Sunday, November 6, 2011

Words simply fail me!


  1. I dunno M'KIA. This seems like a pretty typical example of your modern wanna-be trannie role model. Is it any wonder that your rad-fems take umbrage at this hyper-gay misogyny?

  2. Well this is the kind of thing that get's us pulled in with them. I find this kind of behaviour totally unacceptable and would wish to distance myself from it but this is the kind of thing the TG drag us into and we get the blame for.People like Calpernia and Andrea James have been involved in similar video projects to this one and they put themselves forward as TS role models. It's just so frustrating.


  3. Pretty sure your "buddy" JAY posted that not that long ago.

    My reaction now is the same as it was then.


  4. And Willam Belli claims he's pro-trans. With friends like that...

  5. Another Wall Mart woman in action i see.

    If I was forced to watch that I wouldn't have an appetite for weeks at a time.

    It's enough to make a real woman ill.

  6. NYF, what the hell would you know about what makes a real woman ill?

  7. MKIA would you please send a link to that video to Autumn Sandeen. Title it "I have a dream".


  8. Youtube=evidence of insanity.

  9. Did anyone notice Calpernia in the video?

    As I mentioned way back, I was fortunate to have been able to converse with her through email. She is actually a very charming young lady. Unfortunately, as she told me, she got sucked into the commercialization part. She was previously in entertainment, so making a living at being "trans" is nothing new for her.

    Calpernia's best friend is Andrea. I once spoke to Andrea on the phone. She also is a very nice person.

    Lynn C. is also connected with Calpernia, and Andrea. Lynn supports their publications, and is herself much in the limelight. I spoke several times, and very extensively with Lynn on the phone. I have also spoken with Charlie, Lynn's husband.

    At one time, before the TV shows, and sensationalism, there was support. People recognized Lynn, Calpernia, and Andrea as people who gave many others purpose, and hope. But something changed, and the purpose, and the hope turned to "pride", and "in your face" activism. For some people this was ok, but for others, it began to invade their space, their very meaning for having gone through all the pain, and suffering in order to find, and to "just be" their real selves.

    What I find very off-base is when several of you go after the people who are often only "pawns". The "transworld" seems to be loaded with narcissistic showoffs. It's fine when they live, and let live. Most people do just that, although, having an interest in being a little showy in their efforts to let people know who they are.

    I find that much of what follows is mainly the hate, and instigation of more hate.

    The people who are the most visible, you leave alone. Instead you go after the people who have been pulled along for the ride.

    "Anne", and "Liz" call me "Loonie". Both seem to know everything about me. "Liz" wrote recently that the two of us were getting to know each the other. Sorry, that is not the case. "Liz" was only exploiting her life's history...I was trying to understand why all the bragging. When I offered "Liz" my phone number, she became agitated, and insulted. So much for honesty, and becoming acquainted. So from that, and from my advocating holding back on all the hate, and the "outing of Aria", I became in her mind, a loon. "Anne", followed "Liz" with her head up her ass, paying no mind to being honest with her own self. As far as being "40 year post-op fully assimilated women", well, look where it got them.

    I am going to take a breather from all of this nonsense. I've seen enough hate to last a lifetime, let alone the 10 or 20 years I might be lucky to have left.

    take care,

    June H.

  10. Jay you don't know the first thing about what a real woman is and I doubt you have ever been with one for that matter.

    Have a nice life and run along little boy and let the big people talk.

    There are enough homo-sexuals around I can get an uninformed opinion if I need one, I don't need yours.



  12. @June

    I swore I would have nothing more to do with this crazy person but since MKIA feels June has the right to spew her lies I guess I have no recourse but to respond.

    I know Lynn Conway and I can assure you the mention of the name June Hingle would likely require a drink. Just to be sure I have sent Lynn an email.

    I call you Loony because when I did not require word verification you posted the same message 500 times to stop anyone from being able to follow comments on a post which were less than flattering to you.

    I think you are a loon because of your garage roof floating away and you suddenly deciding you were a woman at 50 or so and telling your wife instantly. That is delusional. You are still on anti-depressants which is weird. Why would you need anti-depressants after the culmination of your surgery? I think we all know why.

    I think you are a loon because there is not one place on the internet except here where you are allowed to spread your lies.

    You are the one that became agitated and insulted over my rejection over your phone number and I have both the emails and the comments stored if you want to go there. Why in the name of god would I call you when caller id would give you my full name which was your plan.

    I did not "out" Aria Blue you pee brained asshole. I brought forth the simple fact that asshole left her wife and child with no support and her home state had suspended her license to drive and she was on the dead beat dad list and had an open arrest warrant for her worthless ass. I could have mentioned her home state and where she was from but I did not and in ways I regret that because like the worthless worm she was she has run away and left everyone in the lurch.

    All the time this was happening you and Aria and her pals were guessing who I am and putting forth false rumors and accusations about my true identity. Obsessed much???

