Sunday, October 30, 2011

Storm Crows

I know this will be hard for many of you to believe, but weird as it may be! It has actually been said and rather frequently in certain quarters of late that Miz Know It All is a terrible person! One who is given to being negative and even hateful! A woman who cannot seem to see beyond her own supposed misery to all the newfound joy in others lives. It has been said that she is incapable of being the least bit happy for those who have found their "true selves." Tis a shame you know! Cause the the reality of Miz Know It All is anything but mean, hateful or joyless! In fact, Miz Know It All is a very delightful person who folks seek out to be near! A woman who is nurturing and full of life and light and certainly the hit at any party!... but that said Miz Know It All is if anything a pragmatist because she has been down many a strange road that few dare to tread and fewer still return to speak of! I think as the expression of the 90's went. When it comes to Miz Know It All she has; "Been there, done that!"

Which is why she really isn't much of a cheerleader when it comes to those just starting out or those who are bogged down in limbo! While she was once in that very place of being wet behind the ears herself. She persevered and made it to the promised land! That said she also knows all too well the incredible toll it took on her and others and the incredible body count that it took to get there! She knows first hand how few in number are those who actually made it to this side!  If you are a real stickler for what it means to "make it" and you count, as she does, making it being one who actually arrives safe sane and sound with all ones marbles intact and accounted for? Then the number of whom she knows who made it as far as she did can be counted on one of her lovely hands with more than a few fingers left to signal the waiter for another round!

Yes it's true... While there are literarly hundreds of thousands who contemplate the trip, There are at best only several thousands who actually give it a bit of a try! Of those several thousands who started, it quickly becomes only a few hundreds as for whatever reason these folks charge on down that path hell bent for leather without really any sense of where they are going!... Which is why most of them will be brought up way short and fast when the going gets hellish and the nights dark! Or to quote Mathew 7:14 "But  small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." While Miz Know It All was indeed washed in the blood of the lamb as were all the proper young girls where she grew up. She herself does not profess to be a Christian but she still recognizes wisdom and elegance when she finds it. In this case Mathew 7:14 is exactly that! For indeed the way in this is narrow and the gate far more than small and there is a damned good reason... Few who set out on this path really have any business doing so!

Those who do, they will be challenged and they will be tested in ways far beyond their worst nightmares. A call will be given to them and when it is their turn if they have even the least hope of success, they must lay everything they had or might have had on the table... When it is to be given back, if it is given back at all, they must be willing to take whatever scrap of before is handed them with a smile and heart felt thanks... To do otherwise is to ensure that like the monkey caught by the peach in the jar with his own greed. They too will loose it all and never will they ever see anything other than the Ghetto of Gender Limbo

So what you say? It really is none of this Miz Know's ~Nothing's~ damned business is it! She has absolutly no right to go sticking her nose into others affairs! If they want to call themselves the Grand High Poo Bah of Tra-La-La and wear toilet paper and foil in their hair, then Honey? That's their damned business and not yours so but the hell out bitch!!... And you may be surprised by the fact that Miz Know It All agrees most heartily!  As a practicing Buddhist she too thinks what you do with your life is your business! Karma is after all a rather personal thing! So if your aim is to muck up it all up... well it was your life to muck up after all!

But... There always has to be a but somewhere doesn't it?

There is this little thing now called the internet (shocking news isn't it?) and it seems those smack dab in the middle of mucking up their lives are usually given to bouts of verbal diarrhea about how simply grand it all is! Why? Because they are to a one, completely and totally inebriated with the narcotic and hypnotic effects of the Pink Fog! That same Pink Fog that makes everything about the "other gender" simply lovely and wonderful! Rose Colored Glasses? Pish posh!  They just don't hold a candle to  ecstatic ecstasy of the Pink Fog  So when you read their blogs or watch their V-logs you get a pretty constant feed of:

Oh My God! I went out today and a guy held the door open for me!
Oh My God! I went out today and the guy behind the counter called me Ma'am!
Oh My God! I went in the store and bought a pair of high heels!
Oh My God! I had diner and the waitress said, ""what can I get for you girls!"

Ok, look I'm  truly pleased that it was fun for you to be treated as if you were really female and I really am happy for you that it was a pleasant experience!... Honest I really am! But fun and playful or not there is less than zero depth to any of these accountings! Where in them is there any real understanding of what a woman's life is truly like?  What of the constant exhausting struggles that all women woman undergo in their day to day lives but gladly do? When it comes to shudder... subjects such as that you can hear the crickets chirp and the mantle clock ticking (hint most women are lucky to keep their nails trimmed much less done up in inch long gels or acrylic!)

But most of all... what is missing in these accountings is any sort of real awareness of just how damned hard it is to start and finish that already difficult race that is a woman's world... being a day late a dollar short and dragging what has to be the mother of all boat anchors! Having lived a lifetime as a male!

The pity in this is that while it is indeed their lives they are mucking up... and as she has said, Miz Know It all agrees is their right to do so...  But... remember those buts? Because of the ease of the internet and it's so wide reach. Others who may searching for that something which is of yet rather undefined in their lives but still missing... Read these glowing magical accounts of a wonderland of acceptance and tolerance and gender fun times that frankly, doesn't exist! They, lacking both perspective and any acceptance of the community they are in or much if any love in the real world read all about our "Community!" There they are, feeling utterly alone, struggling with who they are and how their lives should be and what their sexuality is or who they are attracted to and why... Then to read about how they can instantly become a part of this grand LGBTTQ Community where all are welcome!" A community made up of thousands upon thousands of others who just like like them feel oppressed and victimized and powerless! But! Because of this amazing community not only will they be members but they will actually be cool! Best of all? You don't even have to be homosexual to join! That's right! No former men having to stick those nasty dickie things in their mouths! Just say transgendered and that same straight sexual attraction you had all your life instantly becomes gay! And as transgender is just one big continuum of gender expression,... Well that means damn near anything can be transgendered!

A girl who doesn't want to accept second class or to kowtow to men is transgender!
A boy who wants to be frilly and who likes pink is transgender!
A man who always got a certain joy and sense of pleasure in touching his wife's delicates is transgender!
A woman who likes the feel of mens clothing and wants to drive a pick up truck and a bulldozer is transgender!

Yep! Each and everyone one of them are part of this big grand community! But... remember there is always a but? But these are very real people out there who are reading these glowing accounts and to them, this is like the Syrens of old! Whose alluring song called sailors to a certain and horrid death upon the rocks of reality!

Think me daft? Well, here is a real world result for you!

I just had a dear friend of mine confide in me several days ago (mind you my history is known only to me!) that her daughter is one such soul being drawn to her doom by "the community." Her daughter has had many issues with her socialization and her sexuality, and I will not go into them as that would break a confidence. But lets just say that while daughter may be a lesbian. Even that is seriously under question for this woman/child for whom the only thing certain in her life is  she has no idea who she is, or where she fits into other's life and society!  It use to be that a large part of what college was, was a safe place for kids to try on lots of different hats and personas, often changing them as rapidly  and as passing as a change of the weather...

Sadly when this terribly immature girl went away to college, thinking she might be lesbian, So she blithely decided to join up with that colleges LGBT group, where, rather than finding out at last if she was or was not lesbian, she, feeling quite alone in many ways was seduced by the inordinate amount of attention being paid to all the former lesbian who are now "Men in Transition!" Oh My yes!  These "Men"had community! They had respect and they had cheerleaders! They had purpose! They were soooo cool! So obviously is she starts taking testosterone and getting  "top surgery" that is certain to make all her other issues go away!  Hardly true but that is exactly the line of reasoning she is being spoon fed by others who are just as clueless as she and happy to have the company!

