Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oy Vey!

A most pleasant and lovely Good Morning Dear ones! 

For your days amusement I thought y'all might want to know that the thought police have finally! In their infinite wisdom... while as of yet not cognizant enough to figure that Miz Know It All is about as female as it gets... Have in fact figured out that "Miz Know It All" is not really the moniker my dear sainted mother, god rest her soul, bestowed upon moi when I made my debut upon this lovely lovely planet!

Really! I know! Hard to believe isn't it? But Mom really did have a far prettier name for me that she put upon all those pretty pink announcements! A name that yes, I still to this day have, but that said. It was also Mom who named me "Miz Know It All" as it seems she was rather fond of telling me about every five minutes that I was "a little Miss Know It All" whenever I would, as they say in the south, "Back Sass" her! So you see...  it was in my Dear dear mother's honor that I kept and continue to use the name she used most often for me. Cause back then as now I though "Back Sass" was ever so much fun and you know what? I still do!

So for the "investigator" (investigators?) just now getting off the short school bus... take your time dear No hurry! Go ahead and get your helmet and your  meds adjusted first cause this really ain't news! Though I have to admit I am still trying to figure out how it is that one can be considered a sock puppet to ones own self? Does that involve mirrors perhaps? Lord only knows I certainly have enough of those around but darn it! I ain't got nary a sock puppet one! Oh well I guess I'll just have to wait with the rest of you for the "results" of said investigation!


Oh to spare you the work, here is the announcement of this "investigation"  as left on my last post just yesterday!

Investigation pending, but FYI (MKIA) appears to be a sockpuppet of someone who has used at least two other aliases in order to get people to believe that he?/she? is the real deal. Don't expect many more words of wisdom from this one, since his?/her? counterpart has been banned from T-Central (the source of his?/her? amusement). ROTFLMFAO
By Anonymous on Hard and Harsh Realities! on 10/19/11


  1. Holy Moley, Quacamoley!!!

    The Gig is up!!! Busted AGAIN IN SPADES.

    So let me see if I got this FYI "memO", straight...

    You is ME, I is Calie, and we is all really Liz. Or is it Cassandra?

    I dunnoooo...I am thinking that we had better look a little deeper or could it be that this "anonymous" character, these "credible sources", ain't jus ol' AraiBlue in cahoots with "Loonie Junie"Hingle and "Gory" Lori.

    Ya wanna know what I think? I think they are all just BAT-SHIT CRAZY from tryin' to play "gurl" with that extra "brain" between their legs.

    Anna Bannana Nanna


  2. Oh gosh MKIA did you forget to get your sidewalk permit renewed?

  3. It's funny how people make assumptions about so-called "sockpuppets." In fact, one commenter referred to me the other day as "someone going by the moniker of Teagan."

    Ah, well. C'est la vie.

  4. I would surmise Teagan that you were somehow miffed by me saying that.

  5. That's ok. :) don't cry. You are friends with both "Liz", and "Anne". how can anyone "not" believe you. :)

  6. What's even funnier is when unsigned Anonymous commenters go after people for hiding behind an online identity. That's rich.

  7. I'm not hiding. please read that anon posting that "MKIA" refers to. does it say any about who posted that? but wait! Anne immediately responded by posting my name. ouch! the only way Anne would know it was me is after viewing my IP on "MKIA's" blog, in "MKIA's" personal blog info pages. "MKIA" posted VERY EARLY in the did "Anne". :O) All you need to do is put 2+2 together Teagan.

    "Anne & MKIA" are the same person Teagan. please open your mind hun. I have nothing to say against you Teagan, other than that you should be more cautious with whom you trust. WTTW

  8. btw...the first comments "Anne" always makes about me is that I am Loonie, and off my meds. "Anne" removed many of my postings on "her" blog after I would confront her with "her truth". "Anne & Liz" mock people. they generically "mock" anyone who is not like them...or SO they would want you to think.

    Please don't ignore the obvious Teagan...please don't.

    a friend

  9. Right Teagan. Are you ready now? MKIA, MOI, LIZ, Calie, and Cassandra....are all the same person!!!

    Let's see...who else can we add?

    Natasha, Marni, Arial..Why they must all be me 3!!!

    Anna Banana Nanna

    Wow! Where do I go to get some of those meds?

  10. This is just too effing funny!

    So June, are you having fun with your "investigation of me?" Ohh...OK~ You got me! I'm the great internet imposter! Thats right Liz and Cassandra and Anne and Teagan are all voices inside my head!

    Speaking of which! Honey you best be careful cause the CIA can see through that foil on your head these days... Oh wait! You didn't know?? Oh shit sweetie! They went metric and digital two years ago! Ohhh ohhh you didn't do the upgrade to the teflon coated foil? Dang! You're in trouble now! Best run and hide real quick like before they track you down and put bees in your head again!

    MKIA and her entourage!

  11. Damn IT M'KIA!! Why did you tell her about that teflon coating? Now if she starts using it how am "we" supposed to keep track of her vhere-abouts?

    Shitszel! Now vee better call in Natasha unt Boris. Das vey vee veel know where dey ees alvase.

    Nanna Banana Anna...(das ist code, yes?) Dees vay she veel never know who vee ees. :-)

  12. Damn Girl!
    You are sure popular if you have people claiming you are using several aliases.

  13. Shitzel!! Not anoder vone...Dees ist getting tooooo serious!

    Vhere di HELL ees das Telon???

    ...(sheesshh! More code!)

  14. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

    goo goo g'joob

  15. In Saint Olaf there was an Occupy the phone booth movement.

  16. @ Deena, I so wanted to get in on that but there was no more room in the inn!

  17. @ MKIA, You really missed a good event. The entire Saint Olaf's PD would have been there but Sgt Ima Grl was hitch hiking to Philadelphia for surgery on Nov. 6th and that left only deputy Jo Gefeltanuts who arrested himself. Judge Bleslevakan has set bail at 270,000 Baht.

  18. Thank heavens June Hingle isn't in mathematics or 2+2 would be a sock puppet for 909. Gotta love Loonies. Ah wait Hingle is supposed to be an architect! Yeah right! Personally I think June Hingle is Aria is June Hingle!

    Aliesha Dunromin

  19. @June Hingle and I know it is her

    Talking about sock-puppets Hingle has used 6+ different ids on my blog and yes she does go off her psychotropic medication all too often.

    Yes June I have and will mock you because you are so easily mockable by any standards. Hingle is the only person I know that is unwelcome anywhere on the internet.

    Depending on the moon Hingle can be on any side of any problem and Hingle is just trying to be your friend. Unfortunately for her dipshitness I log every post on an email server so even if she deletes them, she has deleted many herself on my blog, I can recreate all of them. That includes the 450 she sent in succession before I enabled word verification.

    Hingle is a walking advertisement why birth control should be retroactive in some cases.

  20. OCH! NOW JUU LEESTEN TO MEEE. Deeese has got to stop. Juu cannot keep being ME! Deese is tgetting too confusesing! Shitzel!! NowIAM confuuused! OYE'!

  21. how delightful! It seems the voices in my head are growing voices in their heads! At this rate, why I might even catch up to June within the decade!

    Would somebody pass the Haldol Please! I'm feeling the need to shuffle aimlessly for a while.... goo goo g'joob g'goo goo g'joob.
    Goo goo g'joob g'goo goo g'joob g'goo...