Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hard and Harsh Realities!

Miz Know It All recently had a bit of a go round  in Blog-O-Stan with someone who, after having taken the rather drastic step of having gotten a sex change seemed rather dead set on saying in a rather less than round about way that her reasoning must have been faulty because everything about being a woman for her is all a lie! That no one could ever really possibly succeed at changing their sex, so we should all just give up and admit defeat and accept our less than life... just like her! While I do think this poor soul has been deeply hurt and because of that she was trying to garner some sympathy, cause gosh darn this is really hard and painful! She was getting neither from me and from others as well! I wonder why?

Lets look at that shall we? No really? You think it's hard to do this? Really? Geee! I wonder what other hot breaking news did she could have shared with us? That the sun comes up in the east? That water is all wet, and that playing in traffic causes one to break out in death? Franky Miz Know-It-All is of the opinion that this person really should have thought long and hard about all that long before she set about tearing her life apart and certainly long before having a sex change!

Do you think Miz Know It All terribly harsh for saying this?

Well, as you may have gathered Miz Know It All is not one given to throwing pity parties! Throwing parties in general? Oh My Yes! She loves em and anything, including that it is Tuesday is a great reason to have one! But... for her to sit there and say "awwwwww poor baby? there! there!" Nahhhh!

You see. way, way,  w-a-y  back when Miz Know It All started her journey she was fortunate enough to find guidance beneath the wings of a few women who, having actually gone the distance many years before her, were back to offer their hard won wisdom to any and all who wanted to know the way! (ironic only in that they were rebuffed for being foolish and stupid by the chorus of nay sayers who swore up and down that it was impossible to do the very thing they had done!)

Anyway! While all of them were, and still are very caring women. Which after all is why they had come back! Nary a one of em ever did the "awww poor baby" thing with me...Oh for sure they were kind to me when I would hit the wall again and again as they told me to get use to it! That it really is a hard world out there, but as soon as I wavered and said I din't think I could, each and every one hit me again and again with the reality of life as a female on this planet. Sorry Sister! It is NOT easy to be a female and if you are starting a day late and a dollar short then it is doubly so! So! if you still want to do this then you are going to have a butt load of work to do and the bar to success is damned high! Thought there at the start they were so kind as to spare me the knowledge that the bar not only is high but that it also gets higher and higher with each and every leap!! And by the way? I flat our refuse, as did they to ever use the word "passing!"This is Yoda Time! It's "do or no do, there is no try!"

Interestingly, I find years later having taken their advice and done the hard and painful work, that I can sum up their years of combined wisdom into a single paragraph! The key to success? The path to living as a woman just as any other woman alive?

Are you ready?

Do you want to know?

I mean do you really want to know?

Are you sure?

Ok! You asked for it!

When you are read as other than a woman, you go home, you cry, then.... well... then? You get your sorry ol' ass up off the sofa or out of the bed, you dry those tears, you go into your bath turn all the lights on and you take a really really hard and long look into the mirror to figure out where it is that YOU, not the world, but YOU missy screwed it up! Then? Why, you fix it of course! And you do what ever it takes to fix it and you do it again, and again, and again, and you keep on doing it until you get it right... Then when you finally have that mastered? Then you move on to the next thing, and the next, and the next!

There it is! The very simple and very real recipe for success in living life as a woman! A recipe by the way that all women, both those born with and without history must practice! Yes that's right... simply being born with a coochie between the thighs does not confer any particular great insights into how to live as a woman among women! So for certain,  having lived till now as a man and then your getting a coochie grafted onto your body does even less in the way added insights!! You see, becoming a woman is a learned process and it takes decades to master and that can only happen AFTER you have the right plumbing!

So guess what? Bad news honey! If you find yourself starting the process decades behind the eight ball? Do you really think that sitting there whining on the internet to the choir, or wasting your time in a "we can't" support group talking about how the mean ol' world is transphobic... is ever gonna fix it for you?

Does that sound hard?

It is!

Does that sound harsh?

It is!

Does that sound like it takes time?

It does!

But it is the truth! And the truths about life rarely comes in a pretty pretty feel good packages... Truth is often hard and ugly but it is the truth and if you are willing to do the work to get there... Then there is a world waiting for you that is so far past wonderful that it will take your breath away!

