Saturday, November 5, 2011

Train Wreck Tuesday

Ok, Ok,  you got me! You're right! It's not Tuesday, but with the astounding display of what has to be the basest of humanity that wound it's way round my last as "comments." My not being clued into the right day is the least of my worrys... And hey Tuesday rhymed! Anyway, with what just happened in mind,

I think it past time for Miz Know It All to step in here and play den mother as it seems self regulation is a wee difficult for some of her readers, so here is the Deal-eo My Dear Campers

Starting with this very post I am going to have the occasional open mic just for you!. When that happens PLEASE feel free to post whatever sort of inanity, (or wisdom) you want about Gender, Sex, Sexuality, Alien Gender, Alien Sex, Vegetable Relations, or what ever... and if you don't like each other's brand of inanity, (or wisdom) and I'm quite sure that you won't. Well then feel free to refute their comment and even question each others parentage and or various relationships with barn yard animals if you are so disposed...


From now on there are several things that will be required of you my dear readers! Hush Hush... Don;'t cry! It's not that bad and I do think you all quite capable of it!

1, No screeds! If you really really want a platform to preach to the masses... Well then, go start your own damn blog! If you got as far as to make up such a tome of light for me, then pop on over to Blooger or Wordpress, sign up and enlighten all of us with your brilliance
2, No Hijacking! I don't care if you hate my guts and want me dead... say so! But if you are not smart enough to make that into some sort of connection to the topic. Your oh so insightful and brilliant comment will be deleted! If I am on the border line and cannot quite decide., any comments still in question will be submitted to our panel of blind drunk monkeys and if they too scratch their heads, well then? Out it goes!
3, If you post as Anon then at least have the yables to stick something at the end so we can tell which of the millions upon millions of anons you are! It's really hard to carry on any sort of conversation or even rant when you have sooo many anons! So you ain't got no chutzpa you ain't got no comment!

That's all! See I told you it wasn't going to be bad and as always. Other than the above I am still not going to moderate nor will I ever censor!

So here it is Campers, Your very first open mic so have at it! And please! Don't be so shy this time! Why don't you go ahead and really tell me what you really think!