Sunday, June 12, 2011

Up is Down and Black is White and the Word Stood on it's Ear!

Sorry to have been amiss in posting Dear Readers, but I'm afraid that Mis Know-It-All was rather engaged of late in other enterprises! Such as her toying with a certain foolish little twit who has indeed brought her many hours of entertainment and in the end, much to her surprise, a wee bit of enlightenment!

May I be so honored as to share this with you Dear Readers?

First a bit of background. The Twit who's so captivated Miz Know-It-All is that oh so infamous little fop who goes by the online nom de plume(s) of Jay/Jamie/ and Jamiegotagun. A rather talented photographer but sadly, quite the tool and lacking in just about every other way possible An extremely abusive misogynistic and misanthropic pantywaist whom one would have to assume was rather dramatically and severely abused as a child  which caused him to became quite angry that his mother either causing the abuse or she was remiss in not standing up for him to stop it.  Anyway, now grown, well grown in body at least, he has become the sissy extraordinaire! A real Nancy Boy who's transposed all of that anger at his mother to not only to women in general, but specifically, to women with a transsexual past!

Why is that I wonder? What could some woman with a transsexual  history possibly have done to him that made him so bitter he would delight in seeing us burn in hell just for the pleasure of roasting marshmallows on our smoldering corpses! Eh? Who knows, and frankly, who really cares? Because Dear Readers seeing Jamie as an abuser and knowing why is not the enlightenment I spoke of...In fact, Miz Know-It-All is sad to say that Jamie is really not that very different than far too many other men who have or who are in the process of questioning their gender. The only thing that really sets Jamie apart is he is honest about his disgust and anger at women!

No dear ones, where the enlightenment came from was our Dear Little Jamies repeated use of the contraction. T-Girl when refering to himself... Miz Know-It-All was quite puzzled by this word, given that he is clearly male and not a girl, so she inquired with the dear sir as to what the heck he meant by T-Girl! Alas... his only reply was to question Miz Know-It-All's weight and then to say that Mae West (who is quite dead) was pretending to be her... Sigh...I fear Jamie has passed the point where he may no longer be capable of a rational answer! Beavers and Duck! Beavers and Ducks!

So bereft of an answer from the source, Miz-Know-It-All was left to her own devices and after much research, she did indeed come up with the meaning of T-girl!

Well, oddly enough, This simply means the subject is just a man in a dress! Yeah I know! Strange isn't it? Why not just say a man in a dress! or a transvestite, or a cross-dresser or drag queen or gender bender or if you are Jamie, Nancy Boy? Why take the long way round Robins barn with the T and the Girl?

Glad you asked! Let's take dear Jamie for our example! He certainly is not transsexual! God forbid! Jamie, like Virginia Prince before him would sooner see Hell freeze over than let the family jewels, tiny as they are, be removed... Heck he really likes being a guy, he hates women with all his heart, but he also likes to be a guy who plays dress up! Sometimes as a woman and sometimes I hear as a dolphin, but thats just a rumor! hummmm So given that he HATES everything there is about "trans," T in this sense means the subject is anything BUT transsexual! So, "T" equals Not trans!

 But what about the girl part? Well... the boy "parts" to be specific! Boys have a outtie, girls an innie and so no matter how you slice it, Sorry Miz Know-It-All loves her puns, Jamie has an outtie so he is a guy! So  by his calling himself "girl" Like the T before it, means that Jamie is saying not a girl! Girl equals NOT a girl!

I see you sputtering dear readers! T? Girl? T-Girl? Whaaaa? Honey, This Dears is a subtle linguistic twist called front loading! Put something egregiously negative out there and no matter to whom or how it is said, it means the opposite!

Classic Example "When did you stop beating your wife" (thank god Jamie is gay or that would be far too true) If you deny that you beat your wife the supposition is still there that you did... If you say that you never beat your wife, same supposition! If you decry wife beating, same supposition! God forbid you say you actually stopped! You just confirmed the supposition! No matter how you reply the supposition is always there that you dear sir, are a wife beater!

Thus when all those lovely people out there stick these pretty pretty labels on you and say you are a "T girl" this or "trans-woman" that, the unspoken supposition is there bigger than day, that you may be many things, but Dear, what you are not and never will be is a girl or a woman! So the use of T-Girl by dear Jamie simply means Jamie is saying he is neither T nor girl ergo,  he and everyone else out there using this contraction to describe themselves or others is saying THIS ~IS~ A MAN IN A DRESS!

Thus, our moment of enlightenment!

Whew! What a long week it's been betwixt pillar and post on this one! I do believe I'm simply worn to a frazzle! High time to retire to the cabana for a massage a cold compress and a bit of medication! Lars? Mimosa's stat, and please, this time keep em coming!


  1. Miz, you are finally starting to understand TG logic, where if you have a vagina then you're a man in a dress but if you have a penis you're a "T" girl. If you have a vagina and have sex with a man, that's gay, but men like Gay Jay only have sex with straight men. And no decent man would want to have sex with a post-op woman because her vagina smells like poo, but he would rather have but sex with someone like Gay Jay because we all know a butt never smells like poo! Yes, black is white, up is down, and Gay Jay isn't a pervert.

    Transgender logic. It doesn't have to make sense.

  2. Sadly Anon, Miz Know-It-All would agree...

  3. T-Girl = transsexual girl. i try to wear it with wry irony.

    i have no idea what that dude's problem is.

    And i just can't seem to muster the urge to care.