Thursday, June 9, 2011

Will the real asshole please stand up?

Is this the image of a male asshole?
Or is this the image of a male asshole?


  1. Gosh Campers, I'm having a real hard time telling em apart, aren't you? Ohh I know! We can check to see which one of em stinks of poo! Got it! It's the second image! Yep thats the one! Thats the real asshole!

  2. Damn. And I just ate, too.

  3. Seeing how both spew crap, its hard to tell them apart. The second one is obviously the bigger asshole though!


  4. Jamiegottagun is a real work of art, simultaneously putting down women while holding himself up as the epitome of femininity. Typical gay drag queen. He has oft bragged about getting oh so close to SRS himself, before backing out at the last moment (can you say "transition failure"?). I suspect that in reality he was either turned down for SRS (which embittered him) or suddenly realized that lopping off his shlong would make him unpopular with the gay men he seems to prefer. Besides, he doesn't need a vagina when he wants to take it up the butt - something he once alluded to in a previous incarnation of his blog.

  5. You have permission to use that photo that you stole from my blog without asking. I don't mind, if it keeps you entertained.

    However, to avoid any messy copyright issues that I, or the copyright owner of the photo may feel like bringing up with Blogger/Google, I would ask that you credit the photographer: Glenda Berkshire, and note the source that you obtained it from. My blog address or a link will suffice.

    Would hate to see your blog suddenly pulled down by Google should I "happen" to bring your copyright infringement to their attention.

    Carry on.

  6. "Fair use, a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work, is a doctrine in United States copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material [without] acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, criticism..."

    "If the work was not copyrightable, the term had expired, [or the defendant's work borrowed only a small amount, for instance], then the plaintiff cannot make out a prima facie case of infringement, and the defendant need not even raise the fair use defense."

    Being that she used a large, blocky minimal representation of you, you do not have a case for copyright infringement in court against her.

    Carry on with waving your dick elsewhere.

  7. It's a trick. That's the same picture twice. Nice try.

  8. I couldn't stop laughing!!! =) Sad but true

  9. The reason why Gay Jay has such a hardon for women born transsexual is because of Chloe Prince. Chloe was Gay Jay's "top" and when Chloe decided to trade his penis for a vagina, Gay Jay was heartbroke. Like all gay men, gay jay thinks women born transsexual are traitors to the gay cause. These gay pricks will never understand that we aren't anything like them, never have been.

    It's really pretty sad because those two fruits deserve each other.

  10. I think the first is full and the second is what came out! I'm right aren't I?

    It's interesting how when the masks are revealed the real enemies emerge. Gay Jay is in many ways no different to Jasper Gregory, or even Sandeen for that matter. Just more crude really.

  11. Awww, Shoot! Jay's taken his ball and gone off pouting... Poor thing! Resorted to turning on his moderation! You know, I do believe some of those silly, illogical, capricious, irrational creatures that should never be taken seriously, otherwise known as women, might have been getting a little too close to home for our favorite panty-waists comfort don't you?

    Tell you what Dear Readers! Why don't I let you read what he is afraid of you reading and you can make up your own mind!

    So without further adieu, todays reply to Jay, the angry fella in a K-mart Dress!

    In the "Why does Jay hate women so category" I think we have a winner! It's Jamie Ain't Got a Gun by a nose! (shhhhh... we don't want to let on that it's by a nose cause it's so much bigger than his... well you know, his "cocktail sausage!) Now unlike you Jamie dear, since I am a woman and as the old joke goes, cause I got one of "these" I can get all of "those" I want...

    Oh darn... I'm sorry! There I go again... Reminding you that you ain't got one of "these" and you ain't got one of "those" either! Shoot, Really sucks to be you doesn't it? You poor poor thing! No wonder you hate women so! Really must be tough on a fella like you when your not able to "measure up" because of... ahem... inadequacy?Yes I really can see where that could lead one to much anger and a sense of...Now what did you call it again? Oh yes! "men with penis-envy complex?" That's gotta be the answer isn't it? Certainly can't be any other choice since you, Jamie, are the Divinator of truth and knowledge and it was most certainly you who said:

    "what one accuses others of, is often enlightening in regards to what they fear in themselves."
    Yep...we know the issue now, "Jamie ain't Got a Gun!"

    Your words not mine sweetie!