Saturday, May 14, 2011

What she said!

Bonsoir my Dears! What a interesting day it has been! Poor Lars! He may never be the same! Anyway in a rather uncharacteristically reflective moment I found myself sitting here thinking of something the gifted and talented actress Aleshia Brevard once said. How a woman needs to develop a thick skin and a sense of humor to survive what we went through. Given that both of these items seem to be in exceedingly short supply these days, I thought what the heck and went looking where angels fear to tread~

Ok so maybe, just maybe, I had a little tiny inkling that folks were loosing their sense of humor, but come on now! Transsexuals? Sex change? Men "becoming" Women? Guys dressing like girls, girls dressing like guys? I mean if there aren't more than a few rip snortingly good jokes in there somewhere, then I fear we really are doomed as a species! 
Well! I'm happy to report that we're not doomed, well not quite at least, but it's closer than you think little ones! Really Close! I know! Hard to believe isn't it? With such a rich material how there could possibly be so few jokes to pick from, but Miz Know-It-All is a trouper to the end. So she Googled and Googled and Googled till her manicure was simply ruined! But she is happy to say, that after much hard work and a few cocktails, here are some of the priceless gems she diligently uncovered for your edification my little ones!  Starting with some of the classic's about Christine Jorgenson!

Q: Did you hear about Christine Jorgenson?
A: She went abroad and came back a broad! 

Christine Jorgenson, Mankind's gift to the female of the species!

I hear Christine's sister is going to have a baby! 
Does that make her an aunt and uncle or an ankle?

Christine eyed her new husband and said. I threw away more than that!

Q: Did you hear that Christine changed the theme music to her show?
A: it's now, my Johnnie lies over the ocean...

I heard  Christine Jorgenson made a lovely couple, and it's reported they will be quite happy together!

Q: Did you know that Christine's whole life is a live theatrical production? 
A: It all started with her opening!

Remember the Korean war? Christine was chosen as Miss Neutral Zone 1953!

Whew! And that I do believe is enough for today don't you my Darlings? After all, given the current complete absence of any humor this days, it stands to reason we should be very careful about how we portion it out lest you, my Dear Gentle Readers be left twitching on the floor with embarrassingly emptied bladders! There will be more to follow, I promise!


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