Saturday, May 21, 2011

Show us your, ahem, "Charms"

Well Dear Ones it certainly has been an interesting week for Miz Know-It-All!

First of all she is proud to announce that She, Miz Know-It-All and her tiny little blog were awarded the title of "Trans-Hate-Site" by the most honorable Mr Wood Spook! Noted arbiter of all things right and wonderful in life as well as Academic extraordinaire, a practiced and well versed crafts-man in the arts of the Sophistic Diatribe ! Miz Know-It-All, gladly and humbly accepts the title and a big Ol' thanks goes out to Mr. Wood Spook!   It's not every day that such an honor is bestowed by such a notable figure in the "trans-community"

Though she is still a little puzzled by this word trans that seems to be attached to everything Mr Wood Spook writes about... So she looked to Webster for guidance and it only made matters worse!

According to Webster the definition of Trans:
Characterized by having certain groups of atoms on opposite sides of the longitudinal axis of a double bond or the plane of a ring in a molecule..

A community of atoms? Atoms of hate? Hummm doesn't seem to make much sense now does it? Oh wait!  Lets see what Websters has to say about it being used as a prefix!

trans- prefix Definition of trans
1 : on the other side of: across: beyond < transatlantic>
 2 a: beyond (a specified chemical element) in the periodic table <transurainum>
    b: usually italic: trans <trans-dichloro-ethylene> compare cis
3: through <transcutaneous>
4: so or such as to change or transfer <transilterate>< translocation>< transamination><transship>
Origin of trans
Latin trans-, tra- across, beyond, through, so as to change, from trans across, beyond

Well I'm glad we cleared that up! And so, it seems that Mr.Wood Spook belongs to a community that is  on the other side of being a community and our own dear little site is beyond hate! Bravo Mr Wood Spook! Bravo!

Now back to the other grand adventure that Miz Know-It-All had this week.

Miz Know-It-All took another trip to Blog-O-Stan! This time she ventured to an interesting little site called Friday Thang,  where she engaged in a rather spirited debate on whether or not a proper young women should wander round the apartment with her breasts uncovered while in the presence of her roomies. one female and one male... Yes I know, Odd as it may seem this was actually up for debate! The reason was that Miz Thang is having issues with her male roomie being able to take his top off in the heat of the summer, and now that Miz Thang is in the process of becoming a proper young woman she still wants to have the same liberty to shuck her top as she did when she was a proper young gentleman!

While Miz Know-It-All will admit there have been more than a few men who've seen her rather lovely charms in a slightly more intimate setting, she is still firmly of the opinion that a proper young woman should cover herself while in front of others. Particularly when the other is a male roomie, who by the way has indicated to Miz Thang that for her to wander round topless makes him uncomfortable! Miz Know-It-All even consulted with some other women of her acquaintance, then consensus reached, advised Miz Thang of this was really not a kosher thing for a young woman to do, and then she kindly suggested some of the cooler alternatives for maintaining ones modesty!

Miz Thang replied that she is a lesbian, though what relevance this has to showing one's goodies was not clear, and that it is "anti feminist" for Miz Thang to have to follow a double standard... Well Dear Readers as you well know Miz Know-It-All is a patient woman so she once again calmly explained to this young woman that this is just not acceptable behavior and that in fact that women do have to follow a different standard than men... Which was, as you can imagine, was greeted with less than an enthusiastic response by Miz Thang. Whom it seems by now is dead set bent upon showing this young man her goods!

Oh Dear! What followed next was not Miz Know-It-All's finest moment! She lost her cool and explained in black and white exactly what the young woman was doing! Oh my So unlike Miz Know-It-All but it was early, she hadn't have her coffee yet and so she was just not in the mood to deal with such foolishness kindly!

Ahh but it paid off, as this was when the Notable Mr Wood Spook chimes in and pronounces Miz Know-It-All as being beyond hate! So buoyed by this new development Miz Know-It-All redoubled her efforts to protect the Windy City and this young woman from herself... Alas she is sad to say that it was all for naught! Miz Thang it seems has no desire to become a proper young woman as Miz Thang was so kind to adivse Mis Know-It-All! Miz Thang seems to rather enjoys being different than the rest and so by god she is going to show this young man her goodies come hell or high water and it's his problem if he is so puritanical that he cannot deal...

Sigh... and another one lost to the wilds of "Genderland!"

Oh well I've included a link to Miz Thang if you want to follow and sing along with the bouncing ball Dear Readers, but for now I'm simply exhausted and I do believe it past high time for Moi to head to the pool for another cocktail and a cooling dip!



  1. I must say that I'm pleased to know there are people out there working hard to sort out the REAL issues transsexual people have. I don't know how I'll manage not being able to go topless.... Oh! Wait a minute! That's right! I never f**king did for a start. Never really had the desire to "show off" how great I thought my bod was.

    This whole "trans" thing though, it's all about feminism.

  2. Oh Silly! Don't you know it's spelled "fetishism" not "feminism!"

  3. I cannot believe that you wasted your vluable time engaging with those idiot self-important nitwit trannies.

    What was it yu told me about teaching pigs to sing?

  4. OHH! I get it now!.... there you go, see! all I needed was educating. I mean... An edu-ma-cash-hun.

  5. @ Anne, Yeah Yeah, I know Sweetie... but some times their ideas are just so damned outlandish you kinda get sucked in with em by the wierdness factor alone! And besides if I hadn't, Why I wouldn't have had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with ol' I've got issues, will travel for money wood spook!

    And not to brag but I think almost heard a high C there for a moment between all the squeals! Course it also might have been that Ol' boar hog "red" letting off a little gas!

    @ Abby, hang round Miz Know-It-All long enough Honey and I promise you'll get ya a whole lotta larning! Best part? She actually has something new and original to say!

  6. Anne and Miz...

    Not everyone is incapable of learning. While I am not fond of being compared to a farm animal, you have enlightened me on a number of issues. I am thankful for both of your voices.

    Just keep presenting the information. Some of us are listening.

  7. Dear Anon, Thank you! It's always good to know that there is at least one listener out there! Otherwise one may be simply talking to the wall and considering it a rather good conversation!