications to any surgery! Oh I see.. and those would be what exactly? Oh? You don't know right off the bat but you know they are dire! Well as usual, Miz Know It All knows the right answer!

The primary contraindications for SRS are,

  1. Poorly controlled diabetes.
  2. Hemophilia,.
  3. Severe hypertension.
  4. Deep vein thrombosis 
  5. Infection ~with~ HIV. 

And of course... severe mental illness.

These are (with the exception of being barking mad) major life threats and they need to be dealt with ASAP, or your getting SRS or not isn't really going to matter is it? So cold as it may be, this one kinda sorta takes care of itself doesn't it... Oh and for the record... THESE ARE NOT ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATIONS! They are simply factors which should be dealt with before an voluntary surgery, but that said, you can still find doctors out there willing to take the risk if it is important enough for you to risk it as well! Miz Know It All remembers one brave sister who dying of cancer, and knowing that the surgery would shorten her life, that is if she even survived the surgery itself, still had an SRS because it really was that important to her... Oh and for the record she survived the surgery but it did shorten her life by at least half of her remaining days, but she was completely happy with her decision! She died a female!

So ! Given that Transsexuals occur at a rate of one in 36,000, (that's one in thirty six thousand) births, the chances that you would you would have it and one of these other conditions is very unlikely isn't it! Far far less than your chances of getting hit by a meteor for example! Not impossible mind you, but the occurrence would be so amazingly rare that it sorta begs the argument doesn't it?

So there ya go! The money can be had if one is simply willing to become creative and to sacrifice to get it...and there really are pretty darn few reasons one cannot have the surgery medically... Now that you know the truth of it? May I ask the $64,000.00 Question?

What really is holding YOU back?



  1. I had an in depth conversation with my physician about the issues of medical contra-indications for surgery.

    Apart from hemophilia, thrombosis, HIV for both diabetes and hypertension the operative word is uncontrolled, that is diet, exercise and medication can bring both under control sufficiently. Surgical preparation is key.

    Axis I and/or II issues are usually related more to the ability to make the decisions necessary for any surgery. Since this surgery is considered elective, surgeons will not perform the surgery if such diagnoses are made.

  2. Seems Miz-know-it-all has a severe case of the dumbass, for it cost money to afford to go to work on that second job. That leaves you next nothing.

  3. Oh, and that's assuming your first job isn't minimum wage.

  4. Gee Steph! Wow, Ya know, it must really suck being you! I mean what, with the whole darn world personally stacked oh so high and all against poor little ol you! Boo Hoo!

    Maybe, just maybe, your life might stop sucking so and change for the better if you stopped this pathetic sour grapes pining for what I and other like me have and instead, follow our example and get up off your sorry ass and do the hard work we did to get it for yourself!

    But no, even when I lay it our for you Carte Blanche! You simply go and prove my point! That this never is and never has been about the cost or any medical issues as to why you and the other like you cannot EVER finish tansition...

    No you and your TV buddys all want to keep Mr Happy and with him, your "extra special man in a dress status" while you publicly wallow in your trans-pity!

    Ferget you!

    PS... You really want that second job and you don't want to pay to drive? Here is a hint! Walking and riding a bicycle costs you absolutely nothing! Not one read cent. It's great for your health and you can do it any time day or night. And if the weather is bad and you don't want to get there under your own power, there is always public transportation and ride sharing and even hitch hiking... Like all of this, there is always a way to get it done if... btw, there is the operative word here... "if"... you want to!

    Seems pretty clear what it is you want and your being a woman ain't it!

  5. Stephie, if my life sucked as much as yours, I would have eaten a bullet a long time ago. You might want to take that as a suggestion, since you don't seem much good at anything else.

  6. Stephanie

    I guess working toward a goal is something you are incapable of understanding. All of us have saved planned some have worked two and three jobs to have our birth defect corrected.

    I don't understand the pity party you are imposing on those of us who have been successful. As I said before I know a woman who was physically handicapped sacrificed and saved to have her birth defect corrected.

