Sunday, September 9, 2012

Buffalo Bill!

Liz over at Notes from the T side did a bang up job of presenting the story of Convicted Murderer and Sociopath Robert Michelle Kosilek, and his being granted order of a "Sex Change" by U.S. District Court Chief Judge Mark Wolf. (the male pronoun is uses solely here as it was used in this decision!) Her reaction, as well as Miz Know It All's reaction seem to be in line with most of the world judging by the thousand upon thousands of commentary's that have followed this audacious ruling! 

We are outraged! 

Why? because the man who coldly acted out this murder is in fact a monster! Robert Losilek, "Loving Husband" that he was, garroted his wife in cold blood! For those who don't fully grasp what that means... he, Robert, premeditatedly came up behind his wife, wire in his hands. He reached round her, wrapped the wire tight round her neck and then pulled it tighter still, cutting into her neck and shutting off her air supply... He then held onto that wire hard as he could, while she struggled for her life, as one would assume as it is the natural response rather violently! When at last she had finally died. all the weight of her body hanging there by that wire, he drug her still warm body out of the house and with no ceremony, dumped her body like garbage into the trunk of her car. Where upon he drove her car to a mall parking lot and left it and her to be found by others while he took a cab home. He then called police the next day to say she how worried he was as she had "disappeared!" Poof! "Oh my! My wife is gone! Dear oh dear me!" He had no more remorse in playing the poor suffering husband that he did in killing her. "Where oh where is my dear dear wife gone! Oh where or where can she be!"Boo hoo! 

Clearly torn up by the loss and what we could assume was some restraint upon his "Gender Expression," while they searched for her cold and stiffing body, he proceeded to sage his grief by indulgingin in a big O'l buying spree of women's clothing and cosmetics! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hey she may be gone, sniff sniff, but the world didn't stop turning and you know, gurls just want-a have fun!

Morally and Socially? I believe that Robert Losilek forfeited any and all of his rights as a citizen the moment he wrapped that wire round his wife's neck and tightened it.! It was a horrible and malicious act for which he was convicted of in a court of law. An act so horrible and heinous that he was given the maximum possible punishment allowed. As Massachusetts does not have provisions for Capital Punishment, which in this case would have been given without a second thought in any state that had it. The maximum allowable punishment meant life in prison with no chance of parole. Robert Losilek was rightly removed from society as the blight he is to sit in a cell and rot till the day he dies!

Now Miz Know It All is all for sane incarceration and reform... She and many others believe that in an enlightened culture, there should be provisions made for the guilty to make restitution for the crime so they can return as functional members of society, but not in this case! Why? Because it is impossible This man was and he still is a sociopath! He is completely remorseless for the crime and utterly incapable of any such a thing as remorse for anyone but himself... Robert, now Michelle, will do anything and I do mean anything to get what he wants! There is no amount of discomfort, inconvenience pain or suffering by others that could possibly be of the least concern to him as long as he has what he wants. Which meant back then, that if perchance he thought his loving wife might have stood between him and "the expression of his gender" by emptying their bank accounts to play dress up? Well there was a far far easier answer than to leave, divorce, and start over! Why just Snuff the Bitch! No muss no fuss! Easy Peasy! Problem solved and you get to collect the insurance money too!

Now laying aside the issue of his "gender expression" because, despite my anger and sense of injustice as a woman with a history and the fact that having read all 129 pages, the ruling was just, it really is NOT important! What IS important here for anyone born with this curse is this monster, has by this lawsuit and the publicity that followed the ruling become the test case / poster-child of what it means to be transsexual!" He, Roberty Michelle Losilek has became a real life Buffalo Bill from the what one had hoped till now was the fictional, "Silence of the Lambs" Robert Michelle Losilek is now the face of what it means to be transsexual in the minds of millions!!

"It rubs the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again!"

So how in Gods name can this be seen in "our community," not as the pyrrhic victory it was but as I actually saw it called in more than one blog, "A Good Thing?" 

Really? A good thing? Is the level of disconnect from reality about how we are perceived and the tenuous self-delusion of "acceptance" that high? Where is the sense of outrage that this subhuman creature"represents" us? Don't any of you realize that with every retelling of this horrible tale, and there will be many for years to come,  that the likelihood of a backlash grows? That in the eyes of the public, we have become JUST LIKE HIM! Demented freaks who pose a very real danger to them?

Think me wrong? The judge’s decision also provoked an uproar at the State House, where State Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr and 49 other lawmakers sent a letter to the state correction commissioner, urging him to appeal Wolf’s ruling! 

Don't you get it? This sort of thing galvanizes people into action. Actions, not for the good, rather actions which will limit, halt or even reverse ANY and ALL progress towards normalization of transsexuality! And in this deeply divided election season, with the very real possibility that the most radical right wing ticket since the Taliban might gain control of the US in entirety... This bit of "good news" was the LAST thing that any child born transsexual needed to have added to their plate!



  1. Well, that latter risk, of having a right-wing legislative over-reaction, is exactly what worries me sick. :/

    /cranky and (at-times) despairing elfchick

  2. And who is this "we" you refer to. As I see it, you are outraged. You can only speak for yourself. Unless you are a Smeagol that is...

  3. Sadly, you are right! I do only speak for myself... Were that this were not true and that "the community," whatever that may be as I have yet to find it, were the least awares of themselves and what it is they are doing!