So? there you have it! You too now have the sure fire, works every time recipe for success! Now, do you suck it up and muck on through till it's done, as all the rest of the women do? Or, do you revert back to your learned male privileged thinking and curse the world for not turning on your as it's axis?


Do whatever it takes to live in the real world till you die old and happy!
Or you do you hide in the ghetto licking your wounds till you just die....

Bottom line the choice is yours!



  1. "Do whatever it takes to live in the real world till you die old and happy!
    Or {you} do you hide in the ghetto licking your wounds till you just die...."

    That is oh so true. And I could not agree more that there is no prize for trying. And appearance is the least of your problems, 'cause it can be bought.

  2. Hasn't it occurred to you that an Internet handle puts you at a distinct disadvantage in the ol' Blog Wars?

    You're arguing with someone who has an identity. As far as anyone is concerned, you could be a group of dudes in a college dorm.

    Just sayin'. :-)

  3. My comment is not directed at you, Kathryn.

    Apologies for any confusion. :-)

  4. Ain't it great when the boys show up to show us how well they have learned to sing. ROFLMAO

  5. I always find it so interesting when the transvestite from New Jersey who plays girl at home comes over to comment on issues involving post and pre-operative transsexuals. So I guess Carolyn Ann considers her phony female moniker more legitimate than someone I know for a certainty is a post op. Somehow that seems about as fraudulent as it gets but then Carolyn Ann fits that to a tee.

    Go play girl in the kitchen if your wife will let you and let those of mus that have traveled this path nor are traveling this path deal with something some royal dipshit like you has no clue of.

    You do not even qualify as a man in a dress you asshole.

  6. I Dunno Liz,

    Sure he's a nasty and mean little putz of the first order! And yes he has less understanding of us than your average rock. But I tend to think of Carolyn Ann as an odd sort of bellwether of the truth.

    If Carolyn Ann shows up then you are most certainly on the right track!
    If he comments... well then! You know you are no only on the right track but going in the right direction!
    I you earn his ire then you are on the right track going in the right direction and about to pull into the right station to a brass band singing your praises!

    After all he's the quintessential fetishistic and misogynistic male! Lusting for something he can never have and hating all the women who "deny" him. So our Dear Ol' Carolyn Ann is hell bent upon reducing all women, particularly those who bested this birth defect, to something even less than a performance!

    I figure he's aiming for something more flattering! Something along the lines of Henny Youngman's "Take my Wife? Please!" I mean what could possibly be more insulting to the pantie whacker from Jersey than to suggest there's a huge element of personal responsibly in ones success, or in one's failure as a woman?

    Oh my! Now where-ever do you suppose that leaves him? What part of being a woman is it to have to furtively beat off into the wifes panties while she's at the grocery?

  7. And KM,

    Yes I'm quite sure that if one is a successful attorney at the height of ones career with all the badges of a highly successful man, then one most certainly has the funds in hand to buy a premo twat two tits and a face with all the bells and whistles! But there is no way on gods green earth you can buy the vibe, the voice, the body language or the facial expressions that a man lacks... and that a woman has!

    As a wise woman said years ago... "you can graft a twat onto a watermelon but it don"t make it a woman!"

    Sorry! Thanks for playing and better luck next time!

  8. Oh Miz, if you only knew. " way on God's green earth you can buy the vibe, the voice, the body language or the facial expressions....." indeed, if no one ever gets to check what they really are on anyone claiming to be anyone here in blogistan. And so it's an empty claim is it not?

    Truth or dare, can you tell what I have had done. If not isn't your comment above just an empty sideswipe?

    Interesting isn't it, what your wise woman said years ago. It suggests somehow that it's not the vagina that makes the woman. And truthfully I don't feel I can entirely agree with that. It's like saying you can graft a vagina on to a man (that is human body with a penis and male gonads) and it will never be a woman. And where would THAT leave us all.

    As I said earlier so many empty words without any consequences for saying them.

  9. Simple Reality Test:

    Don blue print dress
    Plaster on needed make-up
    Walk into "biker bar" of your choice
    Mingle with the natives

    For added fun and excitement take Biker Mom C/A

  10. Oh dear, that is what real women do? You call that the reality of a woman. This is all simply shameful....

  11. Oh KM you silly thing!
    Don't you know from your vast store of knowledge gained living as a woman, that it's considered the height of rude to try and teach your granny to suck eggs? Oh wait you don't have any experience do you?