    I get the impression that for you like other Tee-Gees sex reassignment isn't the issue, living a fetish lifestyle is the issue and that has nothing whatsoever to do with being transsexual. Why don't you and your wife be honest with us and yourselves and just admit up front you are living a fetish lifestyle and you have no interest whatsoever in having sex reassignment.

    If you cannot stop lying then maybe you should go away and leave the real women to their business.


  7. Once more , very simply, so that perhaps there is someone you know who can explain it to you.
    When asked for specific contra-indicating conditions I have no reason to doubt that your list is accurate. It is also completely irrelevant in a large number of cases.
    Example would be someone with hep-c.
    The reason why HIV/AIDS patients would have a problem is that with a severely compromised immune system any post operative infection can be fatal. With hep-c, if it isn't one of the treatable kinds, the liver gets compromised to the extent that the same sort of lack of immunity comes about. Not as extreme, but with greater specific dangers of fatality. Of course hep-c isn't an absolute contra-indication but that doesn't mean that a patient far gone in that way could find a surgeon sufficiently reckless and venal as to operate.
    The other point that you're skating over is patients with a number of conditions, none of which are by themselves an absolute bar, but which taken together effectively prevent GRS.
    If you were to ask any health professional about whether there were people with problems outside your list who should definitely avoid major surgery, you'd get a resounding 'yes'.
    One example would be a cancer patient, if the condition and continuing treatment were sufficiently major. Of course if it was terminal then different considerations would apply, which makes the case of your friend, however frequently you bring it up, completely irrelevant.

  8. Sophie is an sorry apologist for andogenous queerness. "Stephanie" is little more than a lazy, stupid tranny attention hound with nothing better to do than derive perverse pleasure from annoying women.

    They both thrive on negative attention, much like the idiot little bully-boys who pull the pig-tails of little girls and tie tin cans to cats.

    Just a couple of sore losers.

  9. Sophie

    You don't know what you are talking about. A TS in western Canada had her birth defected in 2001 by an American surgeon, she was HIV positive, she has a joy filled life today.

    There is no reason a legitimate TS would not have surgery.

    Stop lying to yourselves and just admit you all are transvestites and your living a fetish lifestyle and get on with your life.

    You will be much happier in the end.


  10. It is not so much that such conditions exist. The question is whether the person using them as an excuse has one of them, and most times the answer is no, they are just using it as an excuse when in reality they just want to pretend to be women and have the laws changed so they can invade women-only spaces.

    When will these men give up and just admit to themselves that they are nothing more than transvestites?

  11. Sophie Sophie Sophie! Still arguing about the finer points of deck chair arrangement on the HMS Titanic! I guess anything will do if it keeps you and yours from avoiding having deal with those pesky icebergs!

    So yes, as you so pedantically pointed out, there can be other conditions, such as your moronic cancer example... Conditions that could possibly be relative contraindications for SRS, but the point still remains... These are extremely uncommon medical problems, and to have them combined with transsexuality? That makes them rarer than the proverbial hens teeth... Note! They are problems that could... could mind you, D-E-L-A-Y having an SRS procedure, but they are not absolute contraindications! And for the record, I have NEVER, EVER, heard of anyone who really wanted surgery being completely unable to get it because of one of these "medical reasons!" Delayed? Yes... prevented? NEVER!

    Which, given that the money, with determination as I have shown can be had in as little as a year, and that there are no absolute medical contraindications means that the TG's favorite whine, "I can't, I can't, so you gotta make me a woman legally anyway" argument is nothing but one big fat stinking red herring. A pissy little subterfuge meant to elicit sympathy by tugging on the heart strings of the unwashed by making it seem you are all soooo victimized!

    Victimized? Get real!

    Oh and for the record? That tiny tiny little thing in your hand when you bath? When you urinate? That little itty bitty thing is called a penis! You can say it! Peee-niss! Very good! A penis as you seem to not know is the primary sexual characteristic that defines one such as yourself as being male! Ergo, if you got one of those little things jutting from your groin, as you have assured us you do, then you are most assuredly are not and cannot be a female!


