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Strange what a mealy mouthed and useless word identity has become in the hands of the "trans-machine!" Long gone is any semblance of "identify and identity" being descriptive of any sort of reality in whatever makes an entity definable and recognizable... No, these days "Identity" has become it's inverse! Identity has taken on a whole new meaning. Something which is both malleable and fungible. Something which is so unique, to both the person and time so that what is true in an identity one minute can be entirely different the next. Long lost is any sort of commonality to the very idea of an "identity" That one has an identity which is something that can be conveyed to another from a shared experience... Such as, that is hot! it burns! That is cold! It makes my fingers numb! She is a female... She will take a man into her body, give birth in the same fashion and then suckle her young! He is a male. He will impregnate women and if he is a good man he will care for her and help to raise the issue of his loins. If he is a scalliwag then he will abandon her and the children to their fates.  For humans, as all mammals do, we come in one flavor or the other.... Given that it is pretty easy to "identify" what is a male from what is a female... For they both have function to their form... There is a set reality to what is a man and a woman that we all share and so is easy to convey... He, She, His, Her's, Boy, Girl, Man, Woman. Something so basic to our being that the very first comment upon birth is not, is it alive? The cries say that loud and clearly... No, the question is, is it a Boy? or Girl?

But Nature is messy... She created male and female and the act of sexual congress for one reason and one reason alone... To introduce genetic mutation to the species! In every birth there are at least seven major mutations which make the new being different than the parents... Some of them serve to allow the species to change and adapt to the environment so the species as a whole might flourish in different circumstances. Others are just weird and serve no discernible function!  And some lead to evolutionary blind alleys and so are not passed on... One of those latter being transsexual! In this mutation, the being has an innate sense of being one sex, while perversly possessing the genitalia of the other... It is one of those mutations which serves no seeming purpose other than to confound the owner till they reach a point where they will leave this mortal coil quite voluntarily. Making way as for those who are better suited to continue the species. Is this harsh? Cold? Nope... Nature simply is. And this is but one roll of her evolutionary dice that came up snake eyes this time! No biggie she is going to roll those same dice again and again and again, as evidenced by the remains of those now long gone beavers the size of Volkswagens!

Yes.. Transsexual is a mutation and a blind alley at that! Transsexual is nothing more than a random pox upon your house if you will... The ones who are so "blessed"being rather unlikely to pass on their genes, and rightly so as they are pretty much guaranteed by this to have a short and rather miserable life... So back to topic. Can one have the identity of transsexual? Can one "Identify who is a transsexual? Sure to both! Transsexual is in fact an accurate descriptive of a rather unpleasant and totally unwanted mutation. You can point to one so cursed and say... that being is transsexual and that one is not! You can actually "Identify" Transsexual.  Oh, for sure, it may take some time to do so, but with careful observation it ALWAYS shows itself! Transsexual is distinct into itself!

Times though they do change... humans learned how to pass on things other than their genes... Things like knowledge for example.  Knowledge of things like farming and medicine arose and made life as we know it possible. We learned how to hold certain parts of nature at bay and how to grow as a species. For example, here in the twentieth and twenty first centuries we learned how to give the transsexual a way to survive to a ripe old age... Sterile once treated and still an evolutionary blind alley, they can, through palliative surgery and drugs reach a truce between body and self and so go on to contribute, if not to the genetic fabric, to the social one!  Transsexuality, once treated is hard to distinguish, ie "Identify" who is from who is not and that is a good thing... providing that the one who is, is honest with any partner in that they cannot have children, but other than that? With treatment, they are no different than the rest of Humanity... All of us milling around trying to figure out which way is up before our time is! Still the identity "transsexual" is clear distinct and "identifiable!" Or should I say... was!

Enter a man... His name, Arnold Lowman. He, like many many many, ok most, men, got a bit of a kink into his sexual targeting... You know, that thing which unwittingly causes men to want to pass on DNA? That thing which makes men with their ability to father thousands of children want to stick their dicks into just as many women who will stand still as possible. Or heck, for any old thing with a hole when push comes to shove? 