    But just in case that was a little too obtuse fer you, Here's a few relevant words you might want to look up and remember!

    And of course! Don't forget the ever popular "Wet behind the ears"

    So spare me any "what real woman do" crocodile tears cause the point being to both that and the water melon analogy is that being a woman is something that cannot be bought! She either is or she is not! And no that does not mean that the sophistic reversal holds that she can be a woman with a dick as more than one condition must be met!

    And yes, even if she is a woman from the get go AND she has had her plumbing corrected. She is still going to have to do the work of getting it right!

    That's of course if she wants to meet even the bare minimum standard that all women are held to rather than the TG errr... ehhhh... well I guess it's not that bad for a guy in a dress standard!

    Oh and as for the biker bar thingie of Anon? Quite ironicly I actually had to stop at one to use the rest room about two months ago as it was the only thing open at 2 AM! And guess what? I was treated by the patrons like royalty and then some! Think perchance you want to give it a whirl right now and see how you fare in that situation?

    So yes Virginia! There are a lot of interesting things which are in fact the reality of a woman!

  12. That was quite a different scenario was it not that you just suggested for the visit to the biker bar.

    See it was you who mentioned the inexplicable, like you ladies with a a history always do "woman with a dick". Really I didn't think those existed or do you live in a world where they do. It's the great adage that if you paint lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. And none of you can really explain that one without biting yourself into you own behind.

    I prefer real women as my role models as I have since I was a child. And whether any one of you are remains to be seen. And going to a biker bar at 2am without getting beaten to pulp does not make you one either.

    See, if you carve a banana out of a taco, it's still a taco. And if you carve a taco out of a banana, it's still a banana. And if you carve an apple shape out of an orange, then the apple will taste like an orange and never in a million years like an apple.

    This is the reason why all these analogies fall short, explain nothing and don't make a rat's behind of a difference in classifying other human beings. It's just plain empty talk without substance.

  13. Please excuse my rudeness, but I really do love to read all this stuff. You can almost literally paint a line right down the middle, I mean seriously! It's so obvious it's almost laughable, yet men are so blinded by their own wants and "desire" that they simply cannot understand how they appear. It's actually become humorous to me, which surprises me a little.

    Sorry for the intrusion, I'll go back to my corner now. :-)
    Hope you're well

  14. I just do love KM believing that she actually has a single pre-operative clue about being female, a girl, and then a woman. You DO NOT.

    You want to explain to me what it meant to be a man and I will listen. I never had a clue on that subject. Dressing as a women and getting your nails and hair done means nothing.

    Just a little clue. Women can be just as randy as men when in a group with no men around. We like flirting with men and we can be both rowdy and randy. You can always tell a newbie like you when you think otherwise. You have your idealistic view of what a woman is from 57 years as a man. The perfect hourglass shape and so forth. It is your illusion and that is not us. You now need to STFU and unlearn 57 years as a man but somehow I think that will not happen because you think you know it all right now and we all now ther is only ONE


    Sorry sis but I could not resist.

  15. "See, if you carve a banana out of a taco, it's still a taco. And if you carve a taco out of a banana, it's still a banana. And if you carve an apple shape out of an orange, then the apple will taste like an orange and never in a million years like an apple." ~KM

    So does that mean if I put a blue print dress on a man, he is still a man?

  16. Ask KM! He's the expert on these sorta things!

  17. Anonymous, love, if you put a dress on man it's still a man, if you put a dress on a woman it's still a woman. But if you had any depth whatsoever, you would understand that your analogy cannot possibly be comparable to the taco banana analogy, don't you think.

    So, Elizabeth, randy women go to biker bars to let off steam in a rowdy crowd. And I will STFU. I am truly sorry to have interfered.

  18. The harsh reality is that anyone who does not subscribe to the binary has no reason to change sex. Those male bodied people who do subscribe to the binary and are attracted to women need to seriously consider whether or not their "partner" is a lesbian because if its true why in the heck was the partner attracted to him in the first place.

    It is not when you put on the dress that matters but rather when you take it off.

