Sunday, October 30, 2011

Storm Crows

I know this will be hard for many of you to believe, but weird as it may be! It has actually been said and rather frequently in certain quarters of late that Miz Know It All is a terrible person! One who is given to being negative and even hateful! A woman who cannot seem to see beyond her own supposed misery to all the newfound joy in others lives. It has been said that she is incapable of being the least bit happy for those who have found their "true selves." Tis a shame you know! Cause the the reality of Miz Know It All is anything but mean, hateful or joyless! In fact, Miz Know It All is a very delightful person who folks seek out to be near! A woman who is nurturing and full of life and light and certainly the hit at any party!... but that said Miz Know It All is if anything a pragmatist because she has been down many a strange road that few dare to tread and fewer still return to speak of! I think as the expression of the 90's went. When it comes to Miz Know It All she has; "Been there, done that!"

Which is why she really isn't much of a cheerleader when it comes to those just starting out or those who are bogged down in limbo! While she was once in that very place of being wet behind the ears herself. She persevered and made it to the promised land! That said she also knows all too well the incredible toll it took on her and others and the incredible body count that it took to get there! She knows first hand how few in number are those who actually made it to this side!  If you are a real stickler for what it means to "make it" and you count, as she does, making it being one who actually arrives safe sane and sound with all ones marbles intact and accounted for? Then the number of whom she knows who made it as far as she did can be counted on one of her lovely hands with more than a few fingers left to signal the waiter for another round!

Yes it's true... While there are literarly hundreds of thousands who contemplate the trip, There are at best only several thousands who actually give it a bit of a try! Of those several thousands who started, it quickly becomes only a few hundreds as for whatever reason these folks charge on down that path hell bent for leather without really any sense of where they are going!... Which is why most of them will be brought up way short and fast when the going gets hellish and the nights dark! Or to quote Mathew 7:14 "But  small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." While Miz Know It All was indeed washed in the blood of the lamb as were all the proper young girls where she grew up. She herself does not profess to be a Christian but she still recognizes wisdom and elegance when she finds it. In this case Mathew 7:14 is exactly that! For indeed the way in this is narrow and the gate far more than small and there is a damned good reason... Few who set out on this path really have any business doing so!

Those who do, they will be challenged and they will be tested in ways far beyond their worst nightmares. A call will be given to them and when it is their turn if they have even the least hope of success, they must lay everything they had or might have had on the table... When it is to be given back, if it is given back at all, they must be willing to take whatever scrap of before is handed them with a smile and heart felt thanks... To do otherwise is to ensure that like the monkey caught by the peach in the jar with his own greed. They too will loose it all and never will they ever see anything other than the Ghetto of Gender Limbo

So what you say? It really is none of this Miz Know's ~Nothing's~ damned business is it! She has absolutly no right to go sticking her nose into others affairs! If they want to call themselves the Grand High Poo Bah of Tra-La-La and wear toilet paper and foil in their hair, then Honey? That's their damned business and not yours so but the hell out bitch!!... And you may be surprised by the fact that Miz Know It All agrees most heartily!  As a practicing Buddhist she too thinks what you do with your life is your business! Karma is after all a rather personal thing! So if your aim is to muck up it all up... well it was your life to muck up after all!

But... There always has to be a but somewhere doesn't it?

There is this little thing now called the internet (shocking news isn't it?) and it seems those smack dab in the middle of mucking up their lives are usually given to bouts of verbal diarrhea about how simply grand it all is! Why? Because they are to a one, completely and totally inebriated with the narcotic and hypnotic effects of the Pink Fog! That same Pink Fog that makes everything about the "other gender" simply lovely and wonderful! Rose Colored Glasses? Pish posh!  They just don't hold a candle to  ecstatic ecstasy of the Pink Fog  So when you read their blogs or watch their V-logs you get a pretty constant feed of:

Oh My God! I went out today and a guy held the door open for me!
Oh My God! I went out today and the guy behind the counter called me Ma'am!
Oh My God! I went in the store and bought a pair of high heels!
Oh My God! I had diner and the waitress said, ""what can I get for you girls!"

Ok, look I'm  truly pleased that it was fun for you to be treated as if you were really female and I really am happy for you that it was a pleasant experience!... Honest I really am! But fun and playful or not there is less than zero depth to any of these accountings! Where in them is there any real understanding of what a woman's life is truly like?  What of the constant exhausting struggles that all women woman undergo in their day to day lives but gladly do? When it comes to shudder... subjects such as that you can hear the crickets chirp and the mantle clock ticking (hint most women are lucky to keep their nails trimmed much less done up in inch long gels or acrylic!)

