Sunday, October 14, 2012

Form Follows Function

Every now and again, Miz Know It All has to sit quietly for a time as she trys to make heads or tails out of the nonsense she encounters in the lands of Blog-O-Stan. For sure, it's more than expected that she'll find the written ejaculations of those fevered soul basement dwellers who's only life is a stream of electrons being overly represented. But it was still shocking to her when she finds their nonsensical rantings have found their way into the minds of folk she assumed have at least some tenuous grasp of the real... Alas tis not the case is it?

So for your consideration, let me take you back to a concept first expounded on by the American Architect Louis Sullivan,

 Of all things physical and metaphysical,
Of all things human and all things super-human,
Of all true manifestations of the head,
Of the heart, of the soul,
That the life is recognizable in its expression,
That form ever follows function. This is the law.

Indeed life does, as Mr Sullivan noted demand that form follows the function, and the human animal is no exception to the iron rule of biology. We are a sexually dimorphic species as elequently put in Genesis 1:27 "In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Though I prefer Mao's "women hold up half the sky" the point remains the same. The human animal is comprised of both male and female. Each with specific biological functions, and so both have specific forms to carry out those functions.

So lets take a look at those forms and their functions for a moment shall we? I guess one could say that the males of the species serve but one function biologically. They ejaculate their semen within the female. For this function they come equipped with a penis with which to deliver the semen and a pair of testicles with which to create it. But saying that might be just a wee tad simplistic because the human animal when born is one of the creatures the least capable of survival without years upon years of nurturing and development! So the male of the species has also has a form which is adapted to his role in that nurturing and development. His role in this is to provide for and protect both the young and the female(s) he has paired with. The male that does this to insures that his progeny will reach breeding age and so pass on his DNA. So in addition to the form of having specialized sexual parts of the male, there are also other forms particular to his half of the species. As a rule the male is larger and far stronger that the female, with broad shoulders and a small pelvis. He has proportionally shorter but more powerful legs, and straight arms designed for throwing and fighting. His rib cage is broader to accommodate a larger heart and lungs his muscles are designed for quick bursts of energy and are more pronounced than in the female. His head is bigger and the jaw much deeper. He even has brow ridges so he can hunt without the rain getting in his eyes...

Likewise the female of the species also is highly specialized, and like the male she could simplistically be said to be defined by form as being just the receptor for the males ejaculate as well as the vessel from which the developing young created by that union will be born. But remember the human animal arrives on the planet in a condition so immaturely developed that death will occur with certainty in minutes if not taken care of completely! Just as the male of the species has developed forms towards protecting and providing for the care of the young so his DNA will pass. So to has the female of the species developed her own form and devices towards the production of and the years of care required by her progeny of they are to survive. She has larger breasts than the male with larger more developed nipples. Which serve after the child's birth to provide the only food that will can sustain the human infant for the first year or so, She is fatter than the male so that she has the nutritional reserves to sustain both her and to provide for the production of milk. She has arms which are bent inwards so she can cradle the child to her breast. She is smaller as she has no need to be the hunter/protector. That is the males purpose, and her body is far more compact with a much larger central circulatory system than the males again to provide for the well being of the foetus developing within her Her pelvis is much larger proportionally than the males to allow for a fully developed foetus to be passed from within her body. Her lower body is also proportionally much larger than the males so she can carry the additional weight of herself and an a developing foetus. Her hands and feet are smaller her face is far more rounded, her eyes larger, her nose smaller, her bite is lesser, all of which serve a function in aiding in the reproduction of the species

For not only must the male and female work together with their specialized functions to create and then sustain the child(ren) they produce if they are to carry on their DNA. The choice of mate selection is also highly critical in assuring success. A sickly poorly developed mate is unlikely to either provide what is needed as their cellular contribution and is unlikely to have the physical strength be able to carry the burden of this child to adulthood... meaning that if picked, this line of DNA is likely to die out.

So we find when it comes to mate selection, in the other half of the species visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory clues to which we call beauty in both the males and which females. Forms or characteristics if you will because if present, they likely mean that person is a better candidate for breeding The ideal mate is of course symmetrical, a strong clue to better DNA and of their over all health, They are young, meaning better able to carry on for the years required to raise a child, they have clear healthy skin. bright eyes, clean teeth and they have all of them. They smell right and not sickly, their pheromones are clearly communicated, and their voice when performing the mating dance is clear and strong! They exhibit a fluidity of movement and a strength proportional to their half of the species. In short they demonstrate good health and the forms which indicate a better than even chance of success in producing children.