OMG.They cut their hair short and they got called sir!
OMG. They can wear men's clothing and they don't have to shop for hours trying on things!
OMG.They can do man things and no one says they are not being womanly for doing so!
OMG. They don't have to bow to men and their wishes!.
OMG they are surrounded by hordes of cheerleaders and a community telling them how loved they are for being this way!

No matter who she may turn out to be... my friends daughter is most certainly not a transsexual, or even transgender!... Sorry but you just don't get this far without being able to read a newbie like a book in way less than the usual fraction of a second... Having spent hours with this one. My take is she is very likely not even a lesbian but a very straight girl who simply rejects much of what she sees as the female role because she sees it, and quite rightly, as being a restriction on her putting her favorite part, her brain to work!

So rather than her finding herself and working out all the ya-ya's related to her being an extraordinarily bright and gifted young woman who has some serious social awkwardness. She is now locked into a deep and crippling depression by this stupid life and death struggle with is she a man or a woman or what?

Still think it not an issue when you are all doing those rah rahs to one and all? What of this young girl for whom ruin is but a hares breath away? Is it just her karma to work out?  Is that going to give succor to her mother when her daughter commits suicide? Which in this case is all too likely! Will that be of much comfort to either of them, if she is able to snow a a doctor as she is trying so hard to do now that she knows the narratives! Once she starts to take testosterone it will not be long before her body starts to masculinize! If she thinks she was not seen as attractive before? Then pray tell me how attractive a woman will se be with brow ridges, a beard, a males hairline and a voice that comes rushing out of the basement? All of you who went through a male puberty know just how fast the progression was... How quickly your boyish prettiness left to be replaced by body mass acne and facial hair! Her body will change long before she figures out what is what and who is who and by then... it's Johnny too bad!

Sadly this young girl is far from alone in this rush to madness! With the mind-numbingly insane sexual pressure being put on all young girls today to fit into this computer enhanced airbrushed body image. An image that is as physically impossible to achieve as Barbie's figure. Being "butch" is the penultimate badge of shame! Is it any wonder then that mannish lesbian women are now being drawn to "become men" in legions?

Oh well... My know my poor little voice is certainly not going to change much if anything to those trapped in the Pink Fog.  So I will do what I can on this side! I will be the good girl friend and I will listen as my dear friend pours out her grief! I will stand by her when she finally has to hospitalize her daughter, and I will stand by her, when, god forbid she ever has to lay her daughter to rest!

So go ahead ya all! Pour out all that rah rah rah feel good support so that every cross-dresser or gender confused person  out there can join you and go for the whole maghila with less than any idea of what they are getting into! Go ahead and tell em how terribly lovely and nice it is to be a girl (or boy) based upon your few hours of actual experience and I am sure that all those faceless readers out there in Blog-O-Stan searching for that something they themselves cannot define will come to know as you do the sure way to happiness!..

As for those of us left here in the real world? We will keep on trying our best to pick up the pieces of the lives destroyed by your Syren's call. So call me hatefu if it makes you feel betterl! Call me a harbinger of doom and misery! Say that I am a trans-phobic monster feeding on the bodies of my "victims" but until the transgender message is debunked for what it is.. I will never stop putting truth to the lie!



  1. WOW Ms. KIA!!! A true masterpiece.

    You did not miss a beat. I will add my own humble adendum, here...

    Sadly the embedded link to the vlog of a young FtM Regreter is no longer there. Only the rhectoric of yet another false flag.

    Your point is well taken, however. "Many are called. Few are chosen". And for the many seeing to serve that 'false god', there will be naught but "the weeping and wailing and the gnashing of teeth".

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  3. Something about knowing how hard it is to overcome the effects of testosterone, makes me just want to scream no!

    Why would anyone get themselves into that position by choice. Dont it just boil your blood!

  4. Anne, here is the link.....

    I started to cry while I watched that video. Like the daughter of Ms KIA's friend, she had allowed herself to be led down the garden path of transgenderism, only to realize her mistake too late.

    I see so much of that in the world of transgender --- people who are unhappy with their lives and mistakenly believe that a sex change will make all of their problems go away --- only to realize too late that their problems are still there, and all they've really accomplished was adding more problems to their lives.

    I sometimes wonder if there might be more to this transgender thing than meets the eye. When I was young, there were 5 billion people on this planet. Then there were 6 billion. And now we are rapidly approaching 7 billion. What better way to limit our population growth, than to con our young people into following the transgender path, thereby willingly giving up their reproductive ability.

  5. Thank you for the link. Yes. It is extremely disturbing to watch. I think I figured that one, about over-population, out when I was about 15. SSM does not produce offspring. Gays and Lesbians do not reproduce.

    This simple form of "Nature's Birth Control" can be seen in the behavior of lab rats. When over crowding is induced, (over-population), hightened aggression and homosexuality are clinically present.

  6. You know, while I may agree that there is a percentage of people who become taken in by the false premises and promises of the TG meme and lifestyle I wonder if you can accept "A Friend" whoever you are with your website and blog about "sex change regret" that the genuine transsexual does in fact exist. I not that you yourself underwent sex change surgery and later regretted it. I am truly sorry that happenned to you and genuinely hope you have found peace. However tell me this if you will: Do you accept that for a few a very few that it is the only answer for them?


  7. Indeed, Anne. That much is clear in the term regularly used by gays to describe heterosexual people --- "breeders".

    It broke my heart to read about the lesbian couple in the San Francisco area who are pushing their 11 year old adopted son into "becoming a girl". Make no mistake, this was not a decision that he reached on his own. People are pushing their children into transition at a very young age, before they reach puberty and have even the slightest chance of reproducing. Most of these children will grow up to later regret what has happened, as they realize that the ability to become a parent has been taken from them. Like the woman in the video, who sees her sister experiencing motherhood and realizing that she will never experience it for herself, and neither will she ever be a father.

    But I digress.

    Ms KIA is right on the money with her essay. One only need read some of the blogs on t-central to see the misery that many have brought on themselves because of transition. Broken marriages. Lost careers and opportunities. All because they want to wear a dress and see themselves as a pretty girls (which they could have done as closeted crossdressers).

    And even though hindsight is 20-20, so many of them refuse to admit that they have made a mistake, out of fear of alienating those who had cheered them on. Think about Mike Penner and the outcry from the transgenders when he chose to de-transition.

    What a shame.

  8. @ "A Friend"...SYK's question stands. Will you concede that for a very tiny proportion of the human species, morphological "sex change" is in fact a vital necessity?

    In simple fact, it saved my life.

  9. I will concede that some are better at deluding themselves than others.

  10. Spoken like a true loser. Unable to concede that YOU f**ked up BIG TIME, where as others simply suceeded....IN SPADES, you simply REFUSE to admit that you could indeed be wrong.

    Let me ask you this. How is it that you were so gullible to be led down that "pink fog" enshrouded Primrose Path? What were the reasonings used by your "gender therapists"?

  11. That is kinda what I figured you'd say Walt having read your blog and website.

    I have little doubt that you are sincere in your campaign and for the vast majority of what is laughingly termed "TG Community" your warnings are warranted. Indeed some of us come to the same conclusions you do regarding a great many.

    On your blog you talk about the research results carried out by Meyer at the behest of Paul McHugh the then newly appointed head of psychiatry at John Hopkins. Meyer contacted as many of the past patients as he could. However a small percentage had simply "vanished" The likelihood being that the missing ex-patients were lead successful post treatment lives with no regrets.

    The issue is one of whether or not the core motivation of the patient when seeking treatment is genuinely transsexuality. Harry Benjamin who preceded McHugh (not at Hopkins) working in the field used intensity to classify the varying grades of sexual dimorphism. In his system type V were "true transsexuals" and probable candidates for SRS and only type VI where SRS was inevitable and necessary. Today we see types III and even II seeking surgery. The numbers of type V and VI transsexual are tiny, extremely rare indeed. What you are dealing with and finding in your research are types I through to IV. Within these groups are individuals who like you say have far more psychological issues than simple transvestism or mild transsexuality.