Arnold's kink was that he got a sexual rise out of mimicking the social actions of the female... specifically her garb... The garb, which by the way in that same unwittingly way of passing on DNA is designed to make her more appealing to the male of the species in breeding.

At the time Arnold Lowman was born it was considered a moral crime for any male to abrogate any of his male privilege! So to find himself wanting to act out sexually as a female might in dress or manner? Horrors upon horrors! Why doing that will certainly cause the horses to bolt and the women to miscarry! If a man puts on a dress in other than jest at the silly female of the species, the milk will curdle and plagues will arise across the land! Not really likely I think, but still, so it was thought at the time, and so, Mr Loman who got a thrill from sharing this oddity with other men who had the same compunction was eventually arrested... tried, and being quite guilty of it, convicted and sentenced to five years in the penitentiary! Fortunate for him Arnold came from a background of great privilege and wealth. So money changed hands under the table... legal options were opened. eyes looked the other way, and he was loosed upon the land with the sentence to "confess his crime" to men's groups across the lands... The hope being that his doing something so embarssing would warn other men with this compunction away and keep them to the straight and narrow. Alas it was like letting the fox loose in the hen house so he might warn other foxes which hens were the biggest and fattest!

Arnold went hither and yon, continuing long after his sentence was carried out, giving his speeches and recruiting other men like himself who also liked to get their jollies playing dress up! And what a perfect time for this as the sixties came into full swing and socially it was out with the old and in with the new... Likewise... about this time, that thing which was transsexual got it's name, an identity if you will, and once so identified... The sufferers of this terrible condition were compassionately granted this brand new therapy that would allow them to rejoin society as whole as science could make them... This greatly angered Mr Loman for he was, as many men are, small in character and terribly selfish! His fetish was still something of shame! Something which would end marriages and cause the practioners like himself to be cast out of society no matter how liberal the times! He looked at the small bit of social acceptance granted to the transsexual with envy as something which should have been given to him! Not them! It was His! His! His! His!  He should have the right to do as he damn well pleased and have the world accept him as he felt it should whether it agreed or not!

So being the small man he was. He did what many small men did in such a place. He took what he wanted with nary even a kiss or a fare thee well! He stole "transsexual" and created a new social construct... "the transgenderist," later shortened to "transgender" and later still to "trans." Transgenderist, unlike transsexual was not something readily identifiable! It did not have a specific meaning, being that it was a word meant to obfuscate rather than to clarify! A code word if you will for something which still is viewed, even now with great suspect... A man wanting to get his jollies by playing dress up? Shudder! So of course, the trans identity by it's very nature must be fungible. It must be malleable, it must be changeable by situation and person to mean whatever they want it to mean lest reality enter the picture and ruin the mood by saying... uhh yeahhh.... there is an elephant in the room!

So now, thanks to the hubris and jealousy of one small man, we have what is sadly, among many young lesbian women and foolish old men with a kink a primrose path leading them to destroy their lives so they might express their "gender" in a way that is still not socially acceptable with the misogny that underlies the roots of our social structure... Young women who feel that as they cannot fit into the pink frame they must become men rather than to fight back, and old men, who have lusted so long for the pink of girl they will trade their lives for it, both of them appropriating a narrative that is not theirs as their "Identity" rather than have to stand up and face a society that says "I don't like that!
The saddest part is that by not standing up and saying I want no part of the gender straight jacket. I am a good person and this is who I am as a man or a woman there will inevitably be a back lash from society as it realizes the latitude it had given "trans." Thinking that "trans" was but a renaming of something identifiable as transsexual. That as this new meme is not Transsexual but something which it still considers subversive and wrong! When that happens, that latitude will be withdrawn leaving the ones for whom it was designed as well as all who took that primrose path right back where they started... with no recourse other than to voluntarily end a short and miserable life. 

So if you do find me cold and not being supportive of your "trans-identity," and even adamantly apposed... Understand it is because what you are doing is not benign! Rather is it inherently evil and because of it, many many many innocent will suffer unnecessarily!



  1. Unfortunately there is no pill that will cure stupid. But when the US Navy gives a person a 100% disability due to mental problems I think it makes sense to at least reflect on why. Whacko is how I describe such a person.

