Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Man! I feel like a woman!

A Blessed and wonderful day to you my children! For your edification and enlightenment, may I present  today's Objet de Curiosite'? A  rather and might I say? Most interesting specimen of the genus Transgenderious Potificus Stupididous!  Yes my Dears... This... This, is the face of gender being what-ever-you-say-it-is! And why not I ask! That is most certainly is a woman! She has the uber feminine two day beard. The womanly broad shoulders and girlish gangly structure, and what about those baby making hips! Oh be still my beating heart! Why that's a wide load baby making pelvis if I ever saw one! and then... oh my...that HUGE bulging neo clit! Swoon! Why any Russian Beet Farmer would be quite proud to call him, oppise! I mean her! Wife!

Yeppers my Dears, THIS is the face of woman! The soul of woman! The pure distilled essence of woman, and that it is as it should be! After all you gotta consider if nothing else the tremendous amount of work that went bringing her forth! She had to go shopping! Then...she had her ears pierced! Oh the Humanity! And... P-L-E-A-S-E don't get me started on that darling makeup! It's to die for!

Alas! This lovely flower of femininity lives on the left coast of the mainland, while I, I'm still languishing here in my cabana on the shores of Palmyra Atoll! Oh Well! I certainly hope one of you there in the Bagdad by the Bay is smart enough to get on the stick and like yesterday, cause she certainly ain't gonna stay on the market long! Not a woman like that!

Ciao Darlings!

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  1. Actually, no, there's no woman in that photo, nor any genus of trans either. That's Jasper Gregory, who is very specific about being: a) a man and b) not trans.

    It's quite nice, given all your posts about "men in frocks", that you've posted on a picture of someone who says that's exactly what he is. Though I'm not sure whether Jasper actually ever wears a frock.