Therefor, as a rule the female will find a male who is larger and stronger and fitter then her to be the most pleasing to her eye and more likely to be one she will offer her body to, just as a male will find a female who's body shows the characteristics which would indicate she is the most fertile and without children by other men to be the most pleasing and most desirous to him. The ideal female will have a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 which indicates she is a female most likely to become preggers and to be able to deliver live children. Her face if found pleasing will likely be more "immature" looking than the males. Because if she had and has adequate and timely estrogen release it caps the bone growth causing her face to remain immature unlike the males.

The clues we give to both which sex we are and how desirable we are as mates are numinous and far too long to list here. But the point being, that we humans have, over thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years developed the ability to not only tell in a fraction of a second which sex a person is but also how they rank on the scale of their being good mates or not!

Take the things said of a female child. They are straight from that play book!. Oh she is so pretty! Of the male? He is so strong and smart! Both are meant to indicate characteristics which will become the most important factors about this person in the grand scheme of things from a biological stand point or... put another way, their form following their function. Namely, if they are going to be the ones to pass on DNA or not! So far this is human bio 101 meets human sexuality 101 and really should not be news to any of us...

But dear campers it would seem that to a small but rather vocal section of Blog-O-Stan, this is not only utterly unknown, it is a news so far removed from their take on reality as to be purest of heresies! I am speaking here of course about the Land of the Misfit Toys, other wise known as The Trans-World! For it seems that in this strange and frighting land, not only are all the primary characteristics of what we read in a split second as male and female discounted as meaningless, all the rest of the secondary characteristics are likewise discounted as meaningless! You see in this world, not only do we have characteristics which we read clearly as male means nothing... We are suppose to input from a smattering of not the first tier, nor of the second tier, but of what are pretty much random third tier characteristics that this person is indeed a female and not a male! So that means that even though this person has both a functional penis and testicles it is meaningless! That this person is very large, with huge hands and feet, a narrow pelvis, broad shoulders and brow ridges, means nothing! That they have a deep voice, they smell of male musk and their movements and actions are all characteristics of those of a male, again it means nothing. No in the "trans-verse" this person must be a female because they seem to have small breasts and more so, because they have done things to their faces with make up to imitate the look of female, that they are indeed female!

Now how it is we are suppose to arrive at this conclusion that they are female seems must be by some sort of mental telepathy. Given that the only thing we have to go on here is indeed their word that they "feel like a woman" because all visual clues other than a random smattering are off the table for consideration! Yes in this strange land on the other side of the looking glass. To have any of the physical forms which we would call male means nothing. Just as having the ones which indicate female are likewise meaningless! In the Tran-reality, a man is only a man if and when he says he is, or we happen to sense it from the great beyond, and the same for a woman. She is only a woman if she says she is or we sense it too from the aethher of nothingness! A woman in the trans-space can have a penis and a man can have periods! A woman in the trans-continuum can mount another woman and a man can lordose and become preggers... and in all of this. We the others are suppose to ascertain without any of those clues we apply to the rest of the human race, if this be a "real" man or woman, and not some deluded and likely rather dangerous person strictly because they say so!

Why I can see the conversation now... "Excuse me... but are you a dangerous and deluded lunatic who appears to be a man dressed as a woman or are you a trans-woman? Why? Oh I mean nothing personal by it at all sir? I mean Ma'am? Sir? Oh whichever! I just had to ask because I couldn't ascertain what your "identity" was by the way you appear!

Well there you go! That's it! Why I think that even dense Ol' Miz Know It All has finally got it! This is exactly what the mother of one of the girls on the swim team should have said to poor Coleen Francis rather than her clearly transphobic reaction of calling the police about what she "perceived to a be a man" by the presence of a penis and testicles in the woman's locker room. She should have calmly and collectedly ascertained by direct questioning of Coleen if Coleen was a dangerous and deluded lunatic who posed a danger to her and the girls on the team, or if Collen was a trans-woman! Therefor, if by having ascertained by the necessary direct questioning, that this was a real-trans-woman and not some a dangerous and deluded lunatic getting his jolly's by watching young girls be naked in the showers, then she could have informed the girls of this fact so they too could have known, that despite their ancestral biological conditioning to the contrary, this particular penis and set of testicles was own by a real live trans-female and not a male!

So I guess campers, the lesson to take away here is; when one is in Washington State, the rules that have governed us as a species for a hundred thousand years no longer apply! Because dear dear campers it would seem that when one is in Washington State, form indeed no longer follows function! Which come to think of it might explain why the plans for their new state house show it to be in the shape of a pyramid built with the pointy side down! Don't you just love progress!

Tah for now!


  1. You're forgetting The Duck Test:

    If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

  2. What if it says it's a dog and quacks like a duck?

    Good essay MKIA.


  3. Great post Miz.

    Just to be clear why the duck analogy is really bad:

    Male ducks have an actual penis, but it’s not an ordinary penis, it’s an explosive spiral penis and in some cases it’s spiny (not necessarily for her pleasure). By bird standards it’s huge and some species go the extra mile like the Argentinian Lake Duck with its over 16 inch long member (when stretched out, is a little longer than the duck itself).