    My heart goes out to these people and I have no problem with your campaign Walt. However I think it needs to be tempered by acknowledging that for a tiny few SRS is a vital means to survival and a decent happy life and should not be dismissed as "delusional". To quote an old acquaintance "I know all about reality but I want nothing at all to do with it" She said this with a deal of humour. The fact of the biology is not in question. It's how an individual who experiences transsexuality deals with it that is important, that and whether the condition was present in the first place. Therin lays the difficulty because currently there is no diagnosis. People are transsexual if they say they are and if they say there are often enough and for long enough the doctors will diagnose transsexuality. In other words if people tell the lie often enough and long enough using the correct narrative they will get a diagnosis. It's madness!


  12. So Anne, am I to believe that you are a successful, transitioned "woman" --- simply because you say so? You wouldn't be the first to write about some fanciful life and pretend it's real.

    The studies show a very different picture, and it has been shown that unhappiness and suicide rates for post-transitioned transsexuals are much higher than those for normal people.

    The fact remains, Anne, that you are still a male, and the surgeries that you have undergone are only cosmetic in nature. You are a deluded gay man, and any other man who has sex with you is only rubbing his male genitals against your mutilated male genitals. It doesn't get much gayer than that.

  13. LOL, Walt...If only you knew...
    I realize just how difficult it is for someone who has suffered through what you have to even try to concieve that you made a HUGE mistake.

    Your hubris born of your male privilege and higher education prevents to from admitting a simple truth. Transsexuals DO exist. We are very rare and only SRS and a sucessful transition can save our lives.

    YOU mistakenly thought you were TS. The price of your erroneous thinking was extremely high but you were one of those extremely fortunate that managed to somehow survive the error of your ways.

    AS SYK states above, most everything you say applies to the vast majority of your TG "community". These are your types I- iv.

    IF i WAS HARSH IN MY RESPONSE TO YOU it is because i have little tolerance for those who impugn my reality and question my integrity based on their own myopic bigotry.

    I apologize for that and support ur efforts to bring some modicum of R E A L I T Y to hose poor souls being sold an extremely expensive bill of TG Pink Fog.

  14. I think it fascinating how no one... Not the TG, Not the Renouncers or Denouncers, Not the LGBT, Not the Transvestites, Not the Rad Fems and certainly not the media think that transsexuals actually exist! They give lip service to it of course but in the end? Well it is still had to be some sort of gay man with mutilated genitals (doesn't that description just give you a warm fuzzy all over?)

    Why is that do you suppose? (retorical question) (rhetorical answer) Because they've never seen one!

    We are about as rare as some ultra heavy atomic particle... Mostly theoretical and certainly only visible during her creation. Sneeze or blink just once and you've lost her! She vanished into the aether of normal... undistiguishable from pretty much any other woman.

    We are rare! Damned rare!... It have taken me over a decade to realize just how amazingly and incredibly rare we are and even still my mind boggles! But it is what it is and it is terribly unlikely that they will ever admit to our existence as long as you have a constant parade of fools claiming to be what they are not... Matters not to me! I'm going to go right on existing under everyones nose.


  15. Fascinating. MKIA and Walt seem to agree on the pink fog with the exception being that Walt deems it universal and won't entertain that some M2F's or F2M's never needed a defroster because they never fogged up. I once complimented that out and about cross-dresser known as Jamiegottagun for the post on penis snatchers where Jamie was saying about the same thing as MKIA. Jamie, unlike Walt, did not deny that some transsexuals exist but seemed to believe a huge number of playgirls were getting sucked into the vortex and being dishonest with themselves.

    The destructive pattern I have witnessed is boys and men who "evolve" later in life in first thinking they might be gay and then later "discovering" that they must be transsexuals. I usually won't confront someone of that ilk directly by saying bullshit you aren't transsexual just daft because they can't hear through the fog. My opinion is that if a person didn't know at 3 or 4 then the "discovery process" is self delusion. Perhaps I am wrong but that's just how I see it. Another way I view it is that when someone feels compelled to say "I am a woman" they aren't appealing for acceptance but rather trying to convince themselves. Think about it. Have you ever known a woman who needs to make such an assertion? I'm not talking about a child saying I am a girl. I'm talking about an adult caught up in the fog. I'm also not talking about ET versus LT. That is a whole different conversation.

  16. Very well said, Miz. I too get frustrated with the conflation of gender and sex. People have broken gender-expression taboos pretty much forever without being "transgender."

    One lil thing though. If that young woman were to take testosterone shots, she would experience a lot of physical changes, but a brow ridge would not be one of them. Just as a male-bodied person doesn't lose a brow ridge by taking estrogen, neither does a female-bodied person gain a brow ridge by taking T.

    Air kisses!

  17. @Walt

    So because dear old Walt was a transvestite and deluded himself into believing he should have a sex change and become Laura and realized he missed his little peepee all those who are truly transsexual are of course deluding themselves.

    The none that deluded themselves is you dear Walt. I consider it the absolute proof that Darwin was correct because at least you cannot procreate any longer.

    There is a certain karma surrounding your base stupidity. Only a man that is as stupid as you would assume that everyone else is as stupid as they are.

    I know all about McHugh and John Hopkins. They are the ones along with John Money, who I met twice, that deluded themselves into believing they could make anyone believe they were male or female regardless of the person's innate being.

    Their study and the studies you mention are so flawed and not relevant it is beneath contempt for you to attempt to force your own misery on others. It must have been tough to go from that 7 incher to the tiny little one you have now knowing how much men enjoy their little penis.

    As for men actually being gay because they had sex with me I can assure you very few have EVER known about my past so it was never gay sex and every psyche test I took, including ones subscribed to by Hopkins, I was classified as a girl before anyone knew whether I was or not.

    That is the difference between a Type VI t6ranssexual and whatever pathetic version of a transgender loser you were. You lie to yourself and you lie to doctors to get SRS and then everyone who goes this path has to be the same as you because you could not be possibly be wrong and someone pushed you into surgery.

    You either knew you were transsexual or you were just a liar. If you did not go in screaming for help and knowing you were a girl then you obviously lied to them because they can only go by your own words and unfortunately for you they believed you.

    Now shuffle off to Buffalo and take your pathetic drivel and jump off the Falls together. You are a waste of oxygen.

  18. Walt?

    You sir are one perverted sick twisted misogynistic little fuck! While I feel with my my heart for those men and women lead down the primrose "gender" path to a life they neither wanted nor expected.... That you, with your quintessential male mindset and far too late Damascene conversion have decided because you were a fool that all who are transsexual are deluded fools... Well my dear? You could not possibly be more wrong if you tried!

    Nature in fact does make mistakes...Hey, you want some proof? Look no further than your own bathroom mirror! But that aside, What truly makes my skin crawl is that the children to whom that has happened would be the ones to have to pay for your mistakes their lives if you had your way... In fact I would go so far as to say that with "A Friend" like you. Who in the hell needs any enemys!

    So skulk on back off to whence you came because you are certainly no friend of mine!

  19. I wonder if Dr Harry Benjamin ever realized what a can of worms he was opening by recommending that "incurable" transvestites be given surgery to help them APPEAR female and thus fit better into society. Since then, this whole cult has evolved, along with pseudoscientific claims of a "female brain" and other such nonsense, where even two year old children are taken seriously when they claim to be members of the opposite sex, and normal transvestites with the good sense to admit that they are men in women's clothing are criticized and belittled by mentally ill men who believe themselves to actually be members of the opposite sex.

