Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Let me pee in peace!"

I'm curious... why is it that "peace to pee" only seems to be found in the women's room? Oh wait I think I know the answer! Of course! Silly me! How could I be so obtuse? Why "Peace to pee" can only be found in the women's loo because everyone is a woman! Durrrr!

Which brings us to conversations such as this!

"Well yes... I mean they say they are woman and they are wearing women's clothes...But... But... Don't they still have their, you know, their thingie... you know their penis's and testicles? I mean isn't there like less than zero chance they might ever get rid of "the precious" because they errr....well, they sorta like.... ummmm... you know...using them? I mean doesn't that sorta... ummmm, well you know... doesn't that make them, you know... men?"

"Why you privileged homophobic/transphobic/elitist devil! They really should take you out back and just shoot your lying Nazi fascist hatin' bitch ass! These are trans-women like me you are talking about and trans-women can have all the penis's they want! Penis or not we are just as real as any other woman because we feel like women! If we are forced to have to cut our penis's off like you would want, you worthless sack of shit, that would be forced sterilization! Fuck you! You really are a Nazi devil aren't you! What's next? interment Camps? Death chambers? Line all us lesbians and then the gays up and shoot us?"

"No... no... look... I really don't wish them, you or anyone ill! I fully support gay rights and I certainly don't want to see harm come to you them or anyone for their sexual proclivities. I just think that all of you trans-women might be better served by using the men's loo, cause, well, you're still men? Right?"

"Jesus wept on the cross! My God! What sort of twisted fucking monster are you? Don't you know that just because we are transgender women, we will be set upon, murdered, then tortured, then killed and then? you know what might happen then? We might even be called names...Yes NAMES! We might get called names like faggot or queer, or well we will be called something! Look! I'm just too flustered by you to think right now! Don't you know that the gates to hell are located in the men's room! Why just look at Kim Petras you right wing Nazi filth! You want HER to have to use the men's room too? Hummm?  Hmmmm!You want that cute little girl to have to use the men's room knowing that she will certainly be murdered the second she puts hand to that door you worthless piece of shit?"

"Well no, I would think that Kim being female probably should use the women's room... well... I mean after all she is a female... so she belongs in the women's room, right?"

"You filthy son of a bitch! I really do hope you get cancer and die! In fact! I hope your fucking dog gets cancer and dies too! Hell's bells I'd beat the fuck out of you then I'd shoot you myself if I wasn't such a lady! Besides I might break a fingernail damn it and they cost so much and I have to take them off before work on Monday as it is!

Anyway! Look you lying scum bag! Don't you know that Kim really isn't female? She born a dude so she is a not a woman she is a Trans-woman? That means you rat fuck shit that she is no different than me!"

"Well err... I mean Kim is like what? 18? 19? She started her transition when she was in grade school, had surgery when she was 16 and never... ever... said she was ever anything but female! How is that like you? You're sixty something, fathered three children, married twice, ran a construction company, was president of the Rotary club and the Lions, got drunk with the fellas and you lived every moment of those sixty some years as a rather successful man."

"You filth, you elitist scum! You and your hate sicken me! Don't you know how I struggled with my female side. Maybe if my wife had supported me more in my cross-dressing, I could have transitioned earlier! Maybe if the whole fricking world wasn't so fucking transphobic about special trans'women like me I could have been Thelma a lot more than I was, Like maybe when I was fifty or even fourty I could have started to live as my true gender! But noooooooo! It's because of all the hate and intolerance from shit heads like you that I had to stay in the closet until I was able to retire so I could be the woman I was always meant to be! Or I rather I could be if that bitch hadn't abandoned me in my hour of need and taken half my stuff because of the pressure on her to not be lesbian caused by people like you! You sicken me!"

"Wait this is getting kinda silly! We started off talking about why men needed to be in the women's room and now it's about the break up of your marriage for cross-dressing?"

No you Nazi hater! It's not just about trans-women and pee! It's about transphobia and hate and intolerance! It's about why idiots like you won't fucking accept me as a real woman and want to keep me and all the other trans-spectral folks like me in the closet! I am a trans-woman and I am a lesbian and I shouldn't have to put up with any of this hateful shit by the likes of some trans hating elitist scum like you!

"Dude? You're what? 6'4",  64, broad shouldered, you have a full beard like Santa, your voice is somewhere below bass and dead flat. You lumber like a bear, and you're almost bald! A pair of earrings and an ill fitting dress is not going to make you a woman!"

See! See! Now that is EXACTLY what I am talking about! You are nothing but a gender lookist! Don't you know that there are lots and lots of really tall women? That lots of real woman have facial hair? That lots of real women have a deep voice? That lots of real women have a problem walking? Besides! So what if I don't pass your hateful hetro-social gendered test of what is a real woman? I am still a real woman! A trans-woman and I should be respected and accepted and welcomed not just to the bathroom but to all women's spaces as the trans-woman I am! You know you're just like those radical hating scum sucking lesbian bitches over at Hanna's Bar who won't accept me as one of them because I'm, butch-er than they ever were and I have a bigger clit than they do! Those fucking bitches should line up to love and want me just like any other lesbian! Fuck them and all of you transphobic haters! I wish you were dead! I belong in the woman's room and fuck you! I'm gonna use it wither you like it or not! Lets see you try to toss me out! I'll beat the fucking snot out of you if you try! You're nothing but a bunch of fucking sissy pussys! Besides! All I, all we want is to pee in peace! We are not wanting to access to your precious space so we can abuse women or girls! All we want is to pee!"

"Oh? Just like this guy I suppose?" Well sure! Why didn't you say so earlier! Go right ahead! Don't you know that absolutely nothing gives a girl more of a warm fuzzy than to share the loo with a dude in a dress... and be still my beating heart... one who's a convicted sex offender!!"

"Why, just the thought of it has me tingling all over!"


  1. I had thought I'd seen your best but no, I stand corrected!

    You've out done yourself!


  2. This is good. I love it!

  3. lol that about sums it up. :)

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  5. You know, I'm curious! Where are the comments from those who lable MKIA as being a trans-harpy-nazi-scum-sucking-bitch! Don't they want to take their shots too?
    Oh wait! Silly me! Well no wonder! It's Wednesday! That means I'm not a trans-harpy-nazi-sucm-sucking-bitch! I'm an elitist-hater-seperatist! Never mind!

  6. OK FINE! If you insist, I agree that you are "trans-harpy-nazi-sucm-sucking-bitch! elitist-hater-seperatist!"

    OK. Are you happy now?

    Just let me ask you one thing. How can you live with yourself as a happy normal everyday woman while all us trannies are out here being persecuted and discriminated against and getting special priviliges at the expense of all you elitist-hater-normal bitches?

  7. Anon, 5/11? I live with myself quite well! Thank you for asking!

  8. I hope your not as hard on our trans brothers. I am sure you don't kick them out!! No you don't even think they are men, or else they would not be welcome in womyn's spaces.

    I don't know why they even mess your type. It is like Groucho Marx said, "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."

  9. My "trans'brothers?" I don't have any "trans brothers or trans sisters" for that matter! If you are referring to the huge and rather trendy conversion of lesbians to "trans-men," then yes, I am just as hard on them if not harder!

    They are, with damned rare exception not transsexual. They are women dealing with issues endemic to women and only women in a rather fucked up way! A way that speaks far more about the culture we live in and what it means to be female than it does to any sort of physical dysmorphia!

    Don't get me wrong. my heart bleeds for them and their pain... but men? They are not!

    Oh and by the way? The access to women's space thing? They may have HUGE issues but they still have the right to that access and you dear do not!