    As Colleen shows if you don't walk like a duck, love kinky sex, feel the entitlement to shout the loudest you can still have a penis and demand to be a woman, cause it's all in the head, man.

  4. /Look Who's Quakin/

    3 women die in a car crash, and when they arrive at the gates of heaven St. Peter greets them, and takes them to God. "Ok," said God, "I know all you three women have been very nice people throughout your lives so you are free to do what you please in heaven, just do not step on the ducks." Sure enough when they went through the gates of heaven there were ducks everywhere, and it was hard not to step on them. Unfortunately, one of the women did. What was the one thing I told you not to do?, God asked her. I told you not to step on the ducks, and with a click of his fingers she was handcuffed to the most ugliest man she had ever seen in her life. A couple of weeks passed, and it was growing more, and more difficult not to step on the ducks, and the next woman stepped on one. I told you not to step on the ducks, God said to her when He found out, and with another click of his fingers she was cuffed to the ugliest man she had ever seen. The third woman was careful, and after 3 years, had never stepped on a duck, and then, all of a sudden, she was cuffed to the most gorgeous man she had ever seen, and she said, "I don't know what I have done but it must have been something good"... And the man replies, "I don't know about you but I stepped on a duck".

  5. Moral of Story

    "Spend a little less time contemplating ducks. You may be surprised how much you're missing" :)

  6. Sounds to me like the third woman was actually a TG. Have fun kiddies play nice.

  7. It is simple MKIA. These 'pathetic little men' have nothing of value to add. Nor can they mount a valid intelligible rebuttal to what you have written.

    Their only recourse is to disparage, derail and distract.

  8. Join the Club

    People without name. Lots to brag about. Lots to get off your chest. Lots 'o time to put down anyone who ain't you. Perfect candidate.

    Join the Club

       [uh-non-uh-muhs] Show IPA
    without any name acknowledged, as that of author, contributor, or the like: an anonymous letter to the editor; an anonymous donation.
    of unknown name; whose name is withheld: an anonymous author.
    lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction: an endless row of drab, anonymous houses.

  9. Ok. lets get something straight here. The third woman couldn't possibly be TG, cause they aren't women! As for the stupid duck joke, it's adolescent, misogynistic and worse, only slightly clever.

    And btw Anon 5:59 PM, you forgot their most potent comeback, if one can be excused for using the word "potent" with regards the TG, They "ignore!" If they, like all men, are faced with facts which give lie to their adnausium manspaining, then ther's only one thing left to do, ignore it! Finger in the ear, la la la, I can't hear you!

    This is why MKIA was recently declared a troll and her comments deleted from one of "our activists" sites... and why her most recent post's comments are about ducks!

    "La la la... I can't hear you!"
    You wish!

  10. You got it right! Amazing! That third woman wasn't a TG. She was someone like you. A person who spends so much time contemplating the DUCKS, or, in other words, "those who are such a threat to your psyche", that you can't even find enough time to reflect on yourself, so to view your own faults.

    Stop whining, and move on with your own life! If TG's are so much of an interest to you, then HONEY....your passion has yet to be resolved. You are just as much in transition as any of those you condemn, or blame for wherever your hate leads you, all because of your own lack of understanding of yourself.

  11. Hmmmmm........And this Anoymous with, "Lots to brag about. Lots to get off your chest. Lots 'o time to put down anyone who ain't you. (This), Perfect candidate"....knows this how?

    Perhaps he should follow his own advice and, "Stop whining, and move on with your own life".


  12. Wow! Thanks so much Anon 8:15 PM.! I am so glad that you came along just when you did to explain that to me! Cause all this writing has clearly left this poor girl's brain in a state of complete befuddlement! So anyway, I guess, cause of that whole thing about me being a girl and all, it's pretty clear that I, a girl, certainly can't hold two thoughts in my pretty little head at once, so kindly? Would you, Could you? Once again and slow this time so I might just have a tiny chance to follow along, let me see if get this straight!

    If I would just tottle off to the kitchen like a good girl, and leave all this nasty Ol' hard thinkin' to the menfolk, I guess that would be, menfolk like yourself? I am assuming that cause we all know that being men and all, they certainly know what is and is not best for me! But please? Before I go? I am still a bit confused about this part where if I never think about ducks, I can finally get to see just how flawed and defective I really am?

    Not that a silly woman like me would know what words like befuddled and defective really mean cause such big words properly belong to the men who understand such things and not to us women! But for all that, I sorta get the feeling they are not good things and I do so want to be a good little girl with a life that is all roses and chocolates! (after I get the ironing done of course!)