    Your inverted penis is NOT a vagina. It may resemble one, but it does not serve the purpose of a real vagina, that being for reproduction. You have deceived yourself into believing that it is real, yet you have never experienced a menstrual period, nor have you ever experienced the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. Your inverted penis is no more a vagina than a lesbian's strap-on dildo is a real cock. The purely cosmetic surgery that you underwent makes you no more a woman than does putting lipstick on a pig.

  20. Gee golly whiz Dave. 'No periods and no fear of pregnancy'. Gee...and that is a problem WHY???

    Oh sorry, I forgot. It is a problem because some woman hating GAY guy SAYS it is a problem. I expect you will forgive me for NOT buying into THAT load of CRAP.

  21. OH! Sorry Tweetee. Didn't mean to misgenderer you. although I am thoooo confused. It theems you are really "FAB". A female at birth just mathqarading ath a boi.

    I am tthoooo thorry. I do hope you get your wish from theButch ferry. Ta taaa!

  22. Don't you listen to 'em dave, I for one am certainly pleased you popped in here to sort us all out.

    the world according to Dave sounds like a very cool place. I think I might like to hang out there sometime, things are so black and white, everything's is easy to understand, and everyone gets along great and is as happy as can be.

    Ah well, thanks again Dave, there where a few of us here that where a bit confused about who and what we are, but you sure sorted us out, and we appreciate that, 'cause it seems we didn't stand a chance on our own.

    Have a great day Dave.

  23. Just when you think you've met every kind of vermin there is up pops Dave The Squirrel looking for his nuts! complete with bushy tail no doubt. Well I suppose if we can go around explaining to transvestites in dresses that they ain't transsexual there are bound to be some folks out there who will tell us we're not women.

    Let me see now who does that put you in the same camp as Dave? Oh yes I know, go see Fred Phelps and see how much he likes you Dave The Squirrel.


  24. @Dave the Squirrel

    Dave is just another one of the radfem Butch Dykes. Most of the comments on his site are radfem butch dyke supporters. Dave just wishes he had a squirrel in his pants like most butch dyke radfems.

    I have to admit he has got some hilarious pictures on his site. Several probably look like him/her but then that is just speculation.

    Dr. Benjamin knew what he was doing he just did not expect the loons that are coming out today. Even by 1978 he realized too many were getting surgery but for the sake of those truly transsexual he felt one too many was better than one too few which is where Walt comes in but he made the decision to chop it off for his fantasy.

  25. Pretty sad about the "dirty little secret" of what happens to a post operative "woman" after a few decades. Must be a real nuisance having to wear a diaper! No wonder you're all so grumpy!

    Too bad you didn't warn Ariel!

    Someone Who Knows

  26. What nonsense you do talk. Got a "Baby" fetish have you like wearing diapers yourself?

    40 years post and no trouble. No-one else I know has either so I don't know where you got that tall tale from.

    Someone who knows a lot more than you!

  27. So I have another question. Why is it that when the simple distinction is made between those suffering from a medically curable condition....and everybody else...all these whackos come creeping out of their holes with all their KrackPot "Theories"?

  28. From the comment stream at

    "..when a post-transition woman goes to a store, mall, or bank, she is treated, identified, and described as a woman. When she goes to work, school, church or temple she is treated, identified, and described as a woman. When she goes to an LGBT environment such as a bar or nightclub, charity event, pride parade, or similar function she is now labeled a "tranny." She may be lesbian or bisexual and thus would fit the L and B categories of LGBT but even if she had SRS and a birth certificate change 30 years ago, they still brand her with the label "tranny." That's not what I call freedom, diversity, and acceptance. It is what I call bigotry. And that is what Bil did in this article. And some of these public outings that the LGBT community has done..."
    ...(this is) what happened to Chrissy Polis can have severe consequences. It seems to me that the people behind this do not want to allow transsexuals to assimilate into mainstream society. I have witnessed these attitudes on multiple occasions. They don't want to see someone assigned male at birth successfully transition and become a respectable business woman living out a successful life as a woman. They want them to forever be a "tranny" and amount to nothing more than someone who turns tricks at a gay bar on the weekends. Ashley Love and plenty of others do not wish to be a part of this ghetto

  29. A Sociopath And BullyNovember 1, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    The above comment contains Multiple Falsehoods.

  30. F*king Dysonanance!!! Sorry folks. Anybody got any BUG Spray?

  31. The above comment was just plane mean.

  32. The above post contains a diversion.

  33. Toni Daresay, (intentional) failed transsexual and politician of anywhere he can bum a bed (literally) is himself a falsehood. His comment has nothing whatever to do with the issue which was (if I may remind everyone) how TG dogma and the pink fog it generates is responsible for much misery. How about getting back on topic ladies?


  34. And you, dear SYK, are proof that during SRS, the first thing removed is a sense of humor!

    But that's okay. When a person has a diagnosis of a mental disorder (which GID/GD/transsexualism is listed as), a sense of humor is not needed.


  35. Actually Sam (aka Toni Daresay)one of the clinical requirements before a letter recommending SRS can be written is that the patient is mentally stable . Something you would or should know if your claimed qualifications in psychology were in fact true. But then. we all know it's a part of your fantasy. Oh regarding a sense of humor, have you heard the joke about the car full of transvestites that drove across the desert and got read at every place they stopped on the way and then posted the whole thing on their web site. That was hilarious I had a great sense of humor for that one.


  36. @Toni Fullabaloney...Kinda hurts when nobody is buying your stinking bait. It stinks so bad you can't even give it away.

    And yet fools are born everyday, ready to follow your sorry-assed "syrens' call" to a fools errand. GET BEHIND ME SATAN! Return to your hellishly brain-dead companions in TrannyLandia.

    Do I have a problem with TeeGees or "trans"-folk? NO. Do I "hate" them? NO. However...

    I DO have an issue with idiots, self-declared sociopaths, jealous/envious haters and ASSHOLES pretending to be "trans", and spewing their wanna-be pseudo/sophist psycho/social gender-babble in thir narcisstic attempts to "trans-jack" a reasonably coherent discussion.

    So hopfully you will all forgive my RANT.

  37. BTW...The author of the above posted comment was Britney Austin Commenting on the "Bilge's"
    aka "Bil-Jerko's" hate piece on Ashley Love.

    BIllie's post is typical "shoot the messenger" LeftistGBTg Hive mentality.

  38. Well Mr SYK, that's where I call BULL-SHIT. In order to be eligible for the much coveted "turn my dick inside out and shove it up between my bladder and colon so I can pretend I'm a real girl" surgery, you must first be given a diagnosis of gender identity DISORDER, which is listed in the DSM as a MENTAL DISORDER. What's more is that there is nothing in the DSM about pronouncing a patient cured, so BY THE BOOK, every post operative transsexual suffers from a mental disorder, as in wacko, loony, crazy, insane, cuckoo, screwy, squirrel bait. In other words, no matter what you may claim, you are still dudes suffering from the delusion that you are females.

    But wait, let's talk about something that might benefit the newbies. Let's talk about leakage, shall we? You know, that nasty bit that post operative transsexuals experience after 20 years or so. That has to really suck. Not only do you end up with a man made cunt that smells like poop, after 20 years incontinence sets in too.


  39. I'm sitting here with that wonderful first cup of coffee wondering exactly how Sergei Prokofiev might have put this amusing little dance of the trolls to music! I'm thinking perhaps something oddly perky with the occasional tuba insertion?

    Lets Get Back on Topic Shall We?

    The point was and is;

    A: There is in fact a Pink Fog that envelops almost all of the early stages of Gender, Expression and Gender Exploration,
    B: There are far far too many vulnerable souls lead to take that a sip of the "special" Kool-Aid during their sojourn inside the Pink Fog
    C: The results of that mixing is terrible and irreversible!