But most of all... what is missing in these accountings is any sort of real awareness of just how damned hard it is to start and finish that already difficult race that is a woman's world... being a day late a dollar short and dragging what has to be the mother of all boat anchors! Having lived a lifetime as a male!

The pity in this is that while it is indeed their lives they are mucking up... and as she has said, Miz Know It all agrees is their right to do so...  But... remember those buts? Because of the ease of the internet and it's so wide reach. Others who may searching for that something which is of yet rather undefined in their lives but still missing... Read these glowing magical accounts of a wonderland of acceptance and tolerance and gender fun times that frankly, doesn't exist! They, lacking both perspective and any acceptance of the community they are in or much if any love in the real world read all about our "Community!" There they are, feeling utterly alone, struggling with who they are and how their lives should be and what their sexuality is or who they are attracted to and why... Then to read about how they can instantly become a part of this grand LGBTTQ Community where all are welcome!" A community made up of thousands upon thousands of others who just like like them feel oppressed and victimized and powerless! But! Because of this amazing community not only will they be members but they will actually be cool! Best of all? You don't even have to be homosexual to join! That's right! No former men having to stick those nasty dickie things in their mouths! Just say transgendered and that same straight sexual attraction you had all your life instantly becomes gay! And as transgender is just one big continuum of gender expression,... Well that means damn near anything can be transgendered!

A girl who doesn't want to accept second class or to kowtow to men is transgender!
A boy who wants to be frilly and who likes pink is transgender!
A man who always got a certain joy and sense of pleasure in touching his wife's delicates is transgender!
A woman who likes the feel of mens clothing and wants to drive a pick up truck and a bulldozer is transgender!

Yep! Each and everyone one of them are part of this big grand community! But... remember there is always a but? But these are very real people out there who are reading these glowing accounts and to them, this is like the Syrens of old! Whose alluring song called sailors to a certain and horrid death upon the rocks of reality!

Think me daft? Well, here is a real world result for you!

I just had a dear friend of mine confide in me several days ago (mind you my history is known only to me!) that her daughter is one such soul being drawn to her doom by "the community." Her daughter has had many issues with her socialization and her sexuality, and I will not go into them as that would break a confidence. But lets just say that while daughter may be a lesbian. Even that is seriously under question for this woman/child for whom the only thing certain in her life is  she has no idea who she is, or where she fits into other's life and society!  It use to be that a large part of what college was, was a safe place for kids to try on lots of different hats and personas, often changing them as rapidly  and as passing as a change of the weather...

Sadly when this terribly immature girl went away to college, thinking she might be lesbian, So she blithely decided to join up with that colleges LGBT group, where, rather than finding out at last if she was or was not lesbian, she, feeling quite alone in many ways was seduced by the inordinate amount of attention being paid to all the former lesbian who are now "Men in Transition!" Oh My yes!  These "Men"had community! They had respect and they had cheerleaders! They had purpose! They were soooo cool! So obviously is she starts taking testosterone and getting  "top surgery" that is certain to make all her other issues go away!  Hardly true but that is exactly the line of reasoning she is being spoon fed by others who are just as clueless as she and happy to have the company!

OMG.They cut their hair short and they got called sir!
OMG. They can wear men's clothing and they don't have to shop for hours trying on things!
OMG.They can do man things and no one says they are not being womanly for doing so!
OMG. They don't have to bow to men and their wishes!.
OMG they are surrounded by hordes of cheerleaders and a community telling them how loved they are for being this way!

No matter who she may turn out to be... my friends daughter is most certainly not a transsexual, or even transgender!... Sorry but you just don't get this far without being able to read a newbie like a book in way less than the usual fraction of a second... Having spent hours with this one. My take is she is very likely not even a lesbian but a very straight girl who simply rejects much of what she sees as the female role because she sees it, and quite rightly, as being a restriction on her putting her favorite part, her brain to work!

So rather than her finding herself and working out all the ya-ya's related to her being an extraordinarily bright and gifted young woman who has some serious social awkwardness. She is now locked into a deep and crippling depression by this stupid life and death struggle with is she a man or a woman or what?