  2. This is a huge problem we are dealing with right now in pushing for health coverage for transsexuals and having to produce evidence to prove the difference. The flood gate argument is being made.

  3. This was really good.
    Thanks Miss Know It All.


  4. And why shouldn't that argument be make K? The flood gates have in fact opened and hordes upon hordes of folks that have NO BUSINESS even looking this way are hopscotching down the path singing la de da da!

    And as it happens, every crossdresser out there is going to simply do the man thing they already do so well and just change what he "is" from transgender to transsexual! Being men, this of course will be the word from on high because it has to be! It came from his lips!

    Never mind that he somehow managed to live a rich and full life as a man with no problem..."Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken!"

  5. Of course the argument is being made, it is the single most powerful argument that can be advanced on behalf of the policy makers. The inability to see the difference creates the impression that transsexuals make a lifestyle choice not an existential one.

    We are marshaling what evidence we can find, but at the end of the day it will require actual evidence from transsexuals that successfully transitioned to actually overcome the hurdle. It also requires real criteria for a threshold assessment which must be part of the case, creating the right paradigm. This was the issue in the Ontario Human Rights Case which then left it up to the policy makers to decide what the threshold for changes in birth certificates is. Oy vey!

  6. Kathryn

    And if we don't we will be marginalized for the foreseeable future.


  7. This is not a personal attack, but an honest question since you opened the door counselor! So you do realize that you yourself do not qualify by any objective standards that should be in place vis-a-vie Transexual vs Transgender, or put another way... This being a compelling medical need which must be filled or the patient dies, vs a lifestyle choice?

    That you spent a lifetime as a successful male, that you still live in that same life with little change and that you still enjoy the same perks and the same privileges earned with being a male and that you are in fact still married... as a male!

    Where is the effed up life before hand? The suicide attempts? The use of drugs or alcohol to self medicate? How to you explain the cross-dressing?

    All these would seem make the argument that this is NOT a lifestyle choice specious at best! So what in fact makes your transition a medical issue vs lifestyle?

  8. I do not consider this a personal attack. Regardless of what and who I am the issue is nevertheless the same. In regards to this case, I argue on behalf of a client and not represent myself.

    Regarding the personal question however, I believe you are making assumptions rather than simply asking a question. Having a vagina obviously does not qualify in your eyes as female. Privileges are not foreclosed to women when they we are qualified, competent and work hard. There are many privileges that we don't enjoy, one of them male privilege.

    I have trouble with your assumption that making the argument as whatever person you happen to be makes the argument invalid. It's like saying that a man cannot argue against sexism, a white person cannot argue against racial discrimination, and an able bodied person cannot argue for accessibility for the disabled.

    If you feel I should not comment on your blog just tell me to refrain from commenting, I will not persist.

    In the meantime, however, this is an issue that occupies much of my time at the moment, therefore my interest.


  9. Thank you my voice sounds lovely, it's been a nice alto since I was about 19.

    Qualifying me as a woman I leave to those women and men with whom I live, work, professionally associate and those women and men who like to be friends. Society is such a broad stroke, I wouldn't know what someone from across the continent might think of me.

    Oh yes I think that the tribunals and the courts before which this case will be argued can view things objectively. You might believe that you can offend me with your funny sideswipes, but sorry that's never worked with me as others here can attest to.

    So, the general consensus seems to be that pushing for health care coverage for transsexuals is inferior in importance than putting someone down. I see nothing has changed in these quarters. It's not about the issues and all about the club.

  10. What I see here is just another ignorant, moneyed, MtT throwing his, (hir's), well earned male privilege around. Why would the courts or tribunals peceive anything differently?

    What Dumke here is doing, is loudly, publicly and proudly, to the best of hir's ability, working to establish the "threshold" so as to include over-the-top or simply, "super transvestites", just like "hir's" truly.

    Just more male misogyny at its very worst, except now it comes well coiffed and with a "lovely alto voice".

  11. "Moot."

    Not "mute," Abby. "Mute" means something which cannot speak. "Moot" means something that is not relevant.