    I for one think it actually a good thing that kids in particular, and if pushed on the subject, even 60 year old retirees find a place to fuck with social norms. Rigid constraints of what is and is not proper do not for a fun society make... That said society is not forgiving of but so much and so to take what should be a bit of play and transmogrify it into some sort of mission in life. A mission that will and does consume both the Don Quixote playing with his gender roles and all whom he loved is nothing but madness! Look the thing that never gets mentioned is that there is an incredibly addictive nature to the fog! Oh God forbid we ever talk about that! Better we say that it is a true self or that it has always been there, even when one can open both the CV and the Photo Albums and see that to be nothing but a delusion!

    Look no further than to Walt and you can clearly see the effects! Or go ask the Rad Fems and they will tell you about what it is like being beset on both sides by Pink Fog Addicts Heck just take a stroll down T Central way! I can think of one soul in particular who for the last year has been pushing the boundary on crossdressing into "Too Far" and yet even as he asks again and again very real and honest questions about is this in fact too far? ALL the replies are something to the nature of, but you are so cute "en fem!" No one and I do mean no one has ever said yes... it is too far! Yes you are risking everything on a chimera! Instead? It's Rah Rah Ray Ray! Being Trans is A OK!


    Never in a million years would we accept crack addicts out there recruiting more to their ranks but no, for this, it's all supportive and good to say "sure?"
    I just don't get it!

  40. Is this how pink fog is normally defined ? Never had anything like it myself so am rather curious about it. Had always assumed it was getting caught up in the female amusement of putting on the social female trappings rather than simply being a woman, and mistaking the one for the other.

  41. Oh Dear Sam, touch a nerve did I ? We do seem to be having a hissy fit don't we.

    Your abuse and plain bad manners neither scare nor impress me I have dealt with far better informed bigots than you. Wait until you see what DSM V has to say before you smugly resort quoting from outdated documents. In Short mister you are out of your depth.

    I know far to many long term post SRS women who have no issues of incontinence whatever Myself included, to place any credibility on your stupid and pathetic claims.
    Just remember there are those of us who are urging caution to these people before they rush into irreversible surgical procedures.

    Now if no one minds perhaps we can return to the core issue under discussion which is the way TG dogma exerts undue influence on impressionable and vulnerable people.


  42. Whatever happened to the word TRANSITION?

    I always thought that transition was personal, and independent of other people's agendas, or life-paths.

    I remember hearing so often, the words "Don't worry about what other people think of you. If they don't get, then it's their problem, not yours".

    What I see here amongst all these comments, is how easy it is to be drawn into being hateful, and forgetting where we've been, or having no idea where we're heading.

    Why can't you all just stop for a sec. Think about what you all are doing to yourselves. Trashing other people, saying that their path is wrong... all this reflects you all in a much different light outside of your own personal bubbles. Look where this all have brought you. Please try to see what you all are doing to yourselves, rather than what other people are doing to you.

    take care please,

    June (the loonie one ..<<:O)

  43. Maybe this "Pink Fog" you all are putting down is really a place where some people have found their "niche". If you say that you've found "your niche", then why not take a break from all the hateful remarks?

    Please examine your own souls a little bit more.

    "Pink Fog" is only someone's title to whatever they want to call it. It appears to have caught on enough to get many of you agitated.

    If you are lucky enough to have been a Type VI who set a path from beginning to end of your own journey, then count your blessings please. Those others who aren't as "fortunate" as you might want to visualize, may also have been lucky.

    This "Pink Fog" is someone else's comfort zone. If it isn't yours, then learn to accept that fact, and move on with you own life. You may find that there are better things awaiting your wisdom that could grow, and flourish with your help. Trashing other people's life only makes you a bully, and does nothing to make this world a little more comfortable for everyone to share.


    June (the loonie one ..<<:O)

  44. June, was that suppose to make sense?

    Being in an artificially euphoric and very unreal state of mind is considered a niche? Like... thinking oneself to be Napoleon?

    A type VI is lucky? I guess thats is why so many of them never make it to adulthood! Too busy counting their luck!

    Indeed what did happen to the word TRANSTION? Is that why it has become a perpetual state of being and in no way transitory?

    Don't worry about what other people think... Unless they're thinking they're the "real" Napoleon?

    Like that pink fog do you? Hey I hear that Crack Cocaine really caught on too!

    June the Loonie one... indeed!

  45. If a man suffers from the delusion that he's Napoleon, they throw him in the loonie bin. But if a man suffers from the delusion that he's a woman, they feed into that delusion, with the end result being self-deluded female impersonators who think they're better than other female impersonators.

  46. I am not getting into the debate but I can't keep the Anonymice apart. Can someone help.

  47. Kathryn, for once you have actually made some sense. Well done dear!

    To the previous "mouse" Rad Fems delude themselves into believing they are actually of any relevance. Jealous are you because the vast majority of TS's are better looking than any of you. At least we have some humanity.

    Look in case everyone has forgotten this thread is about how a vulnerable young person is being mislead down a path that they have no need to travel. Lets keep on track shall we folks.


  48. “My drug of choice is women’s clothing. The high I get is by having people look at me and say, ‘You are a woman.’ In order to achieve that goal of having you think I am female, I have to do things that victimize other people.”
    ~ Thomas Lee Benson, convicted sex offender and trans who was caught in a women’s locker room

  49. @SYK (pronounced SICK)

    Thank you for demonstrating that regardless of the assertions made by female impersonators, you are still men and think like men. "Better looking"? You are so blind to how patriarchal your statement is!

    I am sorry, but REAL WOMEN want to be considered more than just some pretty little plaything for men!

  50. @that idiot self-hating, man hating "rad-fem"....

    If we might, just for the sake of REALITY BASED conversation, set aside all this pseudo-sophist, psycho/social-gender babble, and perhaps address the simple concept of sexsual dimophism, we might find that polar opposites attract.
    In other words, males are attracted to females and visa versa. This system seems to work well for procreation and the preservation of the species.

    Now under certain unfavorable social or cultural conditions, (such as WAR, overcrowding or other forms of social breakdown), the incidence of those normal sexual roles begin to break down. This can be seen in prisons and when lab rats are intentionally overcrowded.

    This is what we are witnessing today in the pandemic levels of violence, sexual perversity and other forms and symtoms of social cultural breakdown.

    Lets face it. GID in its most severe form is the result of inter-uterin stresses caused either by chemical or other form of trauma.

    In NORMAL society, a woman's role is in fact the care and nurturing of off spring. That "rad-fems" see this role as somehow demeanig or "objectifiction by the patriarchy" is just a reflection of their own particular form of justification for their own lack of self esteem and hatred for self and men in general.

    Women use their beauty to attract males as part of the normal human process of courtship. Males mae themselves attractive to women by acquiring those trappings of power, (money), by which those men can protect their woman and her off spring.

    Just the way things are girls, whether our "rad-fems" and dysonant social de-contructionists care to acknowledge that simple law of Nature or not.

  51. Except in your case "Anne", it is a gay man masquerading as a woman in order to attract an unsuspecting same-sex mate, which has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with procreation.

  52. Well honey at my age, I am well beyond reproductive age, but then you knew that didn't you. Ms/MR."anonymous", wanna-be guy/gurl, self-hating, "rad-fem".

    THAT is what burns your butt, isn't it? That for all your hatred and weak misogynist "put-downs", I am the one getting laid on a very satisfying and regular basis, (like today),and you haven't had an orgasm since you can remember.

    Oooooh, does that hurt? Good. "'Cuz you just keep asking for it you sorry fool. Plenty more where that came from.

  53. There you go again "Anne", showing the world that despite all of the money you spent on hormones and surgeries you are still a man. Here's a clue for you --- only a man would brag about how often he gets "laid".

