Saturday, November 17, 2012

Magical Markers!

Magical Markers! I mean, Gender Markers... Magical Gender Markers?

Miz Know It All has been coming across this curious expression repeatedly and often in her travels through the wilds of Blog-O-Stan, and she's not really quite sure what to make of it truth be know! Gender Marker? What the heck is a "Gender Marker?" Might a Gender Marker be something like a Magic Marker® perhaps? But one solely reserved only for the usage of one sex, or the other? Might the miraculous new Bic Amber® for her be considered a "Gender Marker?" After all this brand new pen was painstakingly designed by a committee of learned men especially for a woman's delicate and fragile sensibilities! Hence the reasoning behind why the pen can be had with either a pink OR purple case... Sadly the ink still comes out the same old black and blue as from the more traditionally male gendered markers. Not that it matters much given that women do not need to be worrying their pretty little heads doing things like writing as it takes away valuable time meant for far more important tasks like ironing and getting supper on the table for the man of the family!

So you will have to give it to Miz Know It All! It was a pretty good guess on her part, what with her being female and all and so not terribly bright, but alas, not the right one I fear! So while the Bic For Her® is in fact, a gendered marker, it is not "a" gender marker!

So what pray tell is this "Gender Marker" she has heard so much about? Well gather close campers! Imagine her surprise when she discovered that a "Gender Marker," as it is being referred to in Blog-O-Stan has nothing to do with makers at all! Rather, it is that little letter F or M found on official documents that indication the sex of the person being described to be either male or female!

Oh! Now I get it! A gender marker means that the bearer of said document, having been dully evaluated by a trained medical professional licensed to practice by the state, can be assumed to have the standard innie found on all of the female of the species, or they are carrying round one of the great variety of outties found on the males of the species... and all this without the casual observers having to actually get down and close to inspect the bearers neither regions themselves! What a clever and useful thing this Gender Marker is! Remind me to rush right out and get one first thing in the morning!

Ahhh but things are not so easily done in the various and sundry lands of Blog-O-Stan... A Gender Marker is not simply a convenient means of letting another know if you are in fact male or female... No! It is a tool of oppression created by the Transphobic Christo Nazi Fascists hell bent upon putting the poor victimized gender variant back into the closet... Wow! How horrible! I certainly hope it's not the closet where I keep my winter things! Terribly cramped in there it is!

No, a gender marker out in the wilds of Blog-O-Stan is the work of the devil himself!! For with the wrong gender marker, a trans-woman, with her baritone voice, five O'clock shadow and size 14 brogans, might find herself being questioned as to why she is in the ladies room! You see, without the right gender marker in hand, she might even be asked to leave the ladies room by official oppressors of the state, like the police, and God forbid, even directed, upon peril to her life, to use the men's facilities as she, being medically unfit for surgery, and poorer than dirt, and besides, she doesn't really dislike it all that much, has a penis!

You see dear campers... in the wilds of Blog-O-Stan, one's genitals being either an outtie or an innie, has no actually bearing on their sex, I mean "gender" What that means is you can be a man all during the work week and a woman on the weekend if it so pleases! Or, you can be a woman during the week and a strong manly man on the weekend if you'd druther! Why, if one were to stop and think about it for a moment... Why one could be any number of different genders  depending upon the day and time as one desired!

But alas! These wonderful wildly gendered free spirits must live in the same world as those nasty mean Ol' Transphobic Christo Nazi Fascists who insist that only those with a F on their papers may use the sexually segregated facilities designated for the female of the species! Or like wise, that those with a M on theirs must use the sexually segregated facilities designated for the males of the species... Though, as Miz Know It All has observed, that may not really be all that necessary as the male of the species seems to consider the entire world his urinal! Given his great and boundless delight in micturating upon anything and everything that stands still long enough for hims to do so!

What this means is that for the poor suffering trans-wo-man who has a cursed M on his papers corresponding with his outtie genitals. Well he is to be left to his own devices, out in the cold with the other males who are all pissing on anything and everything, but... those sacred and so lovely toilets that are hatefully reserved for those lesser beings, I mean females! Hey! Really! No fair! He was a man but now that he is a woman s(he) has every right to piss on them too cause his(her?) gender is female. Just ask! (S)He'll tell you so! And besides! We all know genitals do not in anyway indicate sex! (S)He is just as much a woman as those stupid bitches born bitches who Bogart these amazing and wonderful toilets to themselves!