  12. Hmmm... you clearly write like a man, simply put.

  13. I don't think that there is any question that certain conditions will prevent any major surgery not matter what the nature of the surgery is.

    But that is not the point here, or is it?

    I have found that in many conversations with self identified transsexuals that the so called "medical issues preventing surgery" are a figment of the imagination. In almost all cases, when examining the reality of their situation there has been no dictum by a doctor to say it is impossible, or it would cost your life. In most cases it was presumed that this would be so because of some high blood pressure issues etc.

    The intensity of the need to be whole just did not exist so the medical justification was advanced so that the real questions would not have to be asked.

    This forum is not the right place to discuss any details of anyone. But for anyone who suspects that they cannot have surgery for medical reasons at the least investigate it to the point where the surgeon actually says no. Or don't - but if you do that then maybe what is being said is not so far from the truth.

    On the money issue, an acquaintance recently had surgery who truly had no means to earn any money (because of a severe injury which left her unable to work). She saved every penny of her minimal disability income for three years and then got a grant from a foundation whose objects are to support TS patients financially to obtain surgery for the rest. So the notion that there is no help out there or that it is financially impossible is absurd.

    If you are transsexual and have the existential need you will be able to become whole. For those who claim such a need but claim they cannot get there..... well, uhhhmmm?

  14. Very well said Counselor! Very well said! Both of these specious arguments for not being able to have surgery are clearly nothing but hokum! Cause as we both have seen many many times over, if there is a will, there is a way...

    Which, with that out of the way leaves the very real question... What is the real reason they not want to have surgery?

    Might it be because they are as we figure not in anyway actually female?

    And if so, why is it that we are being held to the fire to have to support thir wildest and most inane fantasy's, no questions asked? Even when the fantasy's they leave us with the likes of COlleen Francis shaking dick at underage girls (why isn't that bastard in jail?) as well as anti feminist and very dehumanizing notions like cotton ceilings...

    Yet ask one simple and direct question and they cannot and will not address it in even the most basic ways! Leads me to think that the Emperor really tiz buck naked!

  15. Curious...
    Given that I've just delivered the Golden Goose on a silver platter with a sign saying free take one.... One would have thought that this post would have been reblogged all across the lands and yours truly would be heralded in the GLAAD halls of JendarVille! I mean here it is in black and white! The means for anyone, and I do mean anyone to get surgery! Yet the silence is deafening...
    As Alice said, "Curious."

  16. That silence says it all. These guys LOVE their peckers. Like all immature, selfish bullies,heywant it both ways and they want it NOW!

    Earn it?! Of course not! They feel entitled to that "right" by virtue of the speshul, "trans" status.

  17. @MKiA,

    As suspected and I'm certain the last ten years have seen an agenda change, PR campaigns, and LGBT messaging, positioning, perceptual management that states "SRS surgery optional" to assuage the vast majority of TG; the CD/TV fears of losing their precious bit or abrogate legitamacy. It was part of my work to have insurance cover this in the US.

    It's hip to be Transgender now--no surgery required. Any critical thinking or arguments to the contrary = transphobia punishable by immediate censor and sanction. This is a good thing--trust me.

    Fear not MKiA BS will educate you. What is the net effect from this perceived gross behavior? Hmmmm.

    A vast increase of the young legit cases of transsexuality are treated with parental support. More are helped with the LGBT agenda running the show. Inconvenient fact isn't it? I dare say the so-called stealth gals forsaken thier own out of fear, loss of status, cannot engage in blog recriminations or history revisionism to erase these facts. There was more sorrow, depression and deaths with the old guard running the show. Another inconvenient fact for you to ponder.

    J. S. Mill, a utilitarian philosopher who argues that seeking “the greatest good for the greatest number” is compatible with protecting individual rights, and that utilitarianism can make room for a distinction between higher and lower pleasures. You cringe at the perverted cross dresser who is pleasure seeking. Demurrer to that, so what!?