  54. Really? Gee. How would you know? You been getting much lately?

  55. People who are known only by initials, or first names are just as anonymous as anyone else, so, asserting tidbits about their sex lives, or disclaiming others doesn't mean very much other than, at best, that it shows how childish people can be.

    There is only one of me in the world. Only one person uses my legal first, and last name. So when people who are anonymous mock me using my name, while hiding behind their "cloak of anonymity", that to me says very little about their character, or better still, their lack of.

    When a person who posts with a first name that is probably 1 of 100,000+, then brags about their sex life...especially a person who claims to be female age 65 +/-, that says, not much about them, other than their need to rectify something that they are very much lacking. ho hum

    June (the loonie one ..<<:O)

    ps. to those anons; that wasn't a putdown...that is called, "benefit of the doubt", which can only be applied to those people like Anne/MKIA/Elizabeth/SYK or any of those others who conceal their "real legal names" while mocking other people.

  56. June, I don't think being "out and Proud" says anything other than you don't care who knows.

    Look one of the reasons I keep my true id hidden is simply to protect my husband who is my best friend my lover and my life. Now the rad fes here can mock the love I have for that man all they like it matters not a jot. I'm sure they wil say I am simply a a gay man in love with my Gay lover. Well they can all think what they will. It will not affect me one iota. Intolerance would seem to be rife in their world. It's not my problem.

    I've had decades of people telling me how I should live my life and explaining why I should do as I am told and what reality is. But I agree with an acquaintance of mine as I've said before. "I know all about reality, believe me but I want nothing at all to do with it."

    These Rad fem Dykes who think they can hurt me MKIA, Liz, Carolyn and a great many others with their embittered view of what they think I am or we are cannot hurt me simply because they do not know who I am. They are not exactly forthcoming with real names are they! Why should I make myself so vulnerable to people who have shown zero willingness to be tolerant never mind friendly.

    So the insults will continue like some comedic custard pie fight from "The Great Race" who wins. No One.

    What I do care about and is important to me is separating the narrative of the true transsexual from the likes of the despicable charector mentioned above who describes cross dressing as his drug of choice. Thanks to TG the general public thinks of transsexuality in those terms when nothing could be further from the truth. But if anyone thinks they can hurt me with words and lies think again I've endured far worse since I was four years old. You all are pussycats compared to what I've had to endure.


  57. Just a little something personal about me:

    Several years ago I fell in love. He was married. He was also separated, which is still the case. If he was to file for divorce he would lose millions. I couldn't live with his inability to resolve those issues, so I moved on.

    I was lucky to have been able to move away for awhile, 1500 miles away, in order to help my sister out, and to help me get over that man.

    I still love him. That is something personal that will never go away.

    Hate is a terrible thing. Hate is easily used on other people when a person is anonymous, or if they never knew enough about caring to be able to see that what they are doing could be wrong. But still they go on with it, themselves being the ones blinded by their own "fog".

    I don't like it when people with agendas lie, and manipulate other people in order to achieve their goals. For anyone to generically, and disdainfully categorize others who may have different paths to follow than their own, then there is no justice served. All that happens is that they also contribute to the confusion, by eluding themselves into believing that all those others are all alike.

    I really wish that you all would stop abusing your own sensibilities. I wish you would take a better look at where you are really going with all this hate that you all are propagating without stopping to think that those other people are also human, and not so much different from you that to give you the privilege of mocking them with such lack of caring.

    June (the loonie one ..<<:O)

  58. The 'forty years of stealth' people could have done a huge service to the T population if they would have become public women. By walking from one closet to the other they kept transsexualism in a 'dirty little secret' category and allowed the transgender people that they hate to become the face of transsexualism in the public. Being out and proud is the only way that the public will understand these 'true transsexuals'. Hiding behind anonymity and writing here does nothing to further our cause. When they can Google their name and get the person they are, then they can preach to the world and not just their own group.

    Stephanie Flettshock

  59. Oh, and a note.

    There is a Chinese proverb that reads:

    'All crows are equally black throughout the world.'

    Some people are color blind....

  60. Speaking of crows....Have any of you ever noticed a hawk riding a thermal current of air? They are seen to circle slowly, high above the chaos and drama of the world below them.

    If/when they spot a munchable morsel, scurrying through the grass in a field below they will swoop down, (hopefully, from their POV), grab their prey, and then struggle laboriously back up into the sky.

    This hunting cycle IS the way of a hawk. It is his/her lot in life. The role of a predator. Is this hawk any better or worse than his prey? Is the life of that hawk, "worth" any more than the life of that small mouse or rodent which he carries off and rips to shreds in order to feed his young offspring? I cannot make that call. Can you?

    Yet you sit in judgement of MY life. You disparage who I am and how I live because like the mouse in the field, you have no understanding of MY life, or what it entails. Despite my having shared HUGE amounts of my life with you, that you might understand what it is to live free within the binary, you insist on disparaging me, and discrediting my life, AGAIN...because you simply have NO CONCEPT of what that life might be like.

    When I am attacked with words, innuendos and outright falsehoods, I will defend myself. Can you not see the irony? A very few of us, who have made that incredibly difficult journey of true transition, have taken the time to not only describe our journey, but to point out the falsehoods and consequences of attempting that journey for the wrong reasons or without adequate prepration.

    You respond like the crows harrassing the hawk as he claws back into the air after snaring his prey. You are jealous and envious of our happiness and success and so to attack our methods and our ways.

    That is the mob mentality. You are like the walking dead, attacking the living. Not really understanding what we have, but lusting enviously for it nevertheless.

    Go back to your miserable homeless camp in Occupy TrannyLand and "Act OUT for your "rights". You really re wsting your time here, amoung the living.

  61. As usual, you side-stepped what I said completely. I still maintain that if you and the other older ladies had been open about yourself early in your transition, it would have helped people to understand what a transsexual is. In 1968 at the age of 14, I didn't even know that there were other people in this world that felt like I did. It took a write-up in a Look or Life (?) magazine for me to connect the dots. Had you done something of that nature you could have helped many transsexuals and cis people understand better. Sitting and blasting people here is not helping anything. Come out of your closet and put a face on what it's been like to live a successful life as a transsexual. It would help much more than preaching to the choir here on blogger.

  62. Stepanie...Get REAL. There are dozens of wanna-be, professional trannies already out their preaching their own kook-aid version of the "pink-fog" agenda.

    The list is endless. Had I done what you ask, the result would have been little different from the Christine Jorgenson story except that it woud have been sensationalizedon the ED Sullivan Show, or Marty Povich SHow or Jerry Spinger, instead of the front page of the New York Times.

    People, like crows, are myopic. They can only view/interpret reality based on their own limited set of circumstances.

    Do not try to lay your lack of courage to act in my lap. YOU and you alone are responsible for your actions.

  63. @ SYK,

    Thank you for your response. You were very gracious, and I appreciate that.

    This is what really bothers me, not you, not the anon bloggers, but the contents of this video. This is a person who is supposedly one of the most well-known spokespersons for "you", and for "me". To me, it is very disturbing. Please watch this video. I would like to read about other people's reactions to it:


  64. @June "the loon"

    My god you are so pathetic. Lynn Conway is the "out and proud" transsexual loons like you want and you find Lynn disturbing?

    You find Lynn disturbing because like every single person that has ever had the misfortune to come in contact with you Lynn realized you were mentally disturbed and needed to get back on your psychotropic medication.

    You always have your own little personal agenda of trying to get even with the people that have seen through the fraud that is June "the loon" Hingle.

    Now you have an imaginary boyfriend who could not leave his wife for the divine Miss June. Kind of like the roof floating off your garage and the enlightenment that you needed to change your sex which prompted you to tell your wife before you even had a therapist and your claims on HBS of being a 50+ year old classic Type VI transsexual and all the other insanity that has surrounded your pathetic existence.

