Sunday, July 17, 2011


Morning Kiddies!
Just came across this little gem and felt the need to share it with all of you! Well actually, I felt a rather overpowering need to be quite ill first, but the feeling passed, along with most of my lunch, so sharing came to mind... among other things...

What our customers are saying about this Transgender/Fetish Prosthetic
"FemSkin has changed my life! I will never be the same."
"Not only do I look like A Real Woman, I feel like A Real Woman."
"When I touch myself, I can't believe. It feels so lifelike."
"I leave home with Confidence!"
"At last, I am curvy. Protruding breasts and full hips. Such a pleasure."
"Finally a product that does not require me putting on 4 or 5 devices to look shapely."
"This is the best purchase I have made in my life."
"I went out to a bar for the first time in years and looked & felt like a million dollars. Thanks for the free wigs too."
"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

So there! I guess all  the inclusive folks were right to be so darn insistent. It's clear to me at last that you were right! It is all the same! CD, TV, TG, TS Early or Late, Why it's all just a matter of degree! This "gender issue" is NEVER about some masculine sexual fetish in wanting to play girl cause sexual fetishes NEVER enters the Trans-Picture ! Frankly I don't know why I have resisted so!  Isn't it obvious? We are all REAL WOMEN!

To all those who were so right to be so adamant about this... May I present a terribly underrepresented side to your lovely all inclusive umbrella and say; In the name of sisterhood, lets give em a big ol hearty welcome shall we? Why heck, I bet even Ol' Stick-in-the-Mud Uncle Al is going to want one of these to wear for the holidays once they all see "how it changes your life!"

Now, if you would be so kind as to excuse me, I'm feeling a little ill again...


  1. Well I'll be damned! A "girl suit" that is pretty messed up, seriously, who dreams up something like that?

  2. I am just laughing so hard I peed myself. To find you speechless, who'da thunk. I ran across a man who bought one of these. Let me tell you messed up sounds like a advertisement for the thing.....

  3. Why am I mot surprised KM knows someone with one? I can see the conversation now...

    "Pussy!... let me show you how a real man does it"....


  4. You can see this stuff in action. LOL

  5. Who would have thunk someone would actually put that on You Tube? Oh wait... it's a man behind that mask... never mind!