  19. "See, if you carve a banana out of a taco, it's still a taco. And if you carve a taco out of a banana, it's still a banana. And if you carve an apple shape out of an orange, then the apple will taste like an orange and never in a million years like an apple." ~KM

    Does This mean if I put an ugly blue print dress on a man, he is still a man?

  20. If you put a dress on ANYTHING, it becomes a woman. Man, woman, watermelon, it doesn't matter. Put a dress on it, and it's a woman.

    There, no more lonely nights. Happy to help you out.

  21. Liz
    The only problem I had with that was that I was drinking coffee as I read your reply and, well, lets just say there is one pig and two horses that lost a year or growth at the sound of my laugh I don't think my poor phone will ever be the same again!

    You just don't get it do you? When you come into a woman's space with the quintessentially male, "I'm the center of the universe" language patterns so you can tell other women how it's suppose to be! Well you can expect to get either ignored as you often have been, or you can expect to be torn to shreds as has also happened rather often!

    Given that you make your living with your words. If you plan on being female then you might really want to do some long hard work on all that male patterned communication you know all too well! That is if you don't want to get the same sort of reaction in a courtroom that you do here...


  22. It is not what is in your pants that takes your breath away.

    It is that which is in your mind that makes you pant.

    یہ واضح نہیں

  23. No no no. That is all wrong. It's what's in his pants that might alter my breathing. That is the hard reality.

  24. I am terribly sorry. I believe that I was misunderstood. Is this not my Bikram Yoga Class?

    یہ واضح نہیں

  25. Oh gosh no یہ واضح نہیں that is over in building 6H on the 4C concourse. Please check the detailed schedule for specific alterations to previously announced event times and locations. If anything is still confusing then email your student adviser requesting clarification. If that fails to rectify the situation then please take it to the next level.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. OK MKIA may I suggest a new topic? The old saying used to be when you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I think on the web that has changed to something else. Its now more like when you can't take the heat then shut off the stove and open the back door. I'm not sure if that is the best analogy. Perhaps you can pinpoint it more accurately.

  28. Investigation pending, but FYI (MKIA) appears to be a sockpuppet of someone who has used at least two other aliases in order to get people to believe that he?/she? is the real deal. Don't expect many more words of wisdom from this one, since his?/her? counterpart has been banned from T-Central (the source of his?/her? amusement). ROTFLMFAO

  29. I'd forgotten all about your misery-filled muttering, MKIA & Co. Your latest post reminded me. Mind you, I do not need reminding of how little you think or consider others - you don't do much of either, frankly.

    Your lack of empathy, even consideration, is quite astonishing, really. Because someone voices doubts, you go right ahead and tell them you're okay with your life! And you do that with as much condescension as you can muster - which is a lot, truth be told.

    Your bitter advice is clear in its misery and faded, false hope.

    Loved the insults! Not quite up to what's needed for my Accolades section, but not bad either. Y'all should try just a tad harder. Oh stop, Elizabeth! You almost had me giggling.

  30. OH... did wad mean O'l Miz Know it All say cauze poor widdle Caawal Awen to get his widdle fwilly panties in a twist? Awww... Whad a ahame! And juss when he came out fwom his widdle nap to pway wiff the big girls too!

    Well poo!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Durned machine! A spelin error and a "Post Comment" before it was due. C'est la vie, etc.

    The corrected version:

    Oh grow up. .. Your option, of course.

    You are a bitter lemon, aren't you, Miz Know It All? You can't stand it when someone advocates the positive; you have to pour cold water on it all. Hell, you can't even muster a decent, ribald insult! All you have is inanity and prejudice. Your hope may be faded - mine isn't. And the essential difference between you and I? My hope will never fade like cheap drapes in a Florida sun.

    Be a misery or be part of the what makes this world, and this nation, grand. Your choice. :-)

  33. Caawal Awen!

    Honey? We're nothing alike I'm a female of the species and you're a man with a fetish for panties and a predilection towards abuse of women who question your masculine right to do any damn thing you want!

    But hey in the interest of fair play... Here's your big fat KUMBAYA for the day! Now do we feel all bwetter? Did you show dat mean ol' woman who weally is the boss? Now tottle off punkin and annoy the poor suffering woman who made the mistake of marrying you!

  34. @MKIA

    I like this post--good advise.