    I am surprised MKIA has allowed the "Spawn of the Devil" to post here. You are a prime example why it should be legal to perform a procedure for retroactive birth control.

  65. Hay now! Don't say nuthin bad about my man Maury Povich! I loved his shows where we were supposed to pick which women were really guys! I love all you shemales!

  66. Anne said "People, like crows, are myopic. They can only view/interpret reality based on their own limited set of circumstances."

    You should think about that statement Anne, next time you choose to disparage "the TeeGees" or the admins of T-Central.

  67. I disparage neither TG's nor the administrators of TG Central. I have in fact praised them for their courage in standing up to loud mouthed agenda spewing totalitarians like YOU screaming for me to not only be de-listed bur ERASED by removing my autobiagraphy as a POOR example of successful, drama free "transition".

  68. If I have any say in the matter (and I do), your blog will never again appear in T-Central. All you do in your blog is put down TGs as "men in dresses", which is pretty hypocritical for an old queen like you!

    Drama free? All you do is stir up drama! That's why your blog was removed from T-Central, why you were booted from the TGV Advocacy yahoo group, and why even SA-ET and Aria Blue asked you not to post and more comments on their blogs. You have a serious personal problem Anne (or is it Raquel?), for which you should seek professional help.

  69. So tell me, "Ms"(?)Anonymous "Dee", (or is it Lori?), what exactly gives you, "Ms." keeper of the "hollowed *P*, the "right" or "authority" to pass your "inclusive" JUDGEMENT on my humble O P I N I O N ???

    What part of "Women" with penises do you find offnsive? You guys are hilarious. You gather like howling hyenas screaming and baying lest the simple light of TRUTH shine forth.

    You are so pathetically transparent.

  70. @Dee, and Stephanie,

    There is no competing with sociopaths. No matter what you say, they will prove you wrong, then in the same breath twist everything they've ever said so that they will always come out on top, at least within their own minds.

    I wished Aria the best of luck, and happiness, and in the end we became unified in the sense that we, together, finally understood how we were being deceived by certain people. There is no need to guess who those people has become obvious. These are some of Aria's last words written to me. They reflect the truth behind the lies, and manipulations that those deeply disturbed sociopaths continue to regurgitate:

    "XXXXXX/XXXXX/XXXXXX is a very dangerous person in terms of the havoc they wreck on all our lives. She used you as a weapon against me when we had no argument. This kind of person has no conscience, no morals, no empathy. They will do anything to hurt other people, and the only thing that keeps them from doing the unthinkable to people is fear of getting caught.

    If you don't know a lot about sociopaths, here is a short page that tells the common symptoms and the things they do with their malignant personalities."

    take care, and be happy,


  71. Anne you have all the class of a drunken sailor.

    I may be "pathetically transparent" but you are just plain pathetic.

  72. @June,

    The sociopath would be you and always has been. One minute you claim you are a friend and the next you are off the edge calling people vile names.

    You are the only sock puppet around here. A sock puppet is someone with multiple ids on the internet. I count 7 that you used on my blog and several others in other places. I believe your latest June "the loon" is a fitting conclusion or addition to your multiple identifiers on the internet.

    Remember June I have a copy of every single comment you ever made on my blog and it paints a clear picture of your insanity.


    If you exclude transsexuals from the transgender equation then yes they are just "men in dresses" but I am sure you and the other fools at transvestite-central prefer that.

  73. @Dee, and Stephanie,

    What I said. :)

    again please take care & be happy,


  74. @Elizabeth

    Just because you had your dick sliced open and shoved up inside next to your colon, that does not make you any less a "man in a dress". And that's IF you actually had SRS. After reading the tall tales you've posted in your blog, I'm not sure that you aren't just a big fraud, living out some autogynephilic fantasy online.

  75. Much like Herman Cain, the current front runner for the Republican Nomination to run against the left Wing Ideological Loon currently wreaking havoc with the American Economy and Socity in general, ANYONE who speaks contrary to the PC rhetoric of LEftist, godless, gender de-constructionist hypocrits, is viciously vilified, demonized and accused of any and all sins of which it is usually the accuser that is MOST GUILTY.

    All you need do is read the foregoing comments to find the simple veracity of my words.

  76. "Consider this. The greatest, most powerful "weapon of mass destruction" that you have hurled against us, is to "label us" as "trans" or "just like YOU"! This is the ultimate slur and "hate-word" used against a woman of history when all reason has failed. Consider what this says about those who accuse us of being "just like them". They hate us so much...they despise us so much...that we are accused of being "just like them". WHAT ARE WE MISSING HERE???"

  77. No Anne, you are not just like us. You are a self-hating gay man who pretends to be a woman because of his personal shame. You keep showing your true colors though, because like so many men, you love politics and you love bragging about your sex life. Get a life DUDE.

  78. and you are what exactly? A SELF-HATING DYKE? Or just your run of the MUCK "trannie X-dresser"? AKA P-Packer in an ugly dress.

  79. True, maybe I'm a dyke. But then that would make me what you are not --- FEMALE!

    Eat your hear out DUDE!

  80. oh ow! zee pain, zee pain!! ROFLMAO...Sorry "DUDE"-(wanna-be). Ain't gonna happen. So why don't you just BTFO and crawl back into your sorry dried up, bitter old hole.

    You see, the arguements which you refuse to even acknowledge, CANNOT BE BROKEN. YOU ARE WRONG. WE exist as we are. We are happy, productive, and yes quite comfortable within our skin and the lives which we have made for ourselves.

    Would that you could say that about yourself rather than engage in your stupid, transparent, self-hating victimization and tiresome ad hominems.

    You see, the fact is, the R E A L I T Y is...that were we to be in the same room full of women, YOU would be the one sulking in the corner with your coven of self-loathing pals and self declared victims of those "others" having a great time, just being themselves and enjoying each others company.

    How do I know this? I know this because I have been there. I have seen you hunched over in the corner, angry, hateful, spiteful...Full of jealousy and shame.

    Those are the F A C T S. That is the R E A L I T Y that so embitters you. I pity you and pray you might someday be free of your own self loathing and hatred.

  81. Blah blah blah. The more you write, the more obvious it is that you're a dude and a fake.

  82. so you say. so you wish. the TRUTH is to painful to admit....sorry.

  83. Okay so Dee is a radfem butch Dyke who wishes she had a dick and wants to replace men as the option for women in a newly defined gender system that fits what some fat, ugly, pasty faced, cropped hair wearing, poorly dressed radfem butch dyke specifies which has actually not been specified but somehow this Dee has some pull at T-Central and will do "everything" he/she can do to prevent Anne's blog or is it every blog from being allowed on the site.

    Now either Dee is a lying sack of shit, the obvious choice, or transvestite-central is even more screwed up than anyone thought.


    Your knew buddy Dee hates you because you had SRS. Choices are getting limited aren't they.