    I really do not hate anyone which even includes you. I do pity you because you so dearly want to be a professional transsexual and you see Calpernia, Andrea James, and Lynn as possible access to the world you want to live in.

    Unfortunately for you they all realized what a nut case you were and they wanted nothing to do with you.

    Unlike you June I have led a very productive life as a woman, step mother, wife, and Engineer. Anne has done the same in her own way which must irritate the living shit out of your worthless ass which is the place your pathetic head has been firmly up for the entirety of your pathetic life.

    I pity people like you. One minute you want to be my friend and the next minute you are writing nasty comments about something I wrote which had not one single thing to do with you. I can post all of those since everything is logged.

    Now crawl back under the rock you have been living under and slither up to your snake brethren and bite one of them and hopefully the poisonous one returns the favor.

    As for this William Belli parody I think it is quite funny. It is how many people see many transsexuals and being able to laugh at oneself is not the worst thing. Belli is a noted gay female impersonator and has done a lot of quite funny parodies but somehow I feel most cannot laugh at themselves.

    Of course laughing at June "The Loon" is more fun.

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  15. @ Teresa

    That's a pretty long and detailed comment, so I have to think it was written by an actual person (despite the porn site your link leads to).

    So I have a couple of thoughts on what you've written

    1. that's a terribly unfortunate turn of events you've recounted.

    2. Is there a point you're trying to make?

  16. Hey Y'all! I really wasn't kidding about the screeds folks! Post em if you like but once I check in, they are gone!

    Teresa posted a very very very long winded two comments long actually screed about her being homeless. While that really is a sad tale and I feel for her, It had less than nothing to do with the topic in fact it seemed to have no relevance to anyone but her actually!

    Teresa, I hope that you get your life together but save it for your Facebook page! Oh and for the record? Linking yourself to a porn page is perhaps not the smartest thing one might want to do?

    @ Liz,
    As you know all too well! It's sooooo tempting to either lock the door or hit the delete when nutters come falling from the sky... but I thought just for the time being, that I would let em have a-l-l the rope they want... Besides! You know what comes after that! Wheeeeeeeee!

    Oh, and btw? Thank you for the update on June Bug!

    @ Me
    Per my policy that this has to be relevant to the topic? Lets get back to that shall we?

    That Cal makes a rather prominent appearance in that video really puts some interesting questions out there doesn't it? Just saying...

  17. Two things:

    1. William Belli is a drag queen, not a TG or TS. He made the video to poke fun at transsexuals, so no wonder you "girls" don't like it. You would think that would be obvious.

    2. I didn't make the comment up above. Somebody forged it. Only came here because someone e-mailed me about it, and I was curious.

    Do you "ladies" miss me so much that you're trying to lure me back into your sad little world?

  18. Hey JAY,
    It's my fault your name was mentioned, sorry.

    I wasn't trying to "lure" you back out of retirement though, in honesty, I could give a rats cunootie if you're here or not, I was just tryin' to make the observation that you posted it a while back and that, although humorous enough (in a stupid, childish, drag queen sort of way) I still find it inconsequential.

    Hope the happy snap biz is going well.

  19. Just so y'all know, the drag queen's name is WILLAM, not William. Like the actor Willam Dafoe. And I know Willam Belli is a drag queen. And sure, we should have a sense of humor. But about a birth defect that causes huge amounts of pain? Someone who could make fun of that and laugh at it is almost certainly someone who never suffered from it.


  20. Oh, I dunno sagey baby, sometimes a sense of humor and the ability to laugh might help people get through tough times.
    Personally I don't find the vid funny, that's not because it makes fun of my birth defect though, it's actually just because...

    Well because it's just not ACTUALLY funny. If it was I'd laugh, but all I see is a guy wavin' his legs around on the back of a car, making a fool of himself. I've seen heaps funnier stuff than that, just seems pointless to me.

    Maybe someone who spends all their time inside on the computer watching clips like that MIGHT get a chuckle, but it's a big old world outside and that's where the fun is.

    I think what Willam, and JAY and people like that fail to see is that really, he's only making a fool of himself. The only folks that could get a laugh out of that (a proper one, like seriously find it funny) are crossdressers TG's. Most of the "humor" in it is totally lost in average Joe or Jane, who just looks at it and thinks "another freak crossdresser" which, I can't despute. Can you?

  21. I think it's about as much fun as watching white men in blackface pretending to be black entertainers from the 1890s.

  22. @NYF
    I could be wrong, but I think there was a guy that got VERY rich and famous doing that, but the other way around, he could sing pretty well though.... ;-)

    I don't really see that happening here though :-P

  23. My point is White Men with Privilege are always looking for a way to lampoon someone. This shows how childish they are, you can make money being a fool and doing childish things, take Howard Stern for example.

