Sunday, May 8, 2011

Laughing at Ourselves

Greetings, and Welcome, to the newest hippest and hottest spot on the great big ol World Wide Web! Why, your just being here makes you so damn cool that... that... 
Well... lets just put it this way Grass Hopper! If I have to tell you how cool it is, than you really ain't so cool after all are you! 
So hey. you figure it out!

Word of warning though! 

This is my blog... 
Mine mine mine, 
It's all mine! 

So as the one with the only really important thoughts here...And the one with the keys to the front door, I get to say any ol damn thing I want to say, and guess what? I want's to say a lot, and well for you that I should! Because, as a duly qualified owner of a computer and a woman with a strong and always correct opinion about all things... It's incumbent upon me (thats a big scary big word for those folks with a public education, what means I gott's ta do it!) to share my lofty pearls of wisdom with you! The slightly porcine-ish-headed inhabitants of Blog-O-Stan! Long may you have the honor to bask in my glory and wisdom!

Most Sincerely Yours!
Miz Know it all!


  1. Roflmao! I now THAT! is how one makes an

    I do have do have to dispute this whole “Hippest and hottest” thing though I will not relinquish that title easily!

  2. Oh Honey!
    Get on with ya old bad self! Everyone knows Miz Know-It-All is the coolest chick in town and she always makes an entrance! So course there's always room in the Inn for anyone else tuned in enough to get her! So what say you? Time to Partay?