  12. My, what an interesting set of commenters. Kathryn, who apparently isn't a valid woman in your terms,Sue-Anne, a one time self-identified transvestite and full time homophobe, Abby who thinks that being transsexual is all about getting a vagina to have sex with, and an anonymous who misgenders.
    Hopefully 'identity' isn't necessarily related to the company you keep...

  13. I have a question for our newly transitioned barrister.

    How is it that someone who has so recently decided to 'trans', (change), their self identification from cross-dressing "husband and father", to transsexual "parent and spouse", can argue that this recent transition was not a 'life-style choice'?

    Just when did you decide to stop being a husband and father and "go all the way"?

    And "Sophie", Interesting bunch indeed. Having followed your link to your barely comprehensible Nietzsche-esque ramblings, I find you doing precisely what has often been described as simple delusional projection. Or in simpler terms, trying to shoe-horn your own personal situation into the narrative of those women unfortunate enough to have been born with that often tragic medical malady known as trans-sexualism.

    When that does not work so well for you, in that it fails miserably to satisfy even your own wishful thinking, you proceed in that familiarly typical "trans" fashion to misongynistically attack those women who call your manufactured mental fabrications to task.

    BTW...How is using GLAAD certified gender neutral pronouns misgendering? Is not the whole point of their use to avoid the conflict brought on by the tyranny of an "identity" which is as fungible as that which is so freely exercised in the LBGTgQIQQ alphabet "communitty

    Bemused and Disgusted

  14. I might lay claim to being an excellent reader, but writer is something I'm relatively unskilled at. My personal situation is of having been a man and now having mostly transitioned the other way, at least in terms of getting my hormonal/ neurological processes congruent and getting my social knowledge and expression similarly in tune. Surgery may come, depending on health. I'm a woman, living a woman's life with a thriving female friendship circle.
    Does this not qualify me as a transsexual ?
    Would rather appreciate how the rules for being a real transsexual go. 'Tragic medical malady' sounds so noir, the kind of diagnosis Bela Lugosi comes out with to languorous women in long white dresses. Is that the right sort of transsexual identity ? Not sure that I can manage that one though I do have a terminal illness of sorts and if you're putting yourself forward as a Bela Lugosi type , well maybe... I've always had a weakness for Hungarians.
    Misgendering is deviating from the expressed and / or inferable gender of the person addressed. Kathryn is a woman, clearly expresses as a woman and gender neutral terms are not appropriate to a woman unless you're in a state of uncertainty.In this case you clearly wanted it to be gratuitously insulting by suggesting doubt as to her gender. And I tend to think that kind of sucks.

  15. Sounds like we're back to the ol, "I am a woman because I SAY SO" meme.

    If a draw the distinction between that claim, and just what it is to have actually been born with transsexualism, I am accused of being melodramatic. How droll.

  16. I have no idea even where to start with all this! So just for shits and giggles... lets go biblical and say the last shall be first!

    Sophie, I too went to your blog found it nothing more than narcissistic ramblings. Ramblings which are so ego centric I cannot help but think it comes from the mind of a man! Oh wait, it does doesn't it! As for having "mostly" transitioned? Really? "Mostly Transitioned?" Saying that truly is nothing but the purest of delusion on your part! Transitioned? Seriously? Transitioned? How can you say that with a straight face? You've bought an ill fitting wig, a few pairs of panties and several ugly skirts which you seem to have the balls to wear in public and yet you can still say you've transitioned? Sweet Heart? You've not even made it out of reach of the starting line! Yet there you are claiming to have reached the finish? News flash! Out here in the real world? Transition doesn't even BEGIN until after you've healed from the surgery. All you've done Sophie is drink deep and heartily from the TG kool aid, and then drunk on your own stupidity, you proceeded to made a fool of yourself to all you know! I mean seriously! Hey, when even a PHD in "gender studies" cannot take you seriously? Well that says a hell of a lot does it not? Yet you have the balls to come here and lecture use who against all odds did what it really takes to attain the goal of womanhood? So tell you what? Why don't you go crawl back into your little shop of horrors, and maybe just maybe when and if you ever get a clue, come back and apologize for being such an ass!