    The end game is a clear distinct victory within our ranks--sure there will be regret cases for the dullards and the uninitiated. That's for Darwin to weed out--not our responsibility.

    History is written by the victors not by the winers or complainers.

    What fights us is greater than what we are fighting for.


  18. Oh BS!
    At it again? Sipping the Kool Aid? Don't you know that stuff will rot your mind? Oh wait! Too late! Anyway, if you care to detox for a bit I think you'll find that the number of kids being treated has like less than nothing to do with the rise of these legions of militant old fucks prissing round while keeping their precious and thinking they are girls! In fact if you could get your head out of where the sun don't shine I think you will see that the reality is their false paradigms about umbrellas and spectrums have done a great deal of damage to these kids. Damage to the point there are these men in dresses are an actual impediment to the kids getting treatment! Certainly they are weighting the scales making it almost beyond hope that they can ever go about living a normal life afterwards! It certainly is not the other way round... As for the reason there are more of these kids getting seen! You big silly! Wake up! It's because of the internet! Not the transjactivists!
    Exasperated parents go online and after wading through the sea of TG shit! They eventually find others like themselves... Parents who are also experiencing the same maddening things with their kids not being the sex they were born, and then? They do what good parents always do! They share stories and then the treatments that worked for them as well as the ones that do not!

    These whom it seems you have sworn allegiance to have led you down a primrose path to insanity M'Dear! These old fucks do not help, they use these kids like they use everything else. They suck the life from them and then toss em aside! They go about doing their evil by convincing these kids that they are not really little girls or boys but transgendered, which is happy bright part of being gay and they should be open out and proud about it!
    Why? So with nothing at risk on their part but everything on the kids side, they can point to these out kids and say "I'm just like them! The TG are so self serving and so willing to bleed these kids of their lives, they make vampires seem like Polly Anna's by comparison!

    Wake up Honey! It is not too late for you to do some good and actually help lead these kids to a real future out of the ghettos you seem to want to live in!

  19. Black Swan,

    There are no vast increases in young transsexual cases, there are more cases of young transsexuals that get help earlier. It has almost nothing to do with LGBT efforts that these cases are treated appropriately. LGBT promotes a rights based approach for legislated protections. Part of that is driven by the "no surgery required" to call yourself anything under the sun agenda. Much of that is based in the marginalization argument not in a medical treatment for medical issues approach.

    I am neither stealth, nor fearful or lacking status. Quoting J.S. Mills from a Wickipedia page does not help your argument either. It's just silly. Equating his distinction between moral and intellectual pleasures against physical pleasures to the distinction between transsexuality and crossdressing is intellectually dishonest and quite frankly disingenuous. And, apart from that, silly.

    What you seem to be advocating is that there is no distinction which unfortunately completely disregards the fact that one is a medical issue, and the other a psychological issue. Both need health care specific to the nature of the condition.

    In the end you are counting your chickens before they hatch. If your "ranks" would actually be bright enough to understand that the distinction requires according to Mills that"one must act to produce the greatest aggregate happiness among all sentient beings, within reason" (the last words being rooted in the distinction discussed above between lower and higher pleasures) then you would realize that the superficiality of the LGBT and transgender agenda will never achieve victory.

    Just to make a couple things clear; I work with LGBT and transgender organizations to achieve certain results such as Human Rights Protections (recently passed in Nova Scotia) but people here always speak of transgender and transsexual persons and know what that means.

    The "no surgery required" agenda of transgender groups is just fabulous - for transgender which apparently is now an unofficial third gender. But does it have anything to do with transsexualism?

    And what does any of this have to do with this post.