Thankfully, through the tireless efforts by trans-women-activists in size 14 brogans, some localities have seen the light and removed that pesky Ol' examination by a trained medical professional licensed to practice by the state for a "Gender Marker," and replaced it with a form letter crafted by a counselor who might have heard the bearer say they might have felt kinda sorta like a female maybe, but not like a man fer sure, well not all the time exceapt when he is a lesbian! Hey that works for me! Can't see how you could possibly get more definitive than that! Pee free O' trans-women of the world! Pee free!

So there you have it! A gender maker is both a tool of oppression and at the same time, the means to wonders and joys beyond all compare! Imagine all that! And in just one single little letter too!



  1. What about when the gender marker is on the other foot? 'Cause you see, what you see is not always what you get.

    There are more genders in heaven and earth, Horatio-ette, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    Of course, I've often wondered why there are gender markers on drivers licenses, at all - they are only supposed to confirm that you are legally entitled to operate a motor vehicle. They were never intended to be used as a form of identification, which is against the US Constitution.

    Is it significant when driving a car what is between your legs?

    Is a cop supposed to cut vaginas a bigger break 'cause everyone knows women don't drive as well as men?

    One of your dumber posts, Miz. And that's saying a lot!

  2. I'm not a lawyer or an expert on law by any means, (truth be known I'm not the sharpest tool an ANY draw) but I have to wonder when I read all of this internet "trans" stuff, about a few things (and I'm sure our “friends” Kathryn or Black swan can clear all of this up for me).

    Is there actually a law (in the US for example) that states one must be legally recognised as female (IE have a female sex marker on their Birth certificate) in order to use the female designated facilities?

    Is it a truly legal issue or is it simply social etiquette that TG people are trying to circumvent through the use of legal documentation to support that they are NOT breaking any of a multitude of laws which MIGHT be ordinarily used to “punish”/prevent them?

    Due to this link that BS left on notes from the T side:
    I'm given to believe that there must be some legal founding/recourse behind it, which then makes me wonder further.

    If this continues and physically male people continue to gain legal rights to use female areas, might it not be reasonable to think that soon enough we will begin to face prosecution for "discriminating" against these people due to our inability to check their ID when they enter/are using these facilities? (do people NOT also have a duty of care? And the legal right to protect themselves)

    If segregation based on sex is legal policy then how can it possibly be policed if people are to maintain their 5th amendment rights NOT to incriminate themselves?

    Are we going to have birth certificate checkers on the doors of every facility in future? (I’m sure some would try to find a way to fight that legally as well due to the invasion of privacy)

    You can't go by halves! (wouldn’t want to be seen as discriminating) you'd have to do the men’s room also! I wonder if the legislators have considered what it will be like in future when they have to prove they are male before they can take a piss, and OOPS! I can't find my ID.....

    But we all know it won’t happen like that will it! Men will protect their own and decide for themselves what is “fair” and “just” and females will again lose ground and society will be further deconstructed until finally it completely self-destructs.

    The alternative is worldwide communism .

    And who will be to blame?

    It WON’T be the (real) transsexual women you find in these blogs disparaging “transgender” and shouting so vehemently that there is NO SUCH THING as a female with a penis and that SEX and “gender” are NOT the same thing and predicting these forthcoming events.

    The ones who DON’T stand up and draw attention to their differences from other women and females in ANY other setting than on the internet, who live normal quiet lives unnoticed, as normal women, mothers and wives in society.

    The ones grouped forcibly with all these transgender fruitloops and attacked, denied, degraded and insulted by “radical” feminists and an ignorant and hypocritical public (especially other women).

  3. In the US, there is no Federal Law stating what sex must use what restroom - additionally, in most states there is also no such law. Additionally, additionally, in most municipalities there is no such law.

    When people are cited for it by the authorities it usually comes under the offense of " disorderly conduct," which is in most places a "minor-misdemeanor," like a traffic offense. Also, it is a judgement call on the part of the issuing law enforcement officer, and being cited for it at all has a lot to do with the circumstances, and the behavior of the individual in question, as well as the open-mindedness of the officer.

    Socially, anyone will tell you that women commonly use mens restrooms at concerts and other large events in the US, and even in nightclubs, when the line to the Ladies Room reaches unreasonable lengths.

    Personally, I hardly ever use the Ladies Room, anymore, regardless of how I am presenting myself - truth is, it's usually way messier and disgusting than the mens room, and it doesn't make me feel feminine to have to wait in that line.

    Curiously though, I have had more problems from men using the mens room, than I have ever had from ladies using the Lady's Room. Actually, I have never been treated with anything but respect and understanding using the Lady's Room, but I have created quite a stir a time or two marching into the Mens room.

    It's really a non-issue outside of Alabama and Texas.