    As for Kathryn, We discussed this off line but tell me, can you not see why with the likes of such as Sophie as the "Face" of the "late-transitioner," Why it is you are greeted with nothing but skepticism and derision? Particularly when you yourself made that classic male privilege blunder and not all that long ago of having dipped your toe in the water a time or two, so you seemed to think you were qualified to tell women who went the distance edging onto half a century back, what was what? I think you know better now! Trying to teach Grandmother how to suck eggs only makes the teacher look stupid... However you since seem to have seen the light in this regard so perhaps there is hope for you yet!

    To all, I for one and so over the name calling! While I do think with RARE exception, that the late transitioner is mostly myth wrapped round the truth of transvestites gone to seed... It does not serve us well to be seen as bitter old women! Sure I do not get their "thing" I know it is NOT in anyway related to transsexual but I do think it their right to go make fools of themselves if they want to!

    BUT for gods sakes! Be men about it already! If you have a dick in your pants and you WANT to have a dick in your pants, then stand up and deal with being a man in a dress and stop hiding behind my skirts! Transsexual you are not and never will be! So go, do as you want with my blessings, but leave us the hell out of your gender nonsense!
    July 16, 2012 5:41 PM

  17. Oh well, that didn't take long for you to slip into meaningless insults. Have no wish to dignify via a full response, but a couple of small points.
    Actually I can number two professors of women's/gender studies amongst my close friends and did not say that the cyberfem phd didn't take me seriously, merely that she rejected me based on her rather restrictive notions of gender (radfem type).
    And whilst I can't say that my skirts are definitely aesthetically pleasing I can say that I actually just wear light male briefs, have never cross-dressed and my hair is very much my own.
    Also you might want to take it on board that in common with most women, being called a man isn't something I take very seriously.

  18. Good grief Sophie, first you come in here calling others names and then you play the victim.

    This certainly looks like another episode of the invasion of the penis people.

  19. @ Sophie

    You didn't start off very well did you? A lot of name calling and derision and then when called play the "oh I'm so nice and you are all homophobic bigots" ploy. The person mentioned in your comment who apparently does not believe your nonsense either you refer to as having a narrow view and therefore wrong about you, is your inference.Well, you clearly have not read Dale Carnegie, or if you have it didn't teach you much.

    I too had a look over your blog and it reads typical transvestite and delusional transvestite at that, too me. So tell me, what on earth did you think you might achieve by coming here to comment on a post that clearly puts opposing arguments forward against the transgender construct? Did you think you might educate these "uppity women who need to be put in their proper place" Or did you think you might become accepted as one of us? You're obviously a man, You look like a man write like a man and therefore clear that you think like a male.
    If that is your own hair then you probably should invest in a wig or find a better hairdresser because your current one obviously hates you!

    This post is clearly aimed right at you. Now take this back to the rat hole you came from. You're a transvestite get used to it own enjoy it but don't think making a fool of yourself in public or on a blog like this is being female because you don't have a clue and never will.


  20. YKW

    If you haven't done so, go read the first post in Sophie's blog.
    That post explains a whole bunch.

    I know 2 of the anonymous posters and the person Sophie called out who she thinks is posting here isn't.


  21. @Sophie

    "After about three or four months I couldn't really think of myself as anything but female and transsexual, it was only too obvious a conclusion. But there were still three ways I could see myself as being potentially genderqueer.

    The first was simply by adopting 'genderqueer' as a more descriptive term than transgender or transsexual."

    That is from Sophie's blog in this post.

    Sophie has no clue what Sophie is but Sophie is most certainly NOT someone that was born transsexual and that is from Sophie's own blog.

  22. "I'm a woman." "I have no doubt I'm a woman." My God Sophie! Do you have any idea what sort of incredibly masculine hubris it is to say something like that! How? Please? How? Tell me and my readers how and in what possible way are you at all a woman? Woman, as might I remind one who says they deal in the English Language as a profession denotes an adult female. Which btw you clearly are not! A bit of hormones and clothing which is designed to accent the female body rather than the male body does not a man into a woman make!

