Sunday, September 11, 2011

This too will be on the Test!

Morning Campers!

Well I must say! Miz Know It All is so very very proud of you for the hard work you put in on your last lesson! So what do you say? Shall we move on to another lesson which all to often seems to be forgotten here in Blog-O-Stan? Even though it like the other will be on the test! Good I love your spirit! Ok here goes.. These are Kiwis! They are sorta egg shaped, usually come in pairs though some times there is only one and they are all fuzzy on the outside and in the hand they are sorta firm but be careful as they are very very easily bruised!

BananaNow this is a Banana! It too is firm to the touch like the Kiwis, but unlike the kiwis, it is very smooth on the outside and unless the banana is VERY ripe, it can stand a little rougher handling than the Kiwis but only to a point! After which the poor banana will be left a bloody mess! So remember! Always treat your banana with care!

Oh My y'all are so observant! Yes, like yesterdays lesson these two things are indeed different! But... they are so very very good together that you will almost always find a pair of kiwis hiding right down under a happy banana just waiting to be consumed! In fact, a banana is alway so much better with a pair of kiwis, why most days it almost seems they grew together!

But here is the tricky part... There is scandalous rumor going round Blog-O-Stan that if one takes the two kiwis away from the banana... That the banana... well it stops being a banana! I know shocking isn't it?I mean it may not be a tasty and it may be over looked for say a banana that does have it's tasty kiwis still with it but clearly it is still a banana isn't it?

Oh but hold onto your hats little ones as there are a few wingnuts who claims that a kiwi-less banana stops being a banana and becomes a taco! I know I know... hard to believe someone could say such a silly thing isn't it but as all of you know! There are some very strange fellas that live on the fringe of Blog-O-Stan and they are likely to say the darndest things! (you can usually tell them cause they are wearing an aluminum foil liner inside their beret to keep the CIA from reading their thoughts!

So lets review shall we? This is a pair of _______?
And this is a ________? Banana
and this is a________?

Why you got it right with your very first try! I'm so proud of you! ! Yes The first was a pair of Kiwis! The second was indeed a Banana and the last part which you remember from yesterday is indeed a Taco! My you are all so very smart, I bet you all get an A+ on your tests!

That's it for today, so run outside and play but be careful cause there might be a few of those a banana without a kiwi becomes a taco folks hanging round the playground and who knows what sort of crazy things they might do!



  1. Are you sure this isn't too much for little minds to digest in 1 day?

  2. Ohh I dunno... I think it all comes down in the end to how you say it as to whether they can get it or not!

  3. Oh gosh MKIA now you have started a whole new nutrition focus on fruits. Check this out ...

  4. Deena it's all about fruits and nutz.
    And a flake who is trying to grab all the attention and when the kitchen gets too hot runs crying because of TMI on the part of the flake.