  4. Right, so what you're saying is pretty much the same thing every one of us bigoted "elitist" transsexuals and former transsexuals has been repeating over and over like a broken record.

    Shut up! keep your head down and don't make anyone feel uncomfortable and you won't have any issue?

    further, based on what you've said (if you're correct, and I suspect you wouldn't have said it if you didn't know you were/are) is that this whole it's a safety issue thing they all chant as justification for changing sex makers pre-op to allow legal "rights" is a complete load of horse shit, because technically if they don't "disturb" anyone (IE are not visibly disorderly) they have every legal right to be there in the first place (regardless of what their sex marker says).

    Why then (I wonder); could this be so important to them?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I can't really speak to the "safety issue," I'm just telling you how restroom etiquette goes here in the US.

    As I have said, I have had problems in Mens Restrooms - Zero in Womens. So I could understand why some gurls would rather be in the Ladies Room.

    Personally, I don't think you should get an "F" on an ID unless you have the parts to go with it. In my own case my ID has my female name and female picture, but I still have an "M" there, and it don't bother me one bit. But I am not one of those who is usually trying to hide what I am.

    But I really do wonder why there needs to be a gender marker on something like a drivers license at all. This is supposed to be a society where men and women are completely equal according to the law, so it seems superfluous to me. I don't understand why it should be the government's business what is between your legs.

    As for the gurls who need a "F" stamped on a piece of plastic to be able to live life as a female, that tells me you're not passing and need some more work - and even with that "F" a lot of good it's going to do your life if your appearance is such that you constantly have to be pulling out your ID to prove to people you're a female.

    I think a better indicator of what bathroom you should be in, is what you're doing in bed - if you're still using your penis to have sex with women, or are still sexually attracted to women, then you absolutely should not be in the Ladies Room. And since that's the case with 90% of the transgender MTF I know, there's your answer.

  7. The thing that gets me JAY is that those who ARE trying to "hide" the (for most of them) unhideable are the ones that give innocent's (such as yourself) a bad name and yet most of those "innocent's" are so insecure that they cannot see how they are causing themselve issue by grouping themselves with ALL others.

    But I really do wonder why there needs to be a gender marker on something like a drivers license at all. This is supposed to be a society where men and women are completely equal according to the law, so it seems superfluous to me~JAY

    To an extent I agree with the first statement and where I live we actually don't show sex markers on our D.L, and to the second statement; the operative words in what you've said are SUPPOSED TO BE, but any (realistic) female knows that 1. (legal) theory and (actual) reality are two VERY different things, and 2. Actual (real world) recognition of equality will NEVER happen (most are ok with that though, provided our "lot" in life does not get any worse)

    As for the gurls who need a "F" stamped on a piece of plastic to be able to live life as a female, that tells me you're not passing and need some more work - and even with that "F" a lot of good it's going to do your life if your appearance is such that you constantly have to be pulling out your ID to prove to people you're a female.~JAY

    SWEET JESUS JAY! what, are you trying to get yourself killed?....

    CHILL OUT! No-one has to die here today! We can all go home to the people we love (if we're lucky enough have any that is) if you'll just learn to think about it before you go blurting out (truthful) bullshit like that as if it's not gonna hurt or piss anyone off!

  8. I like how Jamie has turned this argument into a bathroom issue when we have a pervert who exposed himself to teenage girls in a high school....
    This freak identifies as transgender.


    Oh and by the way Jamie
    The reason there is a sex marker on your driver's license is it reflects your identity.
    Like it or not.

    When we describe people their SEX is the one of the very first identifying features people use when describing a person. So yes your SEX needs to be on your driver's license.

    Gender is a construct made up by liars for liars.

  9. Jamie,
    I want you to know that I deeply respect you for facing the hard realities that gender expression can create head on and openly! Which sadly, makes you a great rarity. Too many others, most in fact in "the community" are lost in the pink fog! Thinking that if they say it often enough that it will come true! Women really will start to have penis' and men vagina's! And while we are at it. I guess that also means that pigs will start to fly and turnips will become watches!

    So to the issue of a drivers license and a sexual designation on same... I can accept an argument either way on having it there or not... They are both valid but they both have glaring problems... So while we do ID someones sex in a fraction of a second, which is why it is on there. It is valid to question if that info really does need to be part of ones license to operate a motor vehicle! Other than the DL having defacto become, as they always said in those old war movies..."Your Papers!"