    I look down at my nose at drag queens for their lack of originality, their lack of creativity and their misogynistic behavior.
    Drag queens, transvestites, Howard stern, and politicians are all lower forms of life, as far as I am concerned.

  24. Van Buren is right. We need some humor.

    "That's no lady. That's my boyfriend!"

    Bada bump BUMP.


  25. Sagebrush

    Let me guess you got him pregnant and you feel morally obligated to marry him.

  26. Oh no, not another pregnant man!

  27. I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  28. Actually I find drag queens like Willam to be rather amusing... Oh for sure it's misogynistic as all get out but it is a fairly accurate recitation of how men view women which is also misogynistic as all get out... but at least the drag queens turn it into serious camp which as humor often does puts those elements into a space where they can be discussed and addressed without it being "personal"

    While I think it sorta clever, I do find it disturbing for two reasons. The first is that with drag queens and transsexuals both being drug into the transvestites umbrella where neither belong. The campy side of drag becomes lost in the blurring... What should be funny and over the top becomes warped into something which is diminishing to all parties.

    The second thing that disturbs me is that Cal chose to "act?" in this little farce... That is just so wrong on so many different levels I cannot begin to name them all! That truly negates any camp element and replaces it with a meta message that we are and always will be men in dresses...

    It's like Cal returning to drag shows... sorry hon but if you are a woman then you cannot be in drag if you are dressing as a woman... that is unless you are not in fact a woman!

    @ The anon who posted the eugenics piece... care to say why you posted such a thing? The only reason it has not gone to the great beyond is that it is so hateful and yet basking in the supposed glow of academia that I felt it should remain for the time being as a reminder of what the Transgender activists have done for us!

  29. I don't think Cal ever left the drag scene!

  30. That Eugenics thing IS what upsets me, for more reasons than I should address here. Suffice it to say, to have that attitude (the whole thing, they way the article is worded, everything) come from an institution that is recognized in their locality as a leader in research and treatment in this field, is something I find truly terrifying.

    That article alone should be enough to keep any girl seeking her own resolution quiet.

  31. Van Buren
    it should bother you.

  32. What's really sad about the eugenics article is that it shows how some want to speak out against transsexualism but don't know what the hell they're talking about.

    I don't think there's a transsexual alive who regrets losing their ability to perform sexually as their birth sex. What some see as "sterilization" is nothing more than medical science not yet having the ability to complete the procedure, which would then allow the patient to be filly functional as a member of the target sex (producing sperm or being able to bear children).

    A big part of the problem is the insistence that we be part of the transgender unbrella, along with the transgender "community" modeling itself after the gay and lesbian communities, leading to some considering us a different flavor of gay. Framed that way, yes, it looks like we're not only being forcibly sterilized (as in eugenics), but also being forced to conform to some preconceived gender roles by a homophobic medical machine.

  33. @NYF

    M'kay, I had thought I'd said it DOES!, but I'll bite...

    Why? Why SHOULD it bother me?

    Sorry for the slight derail Miz, although, you did leave it there, so I gather discussion is approved?

    By the by, was I the only one who got the memo about anon posters distinguishing themselves somehow from other anon posters?

  34. Pretty sure it's right there in the last post on this blog?...

  35. Van Buren

    what gives me the creeps about this is it dovetails with how some in the Tee-Gee community almost recruit the young.

    They use puberty delaying drugs on these kids without knowing what the long term effects of the drugs are.

    The way some groups seem to be overly interested in the young (my opinion) creeps me out.

  36. hey van buren, are you some kind of wanna-be hall monitor or something? if you want to call the shots maybe you should stick to your own blog.

  37. I agree, (and Miz did a good post on a similar theme with "storm crows").

    It does worry me a lot just how easily it seems children are diagnosed as suffering from GID now and the reasons why:

    "oh goodness! Did little Johnny just play with a barbie?... Good heavens! He must be a girl.... Here Johnny take these pills, they'll make life as a fully functioning man impossible when your twenty, but that doesn't matter because you like barbie."

    It's an extremely fine line, because I know if my condition had been recognized younger, just how much trauma I wouldn't have/had to go through and THAT is the damage selfish TG's do by conflating, without so much as a care.

    Something that grinds me about the article is how it depicts this whole thing as a choice, stating (among other things) how some parents gave evidence to "HAVE" their child transgendered.

    Transgendering is now something you DO to someone, and all the while, actual TS's are lost, misunderstood, and overlooked as something not even remotely close to what they are.

    However, none of this REALLY has a damn thing to do with some dipshit waving his legs 'round making a fool of himself on the back of a car now does it?

    Unless of course, he got transgenderized, as a youngin'....

  38. I don't reduce my rank to "hall monitor" for anyone ;-P

  39. Van Buren

    Thank you I was wondering how close to being the same page we were.
    Looks like we are.

    I am done.

  40. A Painful Truth.....