    But being a man, you want, nay you need concrete examples? Hey, I'm nothing if not obliging of such simple requests from men! So if I may? I suggest you go into the water-closet or bath at your earliest convenience and remove your clothing. Look down at where your legs meet your body... See that bit of tissue there? That is called a penis! Those two things inside the skin bag beneath your penis are called testicles... These two sets of organs are the PRIMARY sexual characteristics of a male! Not a woman! The penis as you seem to not be aware, was designed to allow the man, who is a male because of these organs, to penetrate the woman, who is female because of her reproductive organs so that the sperm produced by those testicles could fertilize one of the woman's eggs and thereby produce a brand new human! It's all very basic dear and I'm quite certain it's mentioned in many of the books there in your shop! Fascinating really and well worth the look see!

    So there you go! You dear sir are a man... I hope that has cleared up the confusion for you and please! Let me know if I can be of further assistance!

  23. Well since you ask so earnestly, here's some enlightenment.
    One small point. My second to last post seemed to have been badly phrased and a couple of people thought I was expressing doubt as to being a woman, rather than talking about modifiers, eg black woman, transsexual woman etc. Hence saying I have no doubt I'm a woman to correct that impression. Don't much like the terms but see myself something like a pre-op trans woman. Is your diagnosis of me something you tell every pre-op, that they're men because they have a penis ? Interesting counselling technique.
    More substantially, in terms of what in practice sex/gender identity means to a transsexual woman through transition,I believe that most of us strive for congruence in three basic areas. Firstly we need to be congruent in mind. That's something which we, as every woman, need hormones for, the right electrical voltage for the way our brains are wired. Second we need to understand, communicate and operate within society as a woman. Not wearing makeup but, say, entering into female friendships as a female.
    The third is principally performative. Dressing appropriately, having surgeries,'passing'
    and so on.
    When it comes to our transitioning identity most of us lay stress on all three. I probably lay more stress on the first. You seem to go more for performative measures. We all seem to balance these things differently. But when anyone, as you seem to do, holds up those performative measures as the be all and end all, then there are definite problems. It would seem that any deeply closeted gay bottom could talk their way into GRS and be a woman in your terms.
    Especially when many of your persuasion actually talk about transition as a brief unimportant interlude of a year or so and of the 'bravery' of having GRS. For myself I don't really believe in a gender spectrum approach, and do believe that some lines separating out sex/gender identities can be useful. Sadly the lines you draw seem only designed for your own club membership of elitist failures.
    Still, if the story is correct that you're only a few years post-op yourself, hopefully you still have time to change that.

  24. @ the wannabe-sophist

    you have already have shown what a total dude you are.Perhaps you might want to stop digging yourself even deeper into your own personal hole.

    "badly phrased" is really an extremely euphemistic misnomer for badly DELUDED and self-absorbed.

    It is more that apparrant that you have no idea about what you are prattling on about, nor the people which you are so ignorantly attempting to belittle and attack.

    Your huberistic male arrogance stands as a screaming example of all that is wrong with the TG meme.
    Your latest rant is full of typically TeeGee misdirection, lies, strawmen and red herrings.

    But hey, you are a wonderful source of dirisive humor, so please...keep digging and slinging your TeeGee S**T.

  25. "Still, if the story is correct that you're only a few years post-op yourself, hopefully you still have time to change that"

    What/whose 'story' was that?

    And who are those "elitist failures"?

    Your hubristic male ignorance is loudly proclaimed and exempified by these, your characteristically tranvestitic declarations...

    '...most of us strive for congruence in three basic areas. Firstly we need to be congruent in mind. That's something which we, as every woman, need hormones for, the right electrical voltage for the way our brains are wired. Second we need to understand, communicate and operate within society as a woman. Not wearing makeup but, say, entering into female friendships as a female.
    The third is principally performative. Dressing appropriately, having surgeries,'passing'
    and so on."

  26. @Sophie, Listen Buster what you know about transsexual isn't much and the rest you seem to make up as you go along. In this latest crock of diatribe you've assigned a belief to MKIA and berated her on what you've fabricated.