    Now to the real issue of "Gender Markers!" The problem being there is a wholesale rewrite going on to define female as being just a form of gender expression and it is being done with this very tool. Birth Certificates being the primary instrument here, but also inclusive of SSI cards and drivers licenses, college ID's and even passports! Which is why Autumn Sandeen or Colleen Francis can prance round saying "I'm a woman! I'm a woman!" And when quesitoned on the obvious, will flap these documents in anyone's face with a second graders smug... "See! Told ya so!"

    Not only is that highly demeaning to women in general, but there is going to be a back lash and it will be ugly! The general public will not stand for such antics "round their women" and when it comes... Those like Colleen can simply go back to drab and hide. Leaving those young men and women who must transition to survive to pay the price!

  10. Now MKIA this confusion can all be cleared up by understanding that if a penis packer has an F on any ID it means either faggot or father.

  11. Miz, that is the real issue is it not. The legislation and regulation gives permission to do something in the name of civil rights that in fact but for the so called "civil rights" would have been unthinkable.

    This is also one of the systemic approaches on how to minimize the impact of grown bright lines. Practically, women's spaces and men's spaces are not the same with regards to security which is why in most cases there is a differential impact. The paper waving simply becomes oppression to make a point and we are all very familiar with that.

  12. I really don't have a problem with penis packers in women's spaces as long as I am able to bring along a large sharp knife, so if I feel threatened I can simply remove the threat from the person who brought it in to those spaces.
    Wow Deena, you are good at mind reading :)

  13. Kathryn, the problem is rooted in one thing and one thing alone...

    Purposeful conflation of gender expression, and having been born with the wrong sex ID! Take a tour of T Central on any given day and look at all the transvestites too ashamed to call themseves such so they "turned TG!" Each and every one of whom flaunt every outted young type VI they can lay their hands on. This they say over and over again is the "real" image of what "trans" is!

    In my years, I have met less maybe six type VI's in total and the sisters I know who beat me out there by decades might only extend that number to another twenty or so each period! Why? Because the Type VI are as rare as hens teeth!

    Now on the other hand I have run across literally thousands of men who want, for whatever reason, not to correct a body dysmorphia issue but to break some of the gender constraints placed on them because they are male. Not a one of which has even remotely vibed as being female!

    Yet despite their being the 99%! It is NEVER their faces being presented to the public as to "what is trans!' Nope! It is always those lovely young ones who have done all they could but either through bad luck or the stupidity of youth, were outted anyway, like Jenna Talackova, or Kim Petras, or worse, the wee ones like "Jazz." I would lay you double or nothing it was their images, or ones like them, which were shown to the Washington State Legislators crafting that bad law, and not the nutters like Francis or the aging retirees in bad wigs who want to play full time now that they have nothing better to do!

    So, as long as they are allowed to continue doing, as a certain activist from the Nut Case State does... Have "her" multi-time-a-week outreaches and education sessions! The conflation between the likes of Colleen Francis and Kim Petras willcontinue and the potential for a back lash, once the deception is discovered, will grow!

  14. I would not take the bet but I would double yours.

    So if you combine conflation of sex and gender with a bizarre interpretation of civil rights which is what happened there then you get something like the OHRC decision which now permits changes in birth certificates based on a sworn statement that you are a woman and a letter from your counselor stating that you are in "transition". Once changed no one goes back to look. Which means legislatively we are now all the same. Except the men.

    Would you take a bet that this is not by accident?

  15. I would not take that bet on a dare!

    I had the distinct displeasure to have been given the Doctrine of Transgender by the queen mother hisself, Arnold Lowman, AKA Charles Virginia Prince! I know for fact that none of this is happening by accident! It was set into motion by that Machavellian little twit five decades back, because he knew how little attention the world was actually paying, and more so, he knew how to set it up so his minions would follow where he wanted them to go!

    So while I dare say few of them have a clue they are in fact following a pre-set script, they are none the less happily carrying one out! Thankfully some of them, such as Colleen Francis areso utterly stupid that they actually believes that it is their "right" to shake their tiny dicks at any woman they want! It may not be Mr Francis who sets the backlash into motion, but if not, then there will be another even bigger idiot along sure as the sun rises in the east who will galvanize public opinion solidly against this sort of nonsense. And when it happens the repeal will be fast and sure. Cause as we all know, there is nothing a legislator likes more than to satisfy an angry constituency! Which means this "I am cause I say I am," is going to come to a screeching halt in the very near future!

  16. At the end of the day how little it all means and how empty and hollow is their pseudo victory when all they have is the piece of worthless paper saying F when the rest of the room and the world is saying "Horseshit! That's a man"

    How true is:- "Those who can do while those who cannot educate"


  17. Cassandra, it doesn't get any more truthful than that.


  18. A provacative perspective...