Saturday, September 10, 2011

This will be on the Test!

Morning Campers!
Miz Know It All has had such a great vacation! I mean between her avid participation in the nude volleyball finals and then her entertaining "Thor!" Why... She just hasn't had a moment to spare!

But alas it  is September up yonder in the Nawthen Hemispheah! Time for pencils books and lots of teacher's dirty looks, and being the kindly woman she is! Miz Know It All has decided to give all of you a little crib sheet for something that she knows will be on the test but which seems to evade oh so many here in Blog-O-Stan!

The difference between a taco and a sausage!

This My Darling Campers is a Taco... Can you say Taco? Good! I just knew you could! Lets say it together shall we? Taco! Very Very good! I'm so proud of you all!
Now this Dear Campers is something very very different.. it's a Sausage!
I know, I know... that's a kinda scary and much longer and harder word to say... and if it is at all like Thor's Sausage was, it is much longer AND harder period... But lets break it down shall we? Sau-sage! Don't worry I know it looks really big and scary particularly when you are all up close to it like this, but it really is an easy word to handle! Just wrap those mental fingers around the word and say it like this! Saw-Say-Gee! Good! But let me add that unless you hail from Mississippi lets try is again dhall we and this time soften the Gee sound on the end... Sausage! Very good! My My My! what Smart Campers you all are! You got it right the very first time! Sausage!

Now I want all of you to study these two very very different things really really hard and, why, I just know you will get it! See the sausage? See? It is all long and round and unless it is very very hot it is kinda all dangly and soft to the touch... Which you will note the Taco is not! The Taco is small and compact and full of all kind of rich juicy goodness contained between two tasty outer leaves and the Taco does not change texture or shape like the sausage does when it gets hot but it does get a whole lot juicer!... (refer back at the pictures if you have to)

So do we have it yet?  My I certainly hope so cause THIS WILL BE ON THE TEST and Miz Know It All will be terribly disappointed if her oh so very smart Campers can't tell the difference between two things that are so very very different!

Well that is all we have time for today Campers and I know you all want to get right to it so I am going to leave you to your studies!
So for now,


  1. Just back the truck up a bit here!.....


    May I ask what Lars thinks of this?.... :-)

  2. Can you say dalliance? Really now! When one is presented with a god, wel... lets just say that we are quite practiced in the fine art of discretion and besides, what Lar's doesn't know won't hurt him!

  3. I'm confused... (doesn't take much ;-)) did we ACTUALLY entertain Thor? Or did we JUST! "entertain" Thor?....


  4. Darling,
    One never asks such a question of a lady, but between friends, lets just say that Thor left my presence a happy man...

  5. Or God... kinda hard to tell sometimes!

  6. I could make the argument that if one did ACTUALLY entertain Thor, that I'm not asking the question of a lady. I suppose we're all human huh, and after all, this IS a god we're talking about ;-)

    Hope you're well.