  20. Kathryn:

    In Paragraph 1, we are in agreement regarding the number of young transsexual patients treated, yet fait accompli the increase of treated cases are indicative of an increase in numbers cases of young transsexuals. Why is that? I completely disagree with you about the LGBT efforts (Canada and US) having no effect. This is a condition that is disclosure based, a "coming out" is required in all cases of young (prior to puberty) and older (after puberty) transitioners. Legislative efforts to make it a safe environment for TS/TG students to disclose, express, present and live as their target gender begs the question of treatment optoins legislatively. Its very flippant to you to present an argument of "call yourself anything under the sun" agenda. My argument is the LGBT PR efforts changed landscape to effect the marginalization problem first, which is more effective than the medical problem. I'm saying that the medical problem isn't one. You are making it one because you don't like TG's Yet we have another problem the public views in terms of treatment of a mental condition historically with a surgery to the body, which begs so many questions of biological determinism. Is there a medical test you can give to prove transsexualism? Is Transsexuality Biologically Determined?

    Your second paragraph equally flippant and a wee bit of your intellectual vanity as you engage in your appeal to authority. I'm merely a paralegal--no where near as knowledgeable as an attorney. May I suggest a softer approach. Do and dress as one pleases; what gives the individual the most expressive pleasure and doesn't harm individual rights? I got this dea for how to reach the most young TS kids by allowing as many kids that want to dress and be who they are; make that socially acceptable the rest will take care of itself. Are we sacrificing the interests of the medical needs of young/old transitioners? No. Suppose we have to choose between creating an environment for all expressions of gender without marginalization over just those that can pass as their target gender and have SRS. The net effect is derived from the gross result. More benefit for more people. Medical rights are not effected at all and even greater access is services by a greater number transsexuals corrected early in life. The utilitarian idea isn't just about gaining pleasure but eliminating pain. I'm taking an online class at Harvard in Justice and Ethics.
    My learning Moduals:

  21. Kathryn:

    Part 2

    Paragraph 3, What I'm advocating for is one running from pain to a place of pleasure, notwithstanding the level of medical involvement. Its generally agreed, and I'm open to counter arguments, that the majority psychological trauma is caused by a lack of acceptance not inherently systemic from the need to transition. What causes the systemic pain then? What test can be given to prove someone is biologically transsexual? None! So we have a basis for belief; a disclosure based medical condition. LIke a religion. Eliminating pain is quite genuine both medically and socially; allowing people to socially and medically change reduces more pain than just allowing for medical transitions alone. It is silly for YOU not to see the needs based similarities.

    Paragraph 4 and 5, The LGBT and parents of LGBT youth have ALREADY ACHIEVED VICTORY. You should know better being in Canada. I saw one million Toronto citizens on the street during pride when I was filming in there. You should be proud of your Human Rights Code, instead of complaining, "Darn it includes Transgender people." In the US we have rights derived from a Civil Code that can be taken away at any moment in time. We are owed by the State or others by operation of law, you are own yourself thanks, in part, to the Magna Carta you enjoy more rights than we do.

    I surmise from MKiA, her complainers are US based. Back on point of this entire thread in a perfect world where kids get to transition young and have surgery at 18, how are they going to pay for it? Insurance? Doesn't Canada cover it? Jenna Talakova's surgery was paid for by Canada I believe. That's the goal of the entire LGBT religion. Its a belief isn't it. "I am a woman?" And if your not honest about that or not take it seriously than Darwin takes over. I don’t believe a cafeteria list of surgeries is essential for legitimizing gender expression. This is an assumption in MKiA’s post, but most of this is a response to you.

  22. Here is the major hole in your argument. "Coming out", labels one, 'forever trans', with all the associated stigma and mis-association and conflation.

    For better or for worse, "trans" is whatever anybody says it is. This includes YOU, Colleen Francis and the whole spectrum of whacko crackos and wanna-be, part-time and pretend men and women.

    There IS another way. Men and women have followed that path since forever. We each find our own way quietly, and discreetly. We live our lives as the men and women that we truly are. Simple, un-hyphenated men and women.

    We live our lives just like any other man or woman on the planet. You have chosen your path as activist. You have found your niche. Allow others to make their choice to be free of the Scarlet "T".