Still think it not an issue when you are all doing those rah rahs to one and all? What of this young girl for whom ruin is but a hares breath away? Is it just her karma to work out?  Is that going to give succor to her mother when her daughter commits suicide? Which in this case is all too likely! Will that be of much comfort to either of them, if she is able to snow a a doctor as she is trying so hard to do now that she knows the narratives! Once she starts to take testosterone it will not be long before her body starts to masculinize! If she thinks she was not seen as attractive before? Then pray tell me how attractive a woman will se be with brow ridges, a beard, a males hairline and a voice that comes rushing out of the basement? All of you who went through a male puberty know just how fast the progression was... How quickly your boyish prettiness left to be replaced by body mass acne and facial hair! Her body will change long before she figures out what is what and who is who and by then... it's Johnny too bad!

Sadly this young girl is far from alone in this rush to madness! With the mind-numbingly insane sexual pressure being put on all young girls today to fit into this computer enhanced airbrushed body image. An image that is as physically impossible to achieve as Barbie's figure. Being "butch" is the penultimate badge of shame! Is it any wonder then that mannish lesbian women are now being drawn to "become men" in legions?

Oh well... My know my poor little voice is certainly not going to change much if anything to those trapped in the Pink Fog.  So I will do what I can on this side! I will be the good girl friend and I will listen as my dear friend pours out her grief! I will stand by her when she finally has to hospitalize her daughter, and I will stand by her, when, god forbid she ever has to lay her daughter to rest!

So go ahead ya all! Pour out all that rah rah rah feel good support so that every cross-dresser or gender confused person  out there can join you and go for the whole maghila with less than any idea of what they are getting into! Go ahead and tell em how terribly lovely and nice it is to be a girl (or boy) based upon your few hours of actual experience and I am sure that all those faceless readers out there in Blog-O-Stan searching for that something they themselves cannot define will come to know as you do the sure way to happiness!..

As for those of us left here in the real world? We will keep on trying our best to pick up the pieces of the lives destroyed by your Syren's call. So call me hatefu if it makes you feel betterl! Call me a harbinger of doom and misery! Say that I am a trans-phobic monster feeding on the bodies of my "victims" but until the transgender message is debunked for what it is.. I will never stop putting truth to the lie!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oy Vey!

A most pleasant and lovely Good Morning Dear ones! 

For your days amusement I thought y'all might want to know that the thought police have finally! In their infinite wisdom... while as of yet not cognizant enough to figure that Miz Know It All is about as female as it gets... Have in fact figured out that "Miz Know It All" is not really the moniker my dear sainted mother, god rest her soul, bestowed upon moi when I made my debut upon this lovely lovely planet!

Really! I know! Hard to believe isn't it? But Mom really did have a far prettier name for me that she put upon all those pretty pink announcements! A name that yes, I still to this day have, but that said. It was also Mom who named me "Miz Know It All" as it seems she was rather fond of telling me about every five minutes that I was "a little Miss Know It All" whenever I would, as they say in the south, "Back Sass" her! So you see...  it was in my Dear dear mother's honor that I kept and continue to use the name she used most often for me. Cause back then as now I though "Back Sass" was ever so much fun and you know what? I still do!

So for the "investigator" (investigators?) just now getting off the short school bus... take your time dear No hurry! Go ahead and get your helmet and your  meds adjusted first cause this really ain't news! Though I have to admit I am still trying to figure out how it is that one can be considered a sock puppet to ones own self? Does that involve mirrors perhaps? Lord only knows I certainly have enough of those around but darn it! I ain't got nary a sock puppet one! Oh well I guess I'll just have to wait with the rest of you for the "results" of said investigation!


Oh to spare you the work, here is the announcement of this "investigation"  as left on my last post just yesterday!

Investigation pending, but FYI (MKIA) appears to be a sockpuppet of someone who has used at least two other aliases in order to get people to believe that he?/she? is the real deal. Don't expect many more words of wisdom from this one, since his?/her? counterpart has been banned from T-Central (the source of his?/her? amusement). ROTFLMFAO
By Anonymous on Hard and Harsh Realities! on 10/19/11

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hard and Harsh Realities!

