Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What She Said!

Morning Campers!
Well well well! I do believe the summer season in America has officially started. Not that it makes much difference to the inhabitants here on the Island where it's always summer the year round, but one still likes to keep tabs of such things, if for no other reason thatnto not slip up and say... miss Christmas! Fortunately for all of you out there, Christmas is still six months out which leaves you with plenty of time for that all important shopping, and remember! Diamonds and cash fit me perfectly!

Now usually I like to start out my week with a bit of humor, and usually, my week starts on a Monday but being as this was the American Memorial Day weekend and Miz Know-It-All was very very busy doing her part in supporting the men in uniform and the men out of uniform.. Well, Monday kinda came and went...

So for your TUESDAYS entertainment here are some more of those wonderful Transsexual jokes I've found.

My sister went into a hospital for a sex change but all her HMO  would cover was a rolled up sock for her pants, a TV remote, a case of Busweiser and they taught her how to fart.

Bloke went to the doctor and said: "doctor doctor, I want to have a sex change."
"OK," replied the doctor and he arranged for the operation to take place. The man's bits were duly chopped off, breast implants put in and a few months later Damien was transformed into Doreen.
A few months after that Doreen went back to the doctor and said: "doctor, doctor, I've changed my mind, I don't like being a woman and I want to go back to being a man."
"OK," said the doctor and arranged for the operation to take place to turn Doreen back into Damien. But the day before the operation, the doctor got a phone call from Doreen. "Doctor, doctor," she said, "I want to stay as a woman, I've changed my mind again."
"Typical woman," replied the doctor


  1. Congratulations ;-) on your latest found fame. I'm "not" surprised they added your extremely fine ass. :-)

  2. And now you're front page news! There are so many things I could say and so much fun I could have with this, but none of it would be tastful. ;-P

  3. ah see thet yo' made it onto T-Central! Fry mah hide! An' featured, no less... whut does Lars reckon of all this?

    So does this hyar mean thet eff'n ah doesn't fust call th' surgeon an' tell him thet ah doesn't be hankerin' th' surgery, thet ah's not truly a woomin on account o' ah doesn't change mah mind inough?! Fry mah hide! Crap! Fry mah hide! On account o' thet jest ain't happenin', mah friend, cuss it all t' tarnation.

  4. Teagan Honey? This heah is exactly why Nawtherners should never do Suthern! Ya'll just ain't got the knack fer it!

    Abby Darling? Taint the first time Miz Know-It All has made the news, and given her penchant for being at the wrong place at the right time, ain't likely to be her last neither!

  5. Crap. And I so much liked saying "Fry mah hide!!" :(

  6. You talk Southern on the Atoll, lady? Oops, stupid question...no one to talk to on the Atoll but yourself...

  7. I like saying "Fry mah hide!" I'm going to say it all day today :D

    Calie -She's got Lars! I like to imagine that Lars looks an awful lot like Thor :P

  8. Callie Darling, Everyone has to be from somewhere and yours truly was born and raised a a true Maid of the South! But as for the population of the Atoll you might be surprised! We have quite the little community living here in Eden
    Natasha, You're close but I think you got it backwards. Thor looks like Lars!
    Teagan, Honey? I think you may have done a yankee! Seems you stuck, "I'm gonna tan your hide! Which is what we tell the young-uns when they are in need of a little bit of correction... mixed with a bit of Eighty's TV Land with that over the top character on Alice who was always saying "well kiss my grits!" Which is just plain silly as any good southerner worth her weight would just say "Kiss my Ass! and be done with it
    As to where you got fry? Ya got me!