    All that your activism, and the activism of all those who found their justification in the teachings of Arnold Loheman/Virginia Prince, trading their 'transvestism' for the new PC 'transgenderism, has accomplished is to to make that simple journey to blessed anonymity all the more difficult.

    Who is the beneficiary of your activism? You are, together with the hordes of cross-dressers and transvestites world wide. Those rare children born with a totally different condition now bear your stigma.

    Well done, you selfish SOB.

  23. There is really no data to back up your claim that there is an increase in the number of transsexual persons. It neither flows from the increase in younger transsexuals nor is the any evidence that prevalence rates of transsexuals have increased at all. You biggest problem is that you throw everyone into the big transgender pot. You know very well or should know that gender variance and transsexuality are two entirely different conditions. Transsexuals by and large do not suffer from gender conflicts. They suffer from gender/sex conflicts. Parents of children who encounter this condition become increasingly aware that real options exist both for diagnosis and treatment.

    The difference between transsexual persons and transgender persons is that the latter have marginalization issues that relate to their personal expression resulting from a fluid gender experience. Societal acceptance is completely central to their condition. It is not curable, because the entire experience of self is fluid. Transsexuals experience marginalization only as a collateral to their gender/sex conflict. Once they achieve wholeness marginalization is no longer an issue because they slip into the mainstream and vanish even when they are not anonymous.

    Your conclusion that I do not like gender variant persons is really nonsense. They deserve the same protections as anyone else and for that I am willing to fight. However, I don’t like their politics of inclusion. If they realized that their social and medical issues are fundamentally different from transsexual ones they could actually re-direct their misguided energies to their problems, instead of sucking the life out of the very legitimate and important medical issues transsexuals face. The transgender community is one of the main reasons why SRS is not covered in most provinces in Canada and across the US. It’s not a rights issue, it’s not for lack of recognition, it is a FUNDING issue. Governments and insurers make funding decisions. They fear that if they open it up to funding that the entire transgender masses will descend and they have to pay for it. And why do they fear that? Because you and all your transgender and LGBT activists keep telling everyone that we are all the same creating the implication that everyone will want surgery. Out loud and proud declarations such as this are incredibly damaging to those vanishingly small number of transsexuals.

    As far as I am concerned you can express whatever you want, be a lesbian with a penis even (although this is far out) but do not claim something that damages others.

  24. Black Swan, this is not about authority or being a paralegal, attorney or shoemaker. It is about not speaking about things unless you have thoughtfully worked through them. You should not need to resort to half-baked ideas to support your views. Learning about the world is one of the great gifts that a human being can have. But using it without having first understood the implications is disingenuous. While opinions are a dime a dozen developing judgement is rare. And you should not need to opine away. I take you very seriously otherwise I would not spend the time to respond to you as comprehensively as I can. As women we cannot afford to find ourselves caught out with things like that. Read Mills in the original not some précis in your course. Learn how he viewed the world in which he lived.
    Harry Benjamin did not call his book “The Transsexual Phenomenon” for nothing. He developed a phenomenology which if properly considered very much leads to an ability to diagnose transsexuality and gender variance. Not everything in this world can be fathomed by tests. His research and his book is validated by much research that has come since he wrote the book. I have addressed the medical and marginalization issues above.
    You are quite wrong about the victory you claim. Firstly, in Canada there do not exist protections across the board. Four of ten provinces cover SRS on and off. Nova Scotia just passed an amendment to it’s Human Rights Legislation. These protections again exist only in four provinces. Canada is currently working on similar legislation but whether it will pass the Senate is not at all a done deal. Again this has nothing to do with the Magna Charta. I am very proud of the protections that have been achieved. What you fail to see however is that such protections come with great responsibilities. Invasion of women spaces has only just begun. Some of the recent human rights decisions will engender pushback because of cases like Colleen Francis. She is the worst example. Yet the transgender masses rose to her defence blinded by their “marginalization” complex. Way to go!

  25. "Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy."

    Robert Newton Antony