Monday, September 12, 2011

Gee, How DO you to tell an Apple from an Orange?

Well Kiddo's, one of our most favorite-ist of Blog-O-Stan activists. Who, possibly inspired by my so very humble efforts of late to elucidate, that most of the things the deluded insist are the same, are in fact very different? Well that same activist done went and pulled out one of their all time favorite Transsexual erasure tools in reply! The Front-Loaded Concept! Front-Loaded Concept you say? What the heck is a Front-Loaded Concept and what has that to do with Apples and Transsexuals?

Quite simple dear ones!  Front-Loaded Concept is making a statement or question that can only be replied to by putting the recipient into a lesser... or socialogically speaking, a one down position VS one up! Confused? Here! Let me illustrate the concept for you!

Say I walk up to a random man on the street and say, "So, When did you stop beating your wife?" Assuming he's not from one of those scary Jerry Springeresque family trees with no forks in it. He is going to sputter and spew and deny up one side and the other (we hope!) that he has never, ever, beat his wife! Likely as not, that is the case, but... BUT! By my putting this to him as a front-loaded question, an indelible stain was cast upon the poor man that yes, he really must have beat his wife some time no matter how he answers the question! Deny it or confirm it, he is still replying to the question of when did he stop beating his wife which implies that at some point. He must have beat his wife or else, how could he possibly stop?

Got it?

Good... Now take a little gander here! Autumn Sandeen  has used this Trans-Activist favored  bit of linguistic sophistry yet again to say "why we all just gotta be one big Ol' happy family, no matter how different we are," and Autumn has done it by comparing all of us to apples!

Why Miz Know It All! Have you lost your cotton picking mind? How could that possibly be front loaded? What could possibly be malevolent about Autumn agreeing with exactly what you have been saying all along! That we are indeed different, and then comparing us and our many many differences to all the many many different kind of apples?

Simple Kiddies! Remember that old saying "Comparing Apples to Oranges?" Well that old saw becomes a front loaded concept designed to make the recipient wrong no matter what they say.... When... one leaves out that little itty bitty pesky "oranges" part and makes it all about comparing apples to apples! Well of course apples are apples! Duhhhhh! No fooling Autumn! Be they Crab Apples or or Miz Know It All's absolute fave, the Johnson Winter Apple.. Yes they are all apples! Why even that tiny hard acorn sized proto-apple still found in the Tian Shan Mountains on knee high thorn bushes are apples! So no matter if they are big or small, green, red, yellow,  and every color of the rainbow between, they are ALL apples!

But! compare all the apples you want cause they ain't never gonna become no oranges! 

Nice try Autumn! Hate to tell you but you gotta get up a lot earlier in the morning if you think you can push that old trick past Miz Know It All! Oh, and by the way? An orange ain't an apple and a sausage  ain't no taco, no matter how you tuck it!



  1. I was surprised Sandeen didn't mention that rarest and most misunderstood apple of them all, the Love Apple.

    Yes ignorant people thought tomatoes were apples.
    Just like those silly Tee-Gees think we are like them.


    E was very very sensitive about is bloomin plums!