Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sleight of Hand

Morning my Dears!
Oh I am so sorry to have been away from you for so long but Miz Know-It-All not only has had much on her mind but she also has one of those pesky things... Now what do you call them again? Oh Yes! A life! Anyway Dear Ones busy or not, you are never far from Miz Know-It-All's thoughts and so it seems only fair that I share with you my most recent! 

You see Miz Know-It-All has become acutely aware of something in Blog-O Stan that the Magicians refer to as "slight of hand!" That being the skilled art to misdirect the viewers gaze away from a thing that the Magician does not want them to see... So while the ball that was in the glass is merely secreted into the palm as the Magician holds up a now empty glass. The effect to the viewer is that the ball suddenly VANISHED into thin air! Ohhhh Neat O' Now while Miz Know-It-All is quite delighted to watch a skilled Magician practice his art. She is far less thrilled to watch others use this same art to force their way upon others for purely selfish needs!

Such as the many many MANY reasons given for why one can claim that they so need to change their "gender" but they simply cannot get a sex change! Well I guess foremost on that one would be most obvious reason and that being, one is simply having a mental break down and one does not need a sex change! I for one would be heart broken if my Dear Lars suddenly went off the deep end and decided he had to be girl cause after all, he is sooo good at being a boy! But you see, if I were to continue with this line then I too will be guilty of misdirection because this is not about the obvious reasoning Dears! This is about the far more subtle reasonings being given to this topic to misdirect a conversation away from the obvious!

That there are no reasons!

Now Miz Know-It-All will always give credit where credit is due and she would like to thank is0this0me for putting this bug in two parts into her ear.  

The first and the foremost, is the reason always given for folks claiming to be transsexuals who are not at all in favor of surgery and that is it is a Medical Impossibility!  That if the person is question were to undergo this highly risky and super dangerous procedure as they describe it, that after hours and hours of diligent work by the surgeon and after his dire warnings the patient of the peril. He would wind up having to emerge from the operating theater. Sweaty and grim with that terribly serious doctor look upon his face to say "I did all he could but patient has expired!" Oh my that does sound dire does it not!

 Miz Know-It-All is a noted humanitarian and the last thing she would ever want are hoards of folks dying needlessly on operating room tables! Ahh but remember this is about misdirection is it not? So, what is0this0me dared to ask was... Ok so if there is this great Medical Impossibility...what exactly is the Medical Impossibility that would prevent surgery! Oppise... Talk about your terribly crass questions! Why that's right on par with paying attention to the Magician and saying "uhhh hey Baldo the Magnificent! The ball didn't go anywhere! It's there in your right hand!" Oh my how that does spoil the illusion does it not! 

True to form with a spoiled illusion, nary a soul has yet offered up a reason why to is0this0me's question! And Dear Ones, I fear there isn't any such reason for the great Medical Impossibility and I am not holding my breath to hear of one either! Because this is but another subtle form of misdirection designed to make the questioner seem a monster of the first order just for asking!

This form of misdirection by the way is called "front loading" and it is a favorite of the nay sayers You see by saying; "So, You want to kill people by making them die needlessly on the operating room table?" No matter how youe answer, you have already been painted as a MONSTER~! A first class horrible person who should be shunned and left to die in the wilderness!

Well Dears... if you can think of a Medical Impossibility or you know someone who actually died on the table or you know someone with a Medical Impossibility that will with all certainly prevent them from having surgery the please let me know! For there is one that is key to Miz Know-It-All and that is fair play and she is not above eating crow!

Now about that second form of misdirection and this one is more complicated.... It's the finances! While Miz Know-It-All would be the first to admit this procedure has become frightfully and she fears needlessly expensive... She does question the second assertion always given that the money simply cannot be had!

Another thing you can never say about Miz Know-It-All is that she is afraid to tread where angels fear to go and this one is THE third rail of this discussion and with good reason! This IS an expensive proposition, Few have insurance and fewer still have it that will pay bumkis, and fewer still have the means to whip out  a check book and pay ten to twenty thousand dollars for a surgery no matter how much they need it!

