Thursday, May 19, 2011

Man! I feel like a woman!

Oh no! It's never about men with fetish they say! It's always about "a girls" gender expression and "her trans-identity!" Honey? Miz Know-It-All is here to tell you, it ain't nothing of the kind! That is a man behind that mask! A pecker swinging fella hiding out in his bedroom, shades pulls as he gets his jollies playing girl. Preening and primping infront of the camera and the cyber world in his very own latex girl mask! Soon as he is done with the show he is going to be jumping right over onto that bed behind him and goings to town with his first true love, his right hand! Ok, so maybe he'll use his left! Miz Know-It-All, if she is anything is certainly not a "right-hand-ist".

Well anyway dears, no matter, rightie or leftie, if you're gonna be peddling the Trans-Continuum, Gender-Spectrum, and Trans-Umbrella and all the while looking to fully assimilated and complete women such as Miz Know-It-All to tie your cart to... She's got news for you!. Before you start heading our way I do believe it past the time for you to turn and embrace these neglected and scorned 'sisters." Lest it be you who is the one guilty of the intolerant, elitist, transphobic sins  you so readily pile upon our lovely heads!

Besides, wouldn't you as a fellow "Trans-Person" be more than proud to have this oh so lovely T-Girl and her/hir pretty pretty mask join you as a sister at your work, or at your social gatherings? And lets not forget your familial gatherings either! I'm certain as a tolerant and accepting person, you would love to have her over so you could "educate" Mom and Dad, Grandma and all the cousins aunts and uncles about all things 'trans" as you celebrate the holidays!

Hey, and don't come whining to me about it, cause it was ya'll who created this mess... I'm just pointing it out!

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