  84. You people are the most homophobic people I've met in my lives barring my nutcase fundamentalist parents, your every action is based around showing people you're not gay your straight women, is it really that important. Do you all need to fly off 6 blog posts a minute about how sexual orientation and gender identity are completely separate. There are more important issues then throwing things at a guy who being a jerk to absolutely everyone is the part of the show. You trans people that want to take the T out, go away, it's not a threat and you wouldn't be hurting anyone by doing it. How about instead of me staying away from trans women (bullying again, what you going to beat me up?) you stay away from me and the trans people that respect and have gratitude for what the LGB community has done for us, if all you have to do is slag the lgb community and try to scare things by chucking things around, you're wasting everyone's time. Do you understand that, the gay men here that are defending themselves from your idiotic lies about how they do nothing for trans people could instead be out doing constructive things then feeling they're being bullied so badly they have to be constantly defending themselves. Just go somewhere else, you keep talking about it, what is stopping you and when you leave don't try to get into the intersex community and turn it into a joke. Hey flood their forums, - I'm a type six true intersexual, oh ya I'm a class one quadruple x with 100 extra x chromosomes in my left pinky, haha I'm more intersexual then you! The intersex community isn't doing enough for us, they're to busy saving babies from being mutiliated, they are ignoring the voices of the brain intersexual! When I go down to the innercity, you know what I see, I see LGBT community members helping male and trans prostitutes, I see feminist groups handing out blankets and welcoming us into their women spaces (and don't try to pretend like it was your activism that caused this, it was the feminists wanting to help people not your idiotic actions at there music festival. Where are all you ts activists? Too busy fighting the evil Gay Inc. I guess. Oh no wait you were all stealthing yourselves into the closet I bet ashamed to be trans women. Rather then ranting on the internet and making me look like a fool as a transsexual, I mean the LGB community used to think of transsexuals as cute boys that were florists and fashion designers that blossomed into young women. Now they think of us as a bunching of ranting ex-marines in dresses and wigs. Is it really like burning issue number one to get gender protection anti-discrimination laws, the current laws will protect you, I mean the people who would beat you up are beating you up because they think your gay so when you went to court you'd just have to say that. OMG people might think I'm a fag!!!! Sure we can work at it but we don't have to force everyone to do what we want. Getting our genders able to be changed on our licences is I think more important. To busy ranting off about if non-ops (are they true transsexuals?) should be allowed to change it or not. Spouting off some crap at some woman that can't have surgery because she has a condition that if she goes for surgery she'll die about how those girls with no plan to get rid of their dicks aren't real girls and shouldn't be allowed to change their gender markers! All you people do is fight and bicker and cause drama in any group you belong to, just go away already.

  85. Profile of the Sociopath

    Glibness and Superficial Charm

    Manipulative and Conning

    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible.

    They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

    Grandiose Sense of Self

    Feels entitled to certain things as "their right."

    Pathological Lying

    Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis.

    Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities.

    Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

    Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt

    A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core.

    Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities.

    Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims.

    The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

    Shallow Emotions

    When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive.

    Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

    Incapacity for Love

    Need for Stimulation

    Living on the edge.

    Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal.

    Promiscuity and gambling are common.

    Callousness/Lack of Empathy

    Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

    Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature

    Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim.

    Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

    Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency

    Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet "gets by" by conning others.

    Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.


    Not concerned about wrecking others' lives and dreams.

    Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause.

    Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

    Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity

    Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.

    Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle

    Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

    Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility

    Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.

  86. What they know of themselves is their business, but what we see of their actions becomes quite obvious, and as "Anne" would say about others, but of course not about himself, "Transparent".

  87. ""Elizabeth said...

    @June "the loon"

    My god you are so pathetic. Lynn Conway is the "out and proud" transsexual loons like you want and you find Lynn disturbing?

    You find Lynn disturbing because like every single person that has ever had the misfortune to come in contact with you Lynn realized you were mentally disturbed and needed to get back on your psychotropic medication.

    You always have your own little personal agenda of trying to get even with the people that have seen through the fraud that is June "the loon" Hingle.

    Now you have an imaginary boyfriend who could not leave his wife for the divine Miss June. Kind of like the roof floating off your garage and the enlightenment that you needed to change your sex which prompted you to tell your wife before you even had a therapist and your claims on HBS of being a 50+ year old classic Type VI transsexual and all the other insanity that has surrounded your pathetic existence.

    I am surprised MKIA has allowed the "Spawn of the Devil" to post here. You are a prime example why it should be legal to perform a procedure for retroactive birth control.
    November 3, 2011 12:03 PM""

    You took the bait. :) Without even a blink, you took the bait, then threw in so much trash that could only come from the mind of a Sociopath.

    You mister, know nothing about me, nor about my personal interactions with other people. You, like your counterpart "Anne" have such a way with words. You say that you are not one thing, but in the next sentence, you disprove everything you've said, by simply ignoring how delusional your remarks really are.

    Please take a moment, and read about yourselves in that Profile of a Sociopath. It fit you two perfectly. :)

    Nuf sed....

    I did my part. If you can't see what you are, then you've got a lot more probs than appears.



  88. Rather than contribute directly to the question of whether or not someone is whatever sex/gender they say they are, another one springs to mind:

    Why should anyone else even care?

    And the obvious corollary to that is: Why does this blog even exist? (Has Miz ever said?)

    Perhaps it's just for the comments. This ongoing slanging match has been very entertaining, so thanks for that anyway.

  89. It's Gone MKIA. The Loons have it.
    We've got Loonie Junie posting his/her own profile while railing at the world, we have radical off the wall 'rad-fems' equally enraged, (also railing at the world in its entirety), and finally enter those with not even the ability to grasp the concept of sentence structure railing about.....??? everything???

    It's pure anarchy. They have come to "Occupy M'Kia's Blog".

  90. "Much like Herman Cain, the current front runner for the Republican Nomination to run against the left Wing Ideological Loon currently wreaking havoc with the American Economy and Socity in general, ANYONE who speaks contrary to the PC rhetoric of LEftist, godless, gender de-constructionist hypocrits, is viciously vilified, demonized and accused of any and all sins of which it is usually the accuser that is MOST GUILTY."Much like Herman Cain, the current front runner for the Republican Nomination to run against the left Wing Ideological Loon currently wreaking havoc with the American Economy and Socity in general, ANYONE who speaks contrary to the PC rhetoric of LEftist, godless, gender de-constructionist hypocrits, is viciously vilified, demonized and accused of any and all sins of which it is usually the accuser that is MOST GUILTY.Much like Herman Cain, the current front runner for the Republican Nomination to run against the left Wing Ideological Loon currently wreaking havoc with the American Economy and Socity in general, ANYONE who speaks contrary to the PC rhetoric of LEftist, godless, gender de-constructionist hypocrits, is viciously vilified, demonized and accused of any and all sins of which it is usually the accuser that is MOST GUILTY.

    really? sorry, but Really? Do you sometimes listen to yourself? And it's not how you said it Anne it' s what you say.

  91. Typical HBS "wimmin born transsexual" like "Anne","Liz",and "MKIA"->

  92. Guess no mate WHAT I SAY, or HOW I say it, IT MUST BE WRONG 'cus the guys in dresses SAY SO.

    SO yeah F**K YOU ASSHOLE!

    IS that clear enough for ou Krackpot Dumke?

  93. Typical Trannie

  94. Replace "Aria" with "Elizabeth" or "Anne" and you get the picture

  95. No, No Anonymous. You have it all wrong. That is YOU in the leotards and Dumke in the suit.

  96. Anne you silly old drag queen. You are the one who has it all wrong!

    Come to think of it, you did show up on the scene about the same time as Aria Blue disappeared!

  97. damn! busted again! these ol' sock-puppets just ain't what they used to be.

  98. Again...What I find so sadly typical is the plethora of vitriol and ad hominems and the togal dearth of coherent debate or reason.

    The facts are clear and indisputable. The TG "commuunity" has defined for itself a "legitimacy" based on frauds, innuendos and a re-writing of "reality".
    When those fallicies are questioned, out come the ad hominems and the tiresomely typical and repetative attacks on one's veracity and personal integrity, all the while insisting that THEIR faux "identity" du jour be unquestionably, "repected".

  99. What is typical is "Anne" beating TG's over the head with a club, and when they complain, "Anne" pleads innocence. "I'm only trying to understand you." So typical of a bully, "quit hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself".

    When "Anne" was a boy, he probably spent his time pulling wings off of flies and burning ants with a magnifying glass.

    There is nothing female about "Anne".