    The pictures people put up of themselves are always the ones that show them in the most favourable light. If yours is the best you have you are not going to be accepted as female by anyone other than someone blind and deaf! So the chances of you ever forming a "female to female" friendship are roughly equal to my ever having a sexual relationship with his Pontif the Pope! Transsexuals do not have your life narrative, transvestites who convert to transgender do. At best you are AGP. You don't have a clue about transsexual and it's plainly obvious in every word you write.

    As I have said begore, I don't give a rats what you do in your private life just don't run around claiming to be something you are not. Vulnerable people are badly hurt by your behavour.


  27. ROFLMAO!!!!

    Is your diagnosis of me something you tell every pre-op, that they're men because they have a penis ? Interesting counselling technique.- Sophie

    Well there you have it MKIA, woman... man.... male? female? it's all just a "diagnosis"

    Second we need to understand, communicate and operate within society as a woman. Not wearing makeup but, say, entering into female friendships as a female.-Sophie

    so tell me "Sophie" what is it you tell all these female friends you have as a female when they start telling you about how they functioned as a female with Paulo the other night, and he was hung like a horse? so much so that it actually HURT when he made them function like a female, seriously, I'm interested to know what you tell them, how you relate?....

    The third is principally performative. Dressing appropriately, having surgeries,'passing'
    and so on.

    Well I'm certainly glad we've cleared that up!!! surgery is apparently about "passing", that's right folks, it's so you can hide the fact that you ARE in fact a MAN,it's got nothing to do with actually functioning as and BEING female (as in, the PHYSICAL SEX) and being able to show that to the ENTIRE world.

    SRS takes bravery (rather than DESPERATION) and this is all about some elitist "club".

    What a fucking JOKE!!!

  28. Why that was almost clever Sophie... Trying to weasel out info on when MKIA had her surgery so you can pin her down? Sorry Dear, but I am as I said in my preamble, smarter than you!

    So to your question, are pre-ops women? Shall I give you the answer you want to hear, or the real one?

    Sorry dear, just funning you! Like I would do anything else but give honest and real answers! The real answer, as unpalatable as it might be, is no! Pre-ops are not female, not yet... That is why they must have that surgery! That is why the surgery pushes everything else in their lives to the side... It is why their whole lives are nothing but one giant gloriously fucked up mess until they can finally have that behind them. It is that need to be whole and that need alone which is the line in the sand that says here lies transsexual! So unless you were so cursed by the gods to be on this side of it... You can never and you will never understand what that really means...

    Sophie, I just don't know how to spell it out any clearer! You Dear Sophie are a man... What does it take to convince you! Your thought processes are as male as it gets. Your writing style is completely masculine. Your countenance is that of a male. In fact, your whole life, by your own admission has been that of a male and nothing but a male... That is right up until you had your little Damascene Conversion! When it seems the confusion hit and you started to equate feminine with meaning female! So you take hormones and put on a skirt and poof you're a woman? Not only that but as you do, you insist that the whole world had better get in line and see your wonderful new Emperor's Robes! Sorry Dear but it just doesn't work that way! I mean sure, go ahead and do these Descartian rationalizations if it makes you feel better for the doing, but understand. They may make you happy but they are never going to make one wit of difference to the rest of the world...

  29. To repeat, answering endless insults on someone elses blog isn't something I particularly want to indulge in. If you want to debate my authenticity, you're welcome to do that on my blog.
    One general point and one specific one before I leave this merry band.
    Specifically I wasn't fishing for your transition details, mkia. Not absolutely sure, but believe it was on notes from the t-side and some long post on Zoe Brain that someone talked about you knowing things about her surgery in 2008(?) because you were in Thailand around the time. Struck me as odd because you normally try to come across as significantly more experienced.
    A general point is that most trans people have some kind of awareness of disfunction relating to sex/gender going way back, picture themselves often as a transitioned person and the physical correlates that 'prove' them to be women. I've never had those things. I didn't care much how I looked in photos as a guy and haven't changed much. The profile I have was from a mobile that someone put on my fb page, was handy and reasonable and therefore used it when I got fed up with the old icon. Find dressing myself as a woman far from interesting, probably do look fairly dowdy - though not that much since I do do clothes swaps with girl friends. Do appear as a fairly masculine woman and, assuming no health issues might even have gone for something like FFS, save that I'm 60 and a moderately butch dyke, so femininity isn't my thing. It's more than a little dull, therefore, to read insults concerning appearance.
    Additionally it isn't particularly insulting to me to belittle my relationships since you know nothing about them and are normally well wide of the mark. Actually I do talk about relationships and sex with girlfriends, some of whom are het and do reference things like penis size on rare occasions, but not in the way you describe, Abby. As you might find when you lose your virginity one way or another.
    And of course the saddest thing in repect of the commenters here is simply your obvious lack of knowledge of the world of women. Presume the social isolation must be hard to bear.
    Oh, and one last point, mkia. The word is 'Cartesian', if you do want to try for 'smart' vocabulary.
    Toodle pip, boys and girls(?).