But like the above does this assertion really hold water? I fear not Dear Readers! True... far too many who set foot to the path jump first and ask how second which is not a good thing when one has jumped onto the express elevator to the minimum wage basment and below! But getting the money can still be done! Work can be had if one is willing to ork no matter how nasty, and expenses can always be trimmed! Miz Know-It-All was not always well to do Dear Ones... She has been as poor as a church mouse more than once in her life and she is not so bold as to say it will never happen again!

But if there is a will there will always be a way! If one owns a car with a payment... Sell  the darn thing, buy a clunker or take public transportation and pocket the difference! The same with a house! Sell the thing and get a cheap ass apartment!

But lets stay with the basics everyone can do shall we?
If one gets a cup of coffee on the way to work every day... That's at least a dollar... times days worked that comes out to $260.00 dollars a year... 
Alone that is not going to buy surgery but wait... 
Lunch out twice a week and lets be moderate and say only a burgers and fries at five dollars a pop. That's $520.00 dollars in a year! 
Going out to eat twice a month in the evening at twenty dollars is another $520.00 a year! 
Just this alone equals $1,300.00 dollars. Over three years time frame, that comes to $3,900.00, Just for eating peanut butter and jelly and getting your coffee at home you can save $3,900.00! 

Lets go further shall we? Do you have a moderate cell service of at least $25.00 a month? That comes to $300.00 a year. Cable TV at $40.00 a month equals 480.00 a year. Cut them both and together you have another $780.00 a year or 2,340 in three years time!

So just for cutting out the minimum of entertainment alone in three years time you have over half the cost of surgery! Shall I go on? Why sure Miz Know-It-All! 

An apartment rent of $800.00 a month... get yourself a roomie and it goes to $400.00 a month which adds up to another $4,800.00 a year or in three. $14,400.00... All together you are now up to $20,0640.00 dollars which is enough to get you a top rated surgery anywhere! 

Oh but are we done yet? Nooooo,,, Let's stop cutting and add in additional income shall we? What about a second job! Oh my! Shall we say 24 hours a week clerking at Seven Eleven for a whole $9.00 and hour. Thats pre tax  about $216.00 or after tax roughly $150,00 a week... You are never going to get rich on this kinda money but in a year still equals another $7,800.00. If you work two such jobs that's another $15,600.00 a year! Times three years, and you now have a total of 46,000.00 dollars or in other words top end FFS!

Wait a second! You mean just by trimming fat, using the free public library for your entertainment and working your damned butt off for three years straight can and will get you both SRS and FFS bought and paid for? Yep!

 Go it one further and depending upon circumstances and what you are willing to work for and what you are willing to cut and you can have em both, either faster or you can get way more services done and still have it bought and paid for in under three years time!  So Miz Know-It-All must ask you Dear Readers... "What is three years of shitty dirty and hard toil against a life time to be spent living fully? "
Nothing Dear Readers! Nothing at all!

So there you have it Dear Ones! The two main canards always given as a misdirection for not being able to have surgery left naked and exposed without a leg to stand on... And speaking of naked! I do believe it is time for my massage!

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  1. You should go into business doing budgets for people. :)

    Since I was cleared for surgery, I don't know what would have prevented it and if there would have been a way around it. I know that one always gets an EKG before any surgery. There must be some reading that would get you bounced. There might be a way around it. I know there are some surgeons who won't do this operation on someone who is seropositive for HIV. But others will, so there is an alternative.

    The problem seems to be with surgeons and hospitals not considering our condition to be life-threatening. I think there is still a prevailing view, even among doctors who should know better, that this surgery is elective, and therefore they can refuse to perform it in certain circumstances. That has to change.

    As for finances, I do wonder about people who spend money on what I would think are non-necessities (e.g., an iPhone) but ostensibly cannot save up for SRS. I imagine there are people in situations where they will never save the money (e.g., living on the street). But for anyone who can work, it seems to me that it's just a matter of time and discipline. And, of course, need.

    If someone doesn't need SRS, they shouldn't have to make excuses for that! They're just at a different place on the scale. No biggie.