Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Want My Pig and Your's too!

 Whilst wandering the back halls of Blog-O-Stan recently Miz Know It All came upon this rant. Now while Miz Know It All is certainly no fan of the TSA as it seems, like most of the "War On Terror" in the USA to be mostly window dressing meant to keep the citizens fearful and there for willing to sacrifice their liberties. She, none the less is going to comply as it's just not the fight she wants to pick when getting from hither to yon! One wrong tick on a computer and you and you're luggage is going to get up close and personal at every terminal you enter or leave. Like I said... not the fight I am ready to take on!

So what has the TSA to do with the nonsense one finds in the aether of Blog-O-Stan? Simple... For the TSA to function in as much as it sorta functions, they have the Herculean task of trying to figure out in seconds flat if the person standing in front of them, with thousands more waiting impatiently, are in fact the person they say they are!. Obviously this would mean those who's ID is quite different than their appearance are going to automatically get shuffled off to the double check line.This means that those who are obviously not the sex that is identified on their papers, or whom have altered their appearance to not match their papers, do not get to pass go, they do not collect 200.00 or £124.95 for those readers who are sticklers for such things! They are going off to the quiet room area where their person can be checked MUCH closer... Anyway! The point being, that if one is going to either not have their paperwork up to snuff or they choose to be labile in their gender expression then they should expect if they are flying to get patted down! Miz Know It All, having had a joint rebuilt with metal parts has had it done to her, and she is hear to say it is pretty painless! A quick check that all is as it should be, and then whoosh, you're on your way! Quickly forgetten by the bored TSA as they go on to check the next 900 they will pat down that day!

Ahh but there is a fly in this ointment... We are a sexually dimorphic species! This means that the TSA has to pat down both males and females! Miz Know It All is the first to say that while she will tolerate for the sake of not falling from the sky in what was once, before the bomb an airplane, being physically checked by other females. She has no desire to have strange men laying their hands upon her without her first having invited it! Miz Know It All is not alone in this as most human females feel pretty much the same! This means that if we are going to have pat downs, they need to be handled by a member of the same sex as the passenger getting patted down.

Simply no? Well not in Blog-O-Stan it ain't! Nope in Blog-O-Stan, feeling like what the person doing the feeling like thinks is a woman or a man is all that counts! Which means that anyone and every one else they encounter on this great big ball of mud is suppose to ignore their several hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary imprinting, and without daring to actually ask as that would be hateful! Ascertain if this person actually feels like what they think a man feels like, or if they feel like what they think a woman feels like!

Confused? Good! You are suppose to be confused! It's not called Gender Queer by those who practice it cause it's easy to figure out now is it! The average person, that meaning the other 7 some odd billion of us are meant to be put off by this behavior, yet at the same time have the social decorum required of us to not throw rocks and sticks at these very strange looking humans standing before them... Fortunately for them, and for us, we all have busy busy lives with little time to take up in our throwing rocks and sticks at strange and funny looking people... So we fall back to our evolutionary memory and we figure out in a split second if this strange looking person appear to be male or female and then that done, if they pose any actual threat to us. If not? We give em a big ol' eh... and then go merrily on with thef ar more important things in our lives. Like getting from hither to yon, or in the case of the TSA, trying to insure that the plane going from hither to yon actually gets there in one piece!

Which brings me back to the rant by They Erin McElroy. Yes, "They" which in the English Language usually denotes more than one person and not a single individual but this person has made it their life choice to be a whole bunch of people all wrapped up in one! So I guess "They" may be correct. Anyway. "They", are quite torqued about having been asked by the TSA what was between "They's" legs as "They" have gone to great lengths to make it anything but obvious! Now had this been just a stupid random question asked by a bored asshole wanting to show off for the other guys. Well I think that "They" would have had a very good reason to be upset... but the TSA explained why "They's" sex needed to be known. Cause "They" had self selected to get patted down and as we discussed earlier... NO woman wants to be groped by man unknown to her!

So which is it to be "They" Erin McElroy? Do we set aside the comfort of half of the human race so you do not have to be asked about your actual sex or do you need to grow up and deal with the fact that you have set yourself theyself? outside the norms the rest of us live in? My answer... grow up and leave my pig alone!


  1. Not so sure about anyone else in the room, but I can't says I think I'd enjoy pating down some "unknown" sexed weirdo/possible fetishist, if I was one of the female agents iether

  2. Another speshul snowflake demanding special consideration.

    How uncaring of the TSA that they do not have jendah queer officers on duty to handle the speshul snowflakes and their speshulness.

  3. Actually the TSA is remarkably open-minded about the whole thing - there is even an official TSA dictum stating that as long as you match your picture on your ID, you warrant no special security precautions.

    As for not matching, well, see for yourself how little of a hissy fit the TSA has with people with penises flying dressed as people without:

    Hmmmm... looks like the TSA is actually more tolerant of gender-diversity than Mizz Know-nothing.

    Who'd a thought?

  4. Shaking her head...
    Jamie Hon, you just don't get it do you? I really really REALLY don't give a tinkers damn if your thing is dressing like the Easter Bunny or Captain Kangaroo meets the Bride of Frankenstien! If it makes you happy? Enjoy!

    But for the love of God, stop whining about it if the rest of the world doesn't support the fantasy! The TSA agent was not harassing "they!" The TSA agent was in fact respecting "they's" personal right to "be" anyone and anything their heart desired! Remember, "they" goes out of their way to make sure "they" are sexually indeterminant! So if the scanner was unable to read their body then the TSA had to do a pat down! What would YOU have them do to "they" in this case, flip a coin to see if a man or a woman did it?

    Oh no! That would have been a breach of their "rights!" And so it would seem is just plain asking, or leaving it to random chance... Guess that leaves the only politically correct way to figure that out for "they" is a seance!

  5. Thanks for the link to the video, Jamie! I especially liked the part where William had to put on underwear because he was wearing a very short skirt with his wedding tackle hanging out, and all those bawdy jokes like the one about cumming in a wig.

    Why one earth would women of transsexual experience not want to be associated with such people!