  30. @ sophie; I feel no need to either justify myself or validate my experience with female friends to a 60 year old heterosexual transvestite who claims to be FRIGGIN DYKE! That one just about earns the Stupid deluded title for the whole year never mind month!


  31. Sophie, My God! You're a freaking stalker! Yet you are gobsmacked why I keep things as private about myself as I do? It's because of you and all the other demented men in dresses such as yourself who have this thing about needing to "expose" any women with a transsexual past. Why this need? So you can keep us little ladies in our places and when needed, out us in a heart beat like you would any other whore just so you can say "I'm just like her!" Effing Bastards!

    Also, hate to burst your bubble but there really are more reasons to be in Thailand than having SRS... I have been there numerous times on different businesses and yes, while in Chonburi once I did have the unfortunate experience of being in the same hotel as "the brain!" Who, for the record, is about as unconvinced a woman as you!

    Oh and Mr Smarty pants? Descartian is a lesser used but still acceptable choice of term rather than the more familiar Cartesian. A word choice made purposefully by moi as I think Dear Ol'René's pompous philosophies to be at the root of many of the ills of the last 500 years. Much in the same manner that your ilk's ponderous fictions are to those of us who were born transsexual!

    Last thing? It is not an insult to call a pig what it is, a pig!

  32. I'm on the edge of my seat Sophie, C'mon! You can do it, just take a deep breath and make the leap! You're SO CLOSE!

    "Actually I do talk about relationships and sex with girlfriends, some of whom are het and do reference things like penis size on rare occasions, but not in the way you describe"~Sophie

    And hidden in there is THE POINT, they restrain themselves around you. Why would they speak so freely, you have a penis, and so there is NO POSSIBLE WAY you could relate or understand if they did and so why would they bother?

    "And of course the saddest thing in repect of the commenters here is simply your obvious lack of knowledge of the world of women. Presume the social isolation must be hard to bear."~Sophie

    For once you're right Sophie, due to circumstance I do lack a complete knowledge of the world of women and yes, the current social isolation is difficult to bear.

    That said; in my opinion, it is preferable to wittingly making a complete idiot of myself in front the entrie world on a daily basis, demonstrating to them how deluded I am by trying to convince them I have ANY idea of what it is to be female, (let-alone doing what YOU do and trying to convince them I know as much about it as any other nataly born female)

    I take comfort in knowing that unlike you, I have a long and hopefully very rewarding (UN-deluded) female life ahead of me, if I play my cards right, I'll find a good man who loves me for the woman I am, I'll adopt some children and know as much of the joys of motherhood as is possible for me and I'll die as content as is possible for me to be.

    You however, I guess it's not so bad for you, you're getting on in years, you won't have to endure your life of delusion and ostracization much longer, and if you're fortunate, you may even find a compassionate mortician who'll do your makeup nicely and bury you in your favorite skirt.

    I guess in the end we'll both get what we want huh?

    Whadda ya say? Can we put our differences aside now and all be friends and get along for a change?

  33. "And of course the saddest thing in repect of the commenters here is simply your obvious lack of knowledge of the world of women. Presume the social isolation must be hard to bear."~Sophie

    Just another in you growing list of ignorant huberistic and extremely male sophisms.

    This coming from a self described masculine wanna-be "butch dyke" with a PENIS no less!!!

    Forgive me for ROFLMAO

  34. Transsexual is distinct into itself!