Miz Know It All recently had a bit of a go round  in Blog-O-Stan with someone who, after having taken the rather drastic step of having gotten a sex change seemed rather dead set on saying in a rather less than round about way that her reasoning must have been faulty because everything about being a woman for her is all a lie! That no one could ever really possibly succeed at changing their sex, so we should all just give up and admit defeat and accept our less than life... just like her! While I do think this poor soul has been deeply hurt and because of that she was trying to garner some sympathy, cause gosh darn this is really hard and painful! She was getting neither from me and from others as well! I wonder why?

Lets look at that shall we? No really? You think it's hard to do this? Really? Geee! I wonder what other hot breaking news did she could have shared with us? That the sun comes up in the east? That water is all wet, and that playing in traffic causes one to break out in death? Franky Miz Know-It-All is of the opinion that this person really should have thought long and hard about all that long before she set about tearing her life apart and certainly long before having a sex change!

Do you think Miz Know It All terribly harsh for saying this?

Well, as you may have gathered Miz Know It All is not one given to throwing pity parties! Throwing parties in general? Oh My Yes! She loves em and anything, including that it is Tuesday is a great reason to have one! But... for her to sit there and say "awwwwww poor baby? there! there!" Nahhhh!

You see. way, way,  w-a-y  back when Miz Know It All started her journey she was fortunate enough to find guidance beneath the wings of a few women who, having actually gone the distance many years before her, were back to offer their hard won wisdom to any and all who wanted to know the way! (ironic only in that they were rebuffed for being foolish and stupid by the chorus of nay sayers who swore up and down that it was impossible to do the very thing they had done!)

Anyway! While all of them were, and still are very caring women. Which after all is why they had come back! Nary a one of em ever did the "awww poor baby" thing with me...Oh for sure they were kind to me when I would hit the wall again and again as they told me to get use to it! That it really is a hard world out there, but as soon as I wavered and said I din't think I could, each and every one hit me again and again with the reality of life as a female on this planet. Sorry Sister! It is NOT easy to be a female and if you are starting a day late and a dollar short then it is doubly so! So! if you still want to do this then you are going to have a butt load of work to do and the bar to success is damned high! Thought there at the start they were so kind as to spare me the knowledge that the bar not only is high but that it also gets higher and higher with each and every leap!! And by the way? I flat our refuse, as did they to ever use the word "passing!"This is Yoda Time! It's "do or no do, there is no try!"

Interestingly, I find years later having taken their advice and done the hard and painful work, that I can sum up their years of combined wisdom into a single paragraph! The key to success? The path to living as a woman just as any other woman alive?

Are you ready?

Do you want to know?

I mean do you really want to know?

Are you sure?

Ok! You asked for it!

When you are read as other than a woman, you go home, you cry, then.... well... then? You get your sorry ol' ass up off the sofa or out of the bed, you dry those tears, you go into your bath turn all the lights on and you take a really really hard and long look into the mirror to figure out where it is that YOU, not the world, but YOU missy screwed it up! Then? Why, you fix it of course! And you do what ever it takes to fix it and you do it again, and again, and again, and you keep on doing it until you get it right... Then when you finally have that mastered? Then you move on to the next thing, and the next, and the next!

There it is! The very simple and very real recipe for success in living life as a woman! A recipe by the way that all women, both those born with and without history must practice! Yes that's right... simply being born with a coochie between the thighs does not confer any particular great insights into how to live as a woman among women! So for certain,  having lived till now as a man and then your getting a coochie grafted onto your body does even less in the way added insights!! You see, becoming a woman is a learned process and it takes decades to master and that can only happen AFTER you have the right plumbing!

So guess what? Bad news honey! If you find yourself starting the process decades behind the eight ball? Do you really think that sitting there whining on the internet to the choir, or wasting your time in a "we can't" support group talking about how the mean ol' world is transphobic... is ever gonna fix it for you?

Does that sound hard?

It is!

Does that sound harsh?

It is!

Does that sound like it takes time?

It does!

But it is the truth! And the truths about life rarely comes in a pretty pretty feel good packages... Truth is often hard and ugly but it is the truth and if you are willing to do the work to get there... Then there is a world waiting for you that is so far past wonderful that it will take your breath away!

So? there you have it! You too now have the sure fire, works every time recipe for success! Now, do you suck it up and muck on through till it's done, as all the rest of the women do? Or, do you revert back to your learned male privileged thinking and curse the world for not turning on your as it's axis?


Do whatever it takes to live in the real world till you die old and happy!
Or you do you hide in the ghetto licking your wounds till you just